Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seen at the Gym, and Today's Run

Yesterday I showed up at my gym for my Saturday swim to find that the lifeguard had gotten drunk the night before and didn't show up for work.  All the other lifeguards were at the party (and probably also hungover) and no one could get in touch with them.

So the pool was closed.

After driving an hour and a half, it wasn't the news I wanted to hear.  I promised I wouldn't drown, but they just couldn't let me in (I get why, but I had to ask anyway).  I sat down, bummed, trying to figure out what to do.

So there I was, feeling kind of sorry for myself and gauging the distance to the next pool, when Dyana walked through the door.  She was last semester's lifeguard (I swim at a college pool), who I hadn't seen at the pool since the new year.  Looking like she was ready to hit the gym herself, she asked the girls at the front desk what was going on.

They talked for a minute, she looked at me.  Then she said she would lifeguard for two hours or until they found someone, whatever came first.

Yes, she is incredibly cool.  It was definitely her day off and I am pretty sure she took that shift because I was sitting in the corner looking completely pathetic.  I need to figure out a really good way to thank her.   

So that she saved my swim.  4050 yards later, I went into the locker room to change and stepped into an unknown level of hell.  About 5 women in their 50's - 70's were walking around naked with their towels IN THEIR HANDS.

Actually, that is not true.  One of them had two towels - a towel on her head and one in her hand.  I guess at least she covered up the hair on her head.

This is a very small locker room. It is impossible to walk around it without bumping into people and parts of naked people.  These women were chatting and laughing as if they were standing around a coffee machine.

I would at least be a little cold after a while. 

I always pick a corner locker, and this time I was super thankful, because I could look into that corner and not have to see what was going on behind me.  I looked into the corner and got dressed as quickly as possible.  I turned around, figuring that they would all be dressed by then.


Still holding towels, still chatting away, arching their backs, laughing.  I got out of there STAT.

Today's Run
On a completely different note, I thought I would try posting a video from today's run (fully clothed).  This is my first video that I have posted here that I shot myself, I really don't know what I am doing with this stuff.

I don't know if it worked or not. I think it did, at least it did on my preview. 

I talk about the Boise Road a lot on this blog, and I do most of my runs over 6 miles there.  I thought it would be fun to show you where I like to run, on the run.   It is a snowmobile trail now if you get all technical, but I prefer to call it my personal running trail.

So anyway, this was shot on the run today on the Boise Road with my borrowed dog Austin (Bailey is NOT a runner) - this is what it looked like here today.

This week:
Swim: 4050 yards
Bike: 101 miles
Run: 23 miles
12 hours


DRog said...

I could write a book on our locker room its neverending!

Great you were able to get that swim in that's awesome!

and great running trail, I was totally laughing seeing Bailey goofing around behind you! haha



Claire said...

Crazy ladies...that's just so wrong..blah

A Prelude To... said...

crunch. crunch. crunch. Love all that snow!
It seems like whenever I walk into the locker room someone is buck nekkid and bent over putting on socks or brushing out their hair. Hello!! Not the exact view I want to see before I start my workout! I can handle boobs, but puhlease ...those butts need to be covered!

Jon said...

Ur sideways! LOL!

I wanna say thank you to that life gaurd that showed up and worked even though she didn't have to. I felt so bad for you that those idiot lifegaurds decided to just blow off work. Thank goodness it all worked out!

8 Weeks till camp! WOOT!

Matty O said...

Hilarious. Everything. Every bit of this, hilarious. Sucks, but funny :)

Glad you got your MONSTER swim in sheesh!!! Could you even pick your arms up to open the locker when you were done?!

Great job, glad there were cool people to bail out the jerk-offs.

So I have to ask... you said they old ladies were laughing... were their saggy droopy parts jiggling? LOL!

Unknown said...

You are too funny! I loved the video! I can't believe how much snow is on the ground!!!

I honestly freak out in the locker room. Ours isn't that bad (it sounds like my old pool though... I was the youngest by probably 30 years and always the only one clothed), but I just don't get it. Towels are meant to be worn people!

Great job with the 4050 swim! You go girl!

Christi said...

Nothing like drunk teens to ruin things for ya. Thank goodness the other girl helped you out.

Naked old ladies is just not right!

Lucas R. Tucker said...

Glad to know that the womens locker room is just like the mens.

I love the video. I think it is really cool to hear the voice of those who I only see pictures and read text from.

Molly said...

I honestly just said out loud "Oh!" then "HAHAHAH" reading this, but it's okay because I'm watching the SU game. : )


What? You can't ride up there yet??
(just kidding)
I would go ape shit if I drove 1.5 hours to have no lifeguard.
Thanks goodness it wasn't for naught.
Jeff? Yep, my private scout. Nice...

Ironman By Thirty said...

Love the video! It looks so beautiful where you live/run. I'm sure it gets repeatitive after a while, but it sure looks peaceful.

That lifeguard is the coolest! Is she old enough to drink? How about a 6-pack or bottle of wine? To bad it was a female lifeguard. If it was a guy, you could have just worn your special bathing suit for a few laps. haha

Remember to remain TowelStrong!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I was getting dressed after a swim once and keeping my bits kinda covered and politely turned my back to a couple of young (around 20 year old) girls while I got some clothes on, since I was right next to them, and they made comments to each other about how "people" shouldn't be embarrassed in the change room and we all have the same parts, blah, blah, blah. Yes, I suppose they thought they were being subtle or something, but honestly, what? Can't I just NOT show you all my stretch marks and saggy boobs, etc.? Anyway, loved the post. That lifeguard rocks!

adena said...

Love the video, holy snow!! The roads here are dry and snow free thankfully so my run today was really great.

Bailey didn't strike me as a runner. ;-)

Regina said...

Glad you got your swim on! (yes, ON!).

Ok, I feel differently about the old ladies. Maybe because I'm right around the corner. I've discovered as ive gotten older you care less about what you look like naked and become less modest, cuz less face it, who gives a crap what I look like naked? That said, I'm wondering why their nakedness is so offensive? Is that just ageism? Just thinking out loud.

Aimee said...

"It's pretty warm 20.." Um...that is NOT warm! That comment totally cracked me up! Ha ha! :)

Oh man, I had the same experience in the locker room that you did the other day. All the old women from the aqua class were just hanging around chatting, completely naked! Wow!

Andy Rosebrook said...

Borrowing another dog? Don't show Bailey the video he's going to be jealous.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Mens locker room is the same way, they just stand there and talk too

Hollywood said...

SEE!!!!! I want to know what happens to make these people do that. I won't go too far into what happened during Friday's swim, but there were far too many wrinkles that should never see the sun walking around

Unknown said...

hahahaha regina called you an ageist? That cracked me up! Is that even a word?

Pretty cool that you got the swim in and that is some awesome yardage Mandy. Next time there make sure to hunt that drunk kid down and let him know his actions have repercussions on others - say it in that guilt stricken voice too!

Anonymous said...

I abhor that locker room. Love reading your blog:-) you never fail to bring me a smile, and often when they are really needed. You inspire me. To run a 5K. we all gotta start somewhere:-)
Can't wait to be in Caratunk. I think of you every day, because every day I wear the mittens you made me and they are my favorites!

Karen said...

How awesome of that girl to help you out! I still can't over how far you drive to the pool. Amazing... I don't understand the walking around naked thing AT ALL. I am uber modest but even if I was not I can't imagine standing around carrying on a conversation with people with the towel in my hand. awkward...

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