Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weeks swim included a swim test.   My last swim test I came in at 2:23/100yds.  I know that is many of your 200 yrd paces (yes, I am jealous).  I do not come from a swimming background at all.

Sure, I was (am) a whitewater raft guide, but most of our swimming involves being pushed down the river wearing a life jacket, timing your breathing so you do not breath in when the next wave hits you, and then Tarzan swimming your butt off away from the nasty stuff and toward where you want to go. 

Pool swimming and triathlon swimming are much harder, trust me.

Anyway, I did the swim test this weekend and I am now at 2:01/100 yards - that is a 22 second/100 yard improvement only going to the pool 1 time a week.  I am more than happy with that, and 100% credit my coach Ange for getting me there.  Sure, I did the workouts (and that FREAKING DRIVE), but she planned them and I definitely couldn't have made that kind of improvement without her guidance. 

Oh yes, I plan to be under 2:00/100 yards on the next test for sure.

I got to ride outside today! YEAH.  I was stoked, today called for a high of 40 degrees and I took my road bike Rico out to do the bike portion of today's brick workout.  It was super windy but I ended up riding 16 miles in 54:25 which is include a stop to unlock my rear break from my rear tire.

Yes, I am a bonehead.

I thought it was awfully hard to pedal. I was kind of freaking out about it thinking I was WAY out of shape, I couldn't even pick up speed down hill. I rode 2 miles DYING thinking...WTF is going on here?  And what is that squeaky sound?


Anyway when I was messing with my break, a bald eagle flew by (we see a lot of them as they nest on the nearby river and lake) and landed in the white pine tree.  I tried to get closer but it flew off, so this is the best picture I got of it.
Blurry Bald Eagle.  Crappy picture, I know, but I had to give Jon proof.
Just to give an idea what we have left for snow...and the road also is FULL of sand, so you have to be super careful riding.  I am thinking of putting off taking out my new bike until this gets cleaned up some more.
Pretty good sized snowbanks still....
The one thing that I couldn't live without is my Pearl Izumi Barrier Shoe Covers. My feet were super happy and warm on my ride today.  These babies rank up there with my favorite pieces of gear.

I transitioned quickly and hit the road.  I felt super strong on this run, nothing too much to say except it was a really gorgeous day and the river was all sparkly.  I ran 6.4 miles in 58:28 which is a 9:08 pace.  I want to get closer to 8:30, because that is where I was before last year's injury, but I am happy with this run.
Kennebec River looking south.
Sled-olympics (or what happens when you get a bunch of raft guides together in the off-season)

Fulfilling my minimum 2 times a week of non-triathlon stuff, I spent some time with some friends sledding.  There is this awesome hill behind our house.  It is the hill we took the kids sledding on with the mini raft but this time since it was all adults, we thought it was a really good idea to build a kicker. 
Building the kicker (we are trained professionals, don't try this at home)
The shuttle (we are trained professionals, don't try this at home)

Before too long it turned into a competition to see who could get the most air.  The next logical step was to do an Evel Knievel type thing, so the sled could jump people.  
(we are trained professionals, don't try this at home)
I have some great video of this stuff, but I just don't have time to post it right now.  The winner (competing for bragging rights) went almost 20 feet before landing! Here is a photo of my nephew Luke in the air.
Luke trying to beat the record. (we are trained professionals, don't try this at home)
That's a wrap on the weekend recap! 
This week: Rest/Recovery week
Swim: 3800 yds

Bike: 78 miles

Run: 15 miles
96 miles total


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Wooo! Catching some good air. I like that but unlike you, I won't try that at home b/c i'm not a pro. Oh yeah, and we don't have snow, so i guess that won't ever happen in my backyard.
Good improvements on the swimming. I know how you feel. For our non-swimming background, any small improvement is a huge deal.
Rico Suave is da man! I'd bring out the rain bike too if I had to ride in the yuckiness. My road bike is my rain bike. I would never take Mandy thru the crap if I don't have to.
Keep up the great training. You are so on track and that has to be a great feeling.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Screw being a trained professional, I so want to try and beat that record! 20 feet, you are going down!

Congrats on the swim improvement! That is a great improvement in a week.

Glad to hear you got outside on a bike ride! Hopefully the rest of that snow melts soon and they clean up all the sandy crap. We still have a little bit here. Just need a good rain storm to wash it all away.

