Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Random Stuff...and Giveaway WINNER!

Thank you all so much for your kind words, support, emails, phone calls, messages, cards, everything...Losing Bailey has really knocked the wind out of me, but the overwhelming response is a testament to what an incredible guy he was.  Thank you.

I might not wash all of my gear every day.  I do the sniff test on all of my running gear. Is that weird?

Todays running shirt was questionable.  I wore it anyway.

I am pretty stoked about today's brick.  I rode 42 miles then ran 3 off the bike.  What I am stoked about was that it was a hilly, windy ride.  Really windy.  I took one First Endurance liquid shot during the ride, something, I admit, I have been skipping because I prefer Fig Newtons to any gel.  My run splits off the bike were 8:58; 8:32; 8:06 and I felt great (thank you FE).  Might my speed FINALLY be coming back to me after last years injury?  Oh please oh please oh please!

I think I should stick to those liquid shots for long rides.  Maybe a few Fig Newtons too.  Hard to give those up.

The water temp of our lake is 50 degrees.  Guess I will be making the big drive to the pool for a few more weeks.

Oh crap.  That means my first open water swim is going to be at Rev3 Quassy Half.


I had a great swim this weekend, I swam 1650 yards straight, which is a pretty big deal for someone who not too long ago could barely swim 50 without going to a breast stroke.

Yes, my boobs stayed in my bathing suit, thank you for asking.

A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff and Bob on their Ironman Texas finishes!!  Actually, congrats to all finishers - you guys FREAKING ROCK!

CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Zippy! She is the winner of my Tommie Copper compression giveaway!  I have contacted her and she is on her way to some new compression wear.  Congratulations Miss Zippy!  Sorry I am announcing this a few days later than I promised.  If you read this blog, you know why.

Have a great week everyone, train hard.


misszippy said...

Woo hoo! Thank you!

I'm sure the healing will take a long, long time. We're thinking of you...

misszippy said...

Oh, and 50 degrees? Yeah, pool for a while longer!

Aimee said...

Nice job with your long swim!! I think I would stay at the pool a little longer too if the water was 50! Brrr!! The water here is 57 and I'm still too chicken to get into it, but pretty soon I won't have a choice!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the support and the shout out! 50 degrees is FREEZING ..aaggh!

Matthew Smith said...

Oh my goodness! I just read the post about the booby swim, and I almost cried! That's hilarious. Nice work on the ride and run. Good job!


I'm thinking about washing my gear from IMTX....or maybe not. I still think there is another 10 miles left in them..

Anonymous said...

Sorry for your loss.

Way to go on the swim!

Unknown said...

Big hug for your loss :(

I think it's just fine to do the smell test - you're just going to get smellier right? And if anyone can smell you, they are too close!

Unknown said...

we were going to swim today to do some transition training... but decided not to :) the cold, windy temps out of the water would've been harsh! hopefully soon!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Congrats to Amanda for winning! Glad your boobs stayed in your suit! :)

Jamie said...

I don't blame you for reusing training clothes. This sport has TOO MUCH laundry. I've done it the same thing a million times.

Oh, and the last two years, quassy has been pretty warm on race day. If it is your first OWS this year, at least it'll be a comfortable one!

KovasP said...

Sniff test is totally valid.

Lake_Moxie_Mom said...

So glad I am not the only one who does the sniff test, LOL!! I wear my clothes a couple runs at a time before throwing them in the wash. My husband Tom thinks I am gross, LOL!

Ironman By Thirty said...

50* F??? Time to HTFU! That is a full 18* above freezing :) haha

It is looking my first OWS is going to be race weekend as well (same weekend as Quassy).

Gotta love the sniff test. Occasionally my run will get delayed because the sniff test causes me to pass out and hit my head on the floor. That usually means it is ready for the wash :)

Mark said...

I don;t even bother sniffing.... I just don't care. I know it is ripe, but if I can withstand the agony, what do I care about people riding downwind fro me?

Yeah... I am a little anxious about the water at Quassay. Holy cow, that is going to be COLD, even with a wetsuit!

We'll manage!

Looking forward to meeting you at Quassay!

Matty O said...

Great job this weekend! I wish I could run :( But, I keep on pedaling in the mean time!

Glad the speed is back!

My Life said...

Speedy runner off that bike! And totally don't blame you about waiting to Quassy for an ows. Brr!

Unknown said...

Eh... don't sweat not swimming outside until Quassy. You'll do fine and the wetsuit will keep you afloat! :)

Congrats on the brick... love seeing the speed come back! :)

DRog said...

nice brick

today is the 24th
easy math.....60!


Laima said...

You should check out Icebreaker clothes - Kovas wore one of their shirts every day for a week for his running and biking, and honestly no stink ;)

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