Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanking Veterans & Running in the Dark

Thank You Veterans!
Happy Veteran's Day -Thank you to all who serve and have served, and a special thank you to my two favorite veterans: my dad (USAF - 2 tours in Vietnam) and grandfather (US Navy, PT Boat - 1941-1946).

I wish I had pictures of them in their uniforms to post here, but I can't find any right now.

Running in the Dark
I have this thing about running in the dark lately, I love it.  I know it is kind of weird, but since it is dark when I go to work and dark when I get home, I guess I either have to embrace it or...what? Not, I guess?

Suck it up, I say.

It is cool fun way better than a treadmill to go back and forth in town under the bright lights of Caratunk - most of which work, some of which flicker off as you run by (that is kind of creepy). 

It took me a long time to actually enjoy running back and forth in town, but I have started to yearn for it as November (and early darkness approaches) in some weird sort of way.   I just zone out and listen to Pleasant Pond Stream flow by (and the roar of the log trucks on Route 201).  Sometimes I daydream about what my neighbors must think as I run by their house for the 4th (or 6th) time, "Oh, there goes Mandy again.  That was her 4th time by the house, and I think she is smiling. Strange girl."

OK OK, I know you all have been dying to know what the "bright lights of Caratunk" look like.  When I talk about my early morning runs on the Caratunk Treadmill "under the lights" this is what I am talking about.
Main Street Treadmill

Bright lights big city!  Since there isn't much light, I feel like you can really see the stars, and I zone out on them sometimes, trying to remember what constellation is what. A few summers ago our nephew was sitting on John's lap roasting a marshmallow over the fire we had in the backyard.  He turned all big-eyed to John and asked, "Uncle Johnny, why are there more stars in Caratunk?  Caratunk is awesome!" 

I envision this conversation fast forwarded few years, "Uncle Johnny! WOW there 7 bars within a 10 mile radius? Caratunk is awesome!"

So I have a map here that is not that great but you get to see the awesomeness of the Caratunk Treadmill (the thin red line).  I have about 1.2 miles of lighted road so I could run at midnight if I wanted to.  Which I don't.
"My river" is known by most people as the Kennebec River.

This route works for me on shorter runs that I am trying to sneak in around work.  I have not run any further than 6 miles in this way, I wonder what it would be like to run 22 on this as my friend Beth has done (that would be @10 times back and forth).  I might go crazy, but then again, it might work for me, who knows?  Some 12 mile morning might get churned out right there.

OH! One more thing...

Only 254 Days until Ironman Lake Placid! :)


Quinton J said...

Dude...I'm so with you. I can't explain it...but there is just something I love about running in the dark. I feel like a ninja.

Matty O said...

still can't run :(

BUT, I hate running in the dark. Too many suburban soccer moms that want to kill me with their big SUVs lately... no light, no run :)

AM! said...

Hey there;)

ok, not trying to be buzzkill betty over here, but I just wrote a post about a gal on her early am run..who was badly assaulted. So I'm careful and be aware, bring your phone, and maybe pepperspray. Actually, someone just commented that they run with their DOG;-) That would be great for you!

Unknown said...

Running in the dark it's so different isn't it? I loved IMFL because I ran at least half of the marathon in the dark (it's in November and the sun sets early... but I'm also slow). Something about it just made it fun! :)

Jill said...

That's pretty dang dark!! Make sure everyone can see you!!! 154 days is going to go by soooooo fast!! But you'll be way ready :).

Caratunk Girl said...

Q - YEAH Ninja!

Matty O - we have a population of 60 and I would say that on these runs I have never seen a car taht was moving.

Ann Marie - I understand and appreciate what you are saying - this is fresh fresh on your mind after that terrible incident...what happened to that poor girl is horrible and terrifying. We do not have cell service, the closest town with a population greater than 600 is 45 miles away...I do carry mace, but I am more likely to get attacked by a moose than anything else around here - literally. I am not naive, it could happen anywhere to anyone for sure, and do stay aware & alert. I will be very careful, I promise! :) ha ha Bailey run...I wish! I can't get him off the couch.

Caratunk Girl said...

Colleen - that sounds cool!

Jill - I screwed up and edited the IMLP - it is 254 days ha!! WHEW lost 100 days there somewhere! Yup, I am visible!

Unknown said...

Since I stepped on the snake running in the dark has been a challenge for me. I was going to go tonight but our temps shot back up in 80s today and I saw a dead snake smashed on the road pulling into the neighborhood ... they plague me.

Like how you were able to sneak in the IMLP countdown at the end - now since Ironstar is over the reality of IMTX being a little more than 6 months away has really hit me. Sort of getting nervous, and even though I know I need to continue to get some RnR for a couple more weeks - I REALLY need it - the urge to want to training is overwhelming right now.

Pahla said...

I've always thought I was running in the dark, but I see now that what I'm running in is the sort-of-dark. I have plenty of streetlights on my route, but I still feel like a (highly reflective) ninja!

Ironman By Thirty said...

I love running in the dark too!!

While running with Jennie in the dark the other night, I told her like running in the dark because it makes me feel like a cat burglar and that I want to start hopping over hedges and hiding behind trees. I think she thought I was/am crazy.

A populate of only 60?!?! I knew you lived in a small town, but 60?!?! I'm curious now. Did you grow up there? If not, what made you move to such a small town?

TreeMapper said...

I love running in the dark! I like it so much that in the summer, I have to wait till after 9:30 to go out. Many runs keep me out past 10:30. How wierd is that?

Run Strong

chaco said...

I haven't tried running in the dark but is sounds fun and great..guess I'll try it one of this days..

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I guess I should go outside and run, since I cant bike outdoors anymore cuz of the darkness

Caratunk Girl said...

Jeff - AHH yeah I don't blame you on that one. They seem to be attracted to you. The snakes around here are all in holes shivering right now.

P - ha ha I know, we are big on street lights!

Kevin - yeah 60 people. In the summer we are up to 100. I will write about that some more. I grew up about 1/2 hour south and was brought here by my love of rivers and whitewater rafting...and just love it.

Steve - I thought of you - I know you run at night a lot. I am just getting into it. But if I ran that late I would never get to bed! ha ha

Chaco - try it out!

BDD - I KNOW, I have been on the trainer for a while now. Ugh. Stupid dark. No wait! Stupid work for making me work dark to dark. ha ha

Lucas R. Tucker said...

I also enjoy my secret ninja running. Lately I have been doing them more often with the time change and am driven to want to find soemthign reflective for safety.

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