Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day & A Story with No Point

Hey Mom - thanks for being you and for always supporting me in everything I do.  I hope you have a fabulous day!

That's right, I had a cool Lassie lunch box for my first day of school. 
Pointless Yet Slightly Entertaining Story...

I had some pretty good rides this week, I finished off the week with an 80 miler, riding from Farmington to RangelyRangley is a super cool spot in Maine, beautiful, surrounded by lakes and mountains. 

Lets talk about the mountains:
That downhill isn't as downhill as it looks, and the uphill at mile 60 sucks.
So, it was kind of a hilly ride.  You would think I would be used to that by now, but I am not.  Miles 60-80 are kind of hard, always.  I have ridden 80+ miles a few times now, and that seems to always be the case for some reason.  I am hoping as I ride more that changes. 

You will have to trust me on the lakes.  I didn't get around to taking a picture, I was way too interested in the IGA. 

It is the very best IGA in the world. 

That is what I thought today anyway. 

I should also point out that the only thing between Farmington and the Rangley the Rangley IGA.

That makes it that much more special.  

I was starving by the time I got there and definitely didn't want any more gel.  And I was out of Fig Newtons.

I wanted an apple.  Or pizza.  OR ICE CREAM!! They had all of it.

I stayed mostly healthy, getting an apple, water, and a box of Fig Newtons. 

Yes, a whole box.

Obviously I didn't think that out very well, a whole box of Fig Newtons 1) does not fit in my Bento Box and 2) does not fit in that back pocket of my bike jersey. 

As I sat there contemplating this problem (I was considering eating the entire box), a guy walks up to me and asks, "HEY! Are you biking?"

The bike helmet, shoes, and bike must have given it away.  Oh, what CSI has done for the masses.  The guy talked to me for a while and I ended up giving him my leftover Newtons.

I hopped on my bike, mentally ready for a glorious downhill, when I was blasted back by a vicious headwind.

Balls.  What is it with me and headwinds lately? 

It was a slog back to Farmington.  I couldn't really ride aero as much as I would like because the headwinds and cross winds were so strong I was really getting pushed around.  I am not good enough in aero position to have much control over that.

Or much control over anything.  I am pretty much out of control when in aero.

I am considering getting a "Student Driver" sticker for my bike.  If you see me, give me some space.

This week:
Swim - 3600yds
I don't want to talk about it.  I have turned into a rock. Or maybe a cat?  Enough said.

Bike - 159 miles
Run - 22 miles - including a 15 miler that went really well.


A Prelude To... said...

I love fig newtons on the bike...and I love your fig newton story - too funny!

Sounds like you had a great week!

Matthew Smith said...

You are ROCKING your workouts! Way to go!!! You make my measly workouts look pathetic. Nice job. I was crackin' up with the CSI crack as well as the "Student Driver." That hilarious. Keep up the good work!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Adorable picture of you and Mom at the bus. And the Lassie lunch box ...priceless. Keep working on the aero position, you can do it with practice. The wind is always a factor but you can train your upper body to stabilize for the most part. There have been times where a few wind gusts have quickly brought me up off the aero's and onto the bars but then as soon as it calms, I'm back down. Cheating the wind is what it's all about. When I saw that you swam 3600 in 1:30 on DM yesterday, i was impressed. That's great especially with your limited access to the pool. Fig newtons rock! And so do you my friend. Rock on!

Jason said...

Is Julie a nominee for Team Fig? I mean she loves the Newton and loves them on the bike....she has the start of being a team member.

BTW - My first thought was eat the box. But man that would have probably come back up during the ride later on.

Keep on trucking kiddo....IMLP is all you.

DRog said...

I love your old pics

and great story! haha
totally lol picturing you post purchase standing outside with the box of figs tryin to figure out what to do! totally a move I would make




Some serious elevation change there on the bike, I'm jealous!!

Unknown said...

Student Driver plate for the bike - HA! that is awesome, can I get one too?

Always gets difficult between 60-80 and fYI, it never really gets easier the distances just get longer (-:

Unknown said...

Glad you got the figs... trust me, pizza and ice cream don't sit well in the belly - I've tried them both! :) That was very nice of you to share.

Your training is coming along great Mandy... keep plugging away (and don't get discouraged with the swims... I did 0 meters this week - go me!)

Ironman By Thirty said...

I'm not digging this whole "Team Fig" thing. What about all of us that like the Newton but not the fig? How about "Team Fig-ish"?? :) haha

Love the idea for the student driver sign. That would be awesome.

PS: I think there is something wrong with the picture. It says "79" in the corner. You must have been really smart to have your first day of school at the ripe young age of 1 :)

Aimee said...

Yum...fig newtons are my favorite thing to take on long bike rides! Sorry about the crazy headwind..ugh! We get crazy wind here too and it sucks!

Matty O said...

you are hilarious.

CSI and the masses, hilarious.

You are an animal on the bike.

That's all I got ;)

Christi said...

I love fig newtons on long rides also! I like the profile of your ride. I do many rides like that as well but mine are at altitudes of 6000 or more.

Have a great week of training!

Krista said...

The wind this spring has been crazy! It seems like there are crazy winds everywhere I've been (NYC, AZ/NM and now SF), and I'm reading it on the blogs too. Hopefully this stuff dies down soon!

Black Knight said...

Beautiful picture of a great memory: the first day at school.
Terrible elevation!!!

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