Sunday, February 27, 2011

Off Week

I saw this video of the Ironman Lake Placid swim start and it got me all fired up:

I am going to be IN that mosh pit in 146 days!

I needed to see that video and get excited.  I have the winter blues.  This is unusual for me, I am a winter lover, it is actually my favorite time of year.  I really think spring fever got the best of me this week.  I was  I mean, I have showed up to play, but my head just hasn't been in the game.  All this week, whenever I went outside for a run, I turned into a weenie.  I had this dread leading up to my runs that I have never had before.  This dread all surrounds me having to put on 15 layers and running waddling around here looking like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

In truth, I yearn to get my bike outside, to run in shorts, to not drive 3 hours round trip to go for a swim.

Yeah, I know, it is crazy.  But what are my options?  Not swim?  I really have to swim!
I am a dork

That drive is really getting to me mentally, it really eats up a lot of my Saturday, and I drive a lot for work.  Yet I see it as a really success that I have made the drive every week since November,  I have only missed one swim week, when I went to Baxter State Park for 5 days.  And the great news is that with Ange's guidance, I am constantly improving in my swim (and bike and run actually!)     

I should be able to get into the lakes around here sometime in May, so I have at least 2 more months of pool swimming (and driving) left this winter season - that isn't bad at all.  Next week is a recovery week, I am looking forward to it!

This week:
Swim - 3200 yds
Bike - 66 miles (should have been more...alarm clock didn't go off, which shortened one of my rides)
Run - 19 miles


Unknown said...

This past week was an off one for me too and I blame it on the holiday last Monday. I just couldn't find the motivation to go to the pool and there was about 80 miles between me and my bike so no bike rides happen. BUT the great thing about week are that they end and a new one begins. Lets make this one a good one! Spring will come soon enough, I promise!

Chris K said...

It will all be worth it in 146 days. You rock Mandy. I'm looking forward to Motley Monday :-)

RockStarTri said...

Sometimes you just need a recovery week to get your mojo back. Embrace it!

Ironman By Thirty said...

3 hours ride trip for the swim!?!? Holy cow! Now THAT is dedication.

Next week will be better, don't you worry one bit!

Tanya said...

I just can't wait to get my road bike (have to buy one). Ouch on that ride to swim - I have the opposite schedule. My indoor swim is 10 minutes away, but when it's time for lake swims, then it'll probably be a similar 3 hour drive round trip.

Jason said...

We tweeted about this and I agree with you. Enough of this winter. GIve me spring PLEASE!!!! I know it was 74 degrees here today but the AM is in the 40s and it isn't fun.

You are going to rock are improving and you are going to keep improving over the next 5 months.

misszippy said...

Wow--you are dedicated to make a drive like that to get in your swim time! I'm sure you're looking forward to the day you can swim closer to home! You're gonna love LP--the best race course.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya. I LOVE the snow, but if I don't get to ski this season I'm going to go crazy! Soon! Soon it will break... well, hopefully before your crack!

Jon said...

Hhhmmm, that video looks familiar ;)

Ill be joining you in that mosh pit!

Unknown said...

So ready for spring. I told Kel today that even winter looks tired of winter. The snow isn't even pretty anymore, but is just sticking around because it has to.

Black Knight said...

3 hours driving is a lot of time, it means that you really love swimming.
I am a winter lover too but only because here this season is not too cold.

JohnP said...

I love watching the swim start videos! There are alot for IMLP! Crazy!

I know how you're feeling - I think the small break of 'warm' weather did it for me. I cant wait to ride outside, Spring is so close I can taste it! In the meantime, enjoy the fact that this is among the last 'cold weather' days you get to train in. It's been tough, but all in all you might miss these types of workouts later? :) Thats what I tell myself anyways hah!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have cabin fever, its at a all time high right now

Unknown said...

eeeek - Ironman swim start videos are so exciting!!!

Keep your head up girl - you are doing amazing. Heck, my pool is 20 minutes from my house and I don't swim as much as you do. You're kicking ass and taking names!


Here is the key to a good IM swim. Swim real fast... sub 1 hour OR swim really SLOW 1hr 30minute +. 80% of the people are in that 30 minute window. The other option is cross training at a MMA gym..

DRog said...

hang in there
keep workin

(advice or words for BOTH of us!)

Im with you on the layers
and after last weekend i FEEL like the staypuff (not good eating wknd for me:)



Unknown said...

Case de Irvin is open. the house is sorta clean but the weather is fantastic. I've been wearing sunscreen for the last couple of weeks and our A/C already broke!!! Come on down for a Triathlon vacation!!!

Matty O said...

I hate Jeff right now. Seriously. I can't find my AC under all our snow :(

Head up. Blast through it. There is always next week right :)

Christi said...

I always have problems in the winter months. I am ready for Spring!

Congrats on making the drive to swim. That takes a lot of dedication and you are rawkin it!

Annie said...

Just your dedication to make that drive with get through your Ironman! You should use that time to listen to a good book!

Unknown said...

yes!! IMLP mosh pit! Great week of training friend.

The Green Girl said...

I am so excited for you, girl!

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