Haley @ Climb Run Lift Mom said...

Love the sledding pics! Looks like fun :)

Rachelle said...

I'm jealous of your 2:01/100yd swim. I'm about at the 2:20/100yd swim and feel stuck there. Back in December when I was swimming 5 days a week, I shaved it down to 2:10, but I'm not very motivated when it comes to swimming. I think a coach would be a good investment for me in the future. If nothing else, it would hold me accountable to someone. Ben's trying to catch me so he doesn't give two shits if I miss a workout.

Unknown said...

Excellent job in the pool Mandy. Very cool you got out on the bike and that sledding looks like a ton-o-fun.

RockStarTri said...

That's a huge improvement in the pool. Ain't riding outside grand?

Aimee said...

Woohoo! Nice job with your swimming test! That is awesome!

I can't believe you rode outside in 40 degrees! Brrr!! That is way too cold for me..I'm a wuss!

*~*~* Tracy said...

I'm a cold weather wimp but your sled olympics looked like a total blast.

And booyah! on the eagle pic. For a bird that's as big as a small person they are awfully hard to get a good picture of. Great job!

Jon said...

Super nice job on the speed improvement in the pool! You are doing great!

Aw man, I wish I coulda make a visit up to Caratunk. I could use some sledding right now!....then I would need to light a fire. I don't know why. I just would need to!

Unknown said...

woah, how awesome is that swim time?! way to go :)

Unknown said...

woah, how awesome is that swim time?! way to go :)

Unknown said...

Isn't it great seeing improvement... that swim improvement is HUGE! See... that 3 hour ride to and from the pool is totally worth it! :)

And I've definitely had my break on more times than I can count. I call it resistance training! :)

Unknown said...

What does your swim test entail? Do you just swim 200 meters and time yourself? Or do you average it across a longer distance?

BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog about my swim motivation. You are very right, I need to find what motivates ME :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I was able to get outdoors twice this weekend for 2 rides too!!

Wasnt that such a great feeling!!

Dont worry, I have done the same thing more then once with my brakes

adena said...

You took a picture of your feet WHILE you were riding?

misszippy said...

HUGE improvement on the swim! Way to go. And so glad you got outside and glad you figured out the brake issue. Been there.

How great to see a bald eagle!

Maria said...

What a great improvement in the pool! Congrats on the time drop!

Um... yeah, I think you should post a video of those killer jumps. Do you guys offer professional sledding training camps?

Matty O said...

Yeah... patience on the swim, TRUST ME! It isn't easy and it doesn't come easy... I hate everyone that came from a swimming background LOL! I call them cheaters in triathlons.

I think that you are spot on and in a good mental state :) Keep up the good work.

One good rain should clear those roads for you and have you riding your new buddy in no time!

Coy Martinez said...

Well....hmm. A 9:08. That was my pace before i got injured. I really wanna run 8:45's but am having trouble. Any advice and I'll take it.

You're doing awesome in the pool! Keep it up! I can't wait to get back on my bike! Those shoes look awesome.

Lucas R. Tucker said...

great job with the swim. I made the exact same improvement so i know how you feel. Every second counts.

Mark said...

Mandy, I do not come from a swim background either. But then I am reminded that I do not come from a run or bike background as well. Knowing that I am average at all three instill a false sense of security in the fact that I have absolutely no expectations. You'll get faster. And when you do, you can say "holy S! I don't even come from a swim background! Take that Ironman!"

DRog said...

couldnt resist

excellent work gettn to the pool and good job on the training
were coming out of winter not long now. wait on the newbie bike for roads to least I am!


Joel said...

Great response from @Mark. "You've got DRIVE"...awesome!

Major major props on the great swim improvements. I'm lik eyou - I don't have a swim every second I get faster is a huge accomplishment.

I can't imagine riding a bike when it's 40 degrees outside. I can barely ride in a car when it's 40 degrees! :-)

Matthew Smith said...

I'm your newest follower! Way to go on such an awesome workout! Even though there's snow everywhere, you have to admit that you've got a beautiful part of the country to workout in! Those pictures were just you got to see a bald eagle!

What an awesome sledding hill you've got! I'm glad you had fun. Blessings as you train!


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