Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend Report

Swim - 3200 yds this week

I made the drive to Farmington on Saturday and got my swim in.  I am stoked that so far, I have not missed a swim.  I should be in the lake in another month.

Bike - 133 miles this week
I biked mostly outside this week!! YAY!  Except on the days it snowed, I rode inside those days.


Today I biked this. 
I love my Garmin 310XT

It was super windy, with a strong headwind and some good swirly crosswinds thrown in there for good measure.  It was hard work getting to the top of the hill, actually feel that I battled more on this ride than I have any other just because of the way the wind was pushing me around.   

I decided to stop during this ride and eat a few Fig Newtons (thought of you KC!).  I kept 1 foot clipped in and was standing and chewing (maybe my first mistake) when this big wind came and flipped me over.  It was kind of crazy. 

I totally blame the wind.  That is my story and I am sticking to it. 

Run - 31 miles this week

Last year at this time, I was injured.  Before that injury, my easy runs were averaging about 9ish minute miles, and my strong runs were close to 8 minute miles, with a few sub-8 runs showing up.  I was was advancing in my speed and confidence and was sure that I was going to PR in my spring marathon.

Then wham-mo.  My calf gets very angry and I am unable to run.  Actually, I was barely able to walk comfortably (I, of course ran the marathon anyway, because I am a moron).  I had never been injured before, and I really think my ego took a hit.  Not my "I am all fast and great" ego but the "I am invincible" ego.  I limped through the rest of the season, gun shy even after the injury seemed to heal.  I barely ran at all in training leading up to my Half Ironman.

Fast forward to now.  My easy runs are 10ish minute miles (emphasis on -ish), and my strong runs are about 9:30ish pace.  I have taken a step back to where I was a few years ago.  It kind of sucks.  But on my 13 miler on Friday morning, as I watched the Garmin tell me I was running 10:20; 10:40; 9:40 - I was getting really frustrated.  I weigh less than I did a year ago.  I am more fit than I was a year ago. WHY am I slower?

What is going on here?

Then I worked it out over the miles.  Long runs are good for that.

I am still gun shy.

I think I am a little scared to push, scared of getting injured.  I lost running for an entire summer last year, and that really sucked.  I just don't want that to happen again, so I think I am playing it a little safe.

OK.  A lot safe. 

Running is 90% mental.  We hold ourselves back for all sorts of reasons, but it all boils down to a positive attitude, hard work, and getting your head into the game.
"Whether you think you can or you can't, you are right."  ~ Henry Ford
I just pushed the reset button on running.

Only 90 days until Ironman Lake Placid!!!  


Aimee said...

Nice training week! Woohoo!
That bike ride sounds like it was tough! I hate wind..ugh!

I feel like I could have written the same thing about the run, except I have a lame IT band instead of a calf issue. But, my paces have dropped too and it sucks. I've been playing it really safe b/c I just don't want to get re-injured either. Maybe I should push the reset button on my running too!

Matthew Smith said...

What a cool ride. I'm sorry the wind took you out...that's not cool! Keep trucking with the running, because, like you said, it's so much of a mental sport. Good work on all that swimming!

Michael said...

You put in some great numbers last week...totally jealous of those swimming numbers!! I like the "reset" idea....take it in stride and keep going!

Tri-James said...

Be cautious but progressive. Test the legs and then test again. I bet you still have your speed.

Unknown said...

You'll be fine Mandy. Keep putting on the miles and the speed will come back naturally through the increase in fitness.

I am struggling with running right now too. Can't seem to find my speed either. 730 used to be my comfortable zone and now I can barely even get there?? Might just need a good taper (-:

Great volume this week!

Unknown said...

It's totally inappropriate, but I keep laughing when I picture you just getting blown over on the bike. Not cool, I know. You demonstrate awesome perspective on the run, though. You're in full throttle training right now; maybe once this cycle is over you'll notice the speed bouncing back in.

OK, part 2 - true story! I was born in Farmington and lived there till I was about 7, when my dad got a job in western NY state. I'm sure it's not the same pool, but I remember taking my first swimming lessons there every summer! Small(ish) world.

LB said...

Wish I could blame my bike tumbles on the wind....nope, im just clumsy :)

Great training week!!! Totally understand your running frustration. I was getting close to sub 9s before my knee injury now I'm happy with low 10s high 9s...but it's coming back slowly.

Have a great week!!!

CouplaHounds said...

Sounds like you had an awesome week - congrats on a killer ride. Looks like hill work was in your plan. Or at least that's what living in Maine will do to ya!!

I'm surprised to hear you'll be swimming outside in a month, though. Sounds chilly, even for Maine!


TreeMapper said...

Hey Mandy, I'll trade you my faster running for your 'get out and get it done' mojo..... Looks like an awesome week!

Don't worry about being fast on the run, very few will be fast after 112 mile on the bike. It's more about durability at that point.

Whitarican (White-A-Rican) said...

nice mileage! and nice hill work on that bike! Lake Placid will be a joke for you by the time it comes! 90 days left!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Great numbers Mandy! :) And of course I'm in awe of your biking outside... it hasn't been snowing here and I still can't bring myself to be outside - although the rain has a lot to do with that!

You know, I think the long slow runs are good for you. You'll be shocked on race day when the speed comes and you're like "where did that come from". Remember, you are putting in a lot of volume work so it might be a little slower. But don't be afraid to push it a little. It's in there!

Unknown said...

Thank God for reset buttons.

Pahla said...

No matter your speed, those are some terrific numbers! You ran more this past week than I've run all month...bring on that reset button!

The Green Girl said...

Wow, you go, girl! ::high fives::

Christi said...

Absolutley awesome numbers for the week! You go girl!

Matty O said...

Was debating on writing you an email instead... but here goes.

Running. Don't get frustrated. I agree with James, I bet your speed is still there. I have spent pretty much this whole winter and spring injured... Remember all my whining and complaining haha... and I comfortably was running with Kevin at 6:50/mile pace. I can gurantee there were only 3 workouts this WHOLE YEAR under 8 min/mile pace.

My advice, focus on the bike. That is where you will make up the most time on the course anyways. Train the run to survive, NOT to crush it. I have noticed a HUGE gain in the run/walk method. It is super easy and we take nutrition on the walks, frustrating at seeing the slow miles? NO. Because we feel amazing after the workouts.

Keep your head up. Look at your heart rate when you run NOT your paces or splits, believe me this helps this meat head over here all the time lately.

And like I said, do NOT worry about where your speed went. I gurantee its still there. You don't need it right now anyways, the more time on your feet the better conditioned you will be anyways :)

Have a great week!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice week, super impressive

Dont worry about speed, this year, its all about the finishline, there is no sprinting in 140.6 miles, its just one long, slow, strive to keep moving forward.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Holy cow! Less than a 100 days! 2 digit numbers! You are so going to kick some butt at LP!!!

Like everyone else has said, that speed is there and it will come back.

I promise that I am not laughing at you and problem with "the wind" ;) haha (oh, wait, maybe I am - but only because I know you didn't get hurt)

DRog said...

be smart be safe your doing fine





DRog said...

OMGosh 88
<3 mo
OMGosh freaking A



Jason said...

I think the fig newton is the best addition to any training plan I have ever seen. Congrats on joining Team Fig me when you are at IMLP and getting ready to head out on the bike you will just love the Fig Bar. Maybe a Ninja stops by.

I mean the Ninja has 88 days to get to you.

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