Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Update

Only 272 days until Ironman Lake Placid!! I carved a pumpkin to celebrate...

Sorry it is a little blurry, but I had to shut the flash off to make it work...
Pain Cave?
I hate to call it a pain cave...It sounds so...scary!!...SO this is my cave of fluffy bunnies, although I am hoping for a few more outdoor rides before I am stuck inside. 
Cave of fluffy bunnies...
It is tough for me to bike outside in the am right now, first of all, it isn't really light until 7am, when I have to leave for work, so I have been spending some time on the trainer.  Besides it being dark, the past week or so there has been 1/4 inch of frost on my truck window when I went outside to check the temperature.  SO if I can get out in the afternoon for a good ride, that will be awesome.


YES!! I finally went swimming.

So I decided to go to the University of Maine at Farmington pool for my swim workouts this year.  It is the same distance away (75 minutes) as the pool at the Y in Waterville, but with better hours (um, the pool is open to lap swimming 6am-9pm M-F; 8am-9pm Sat/Sun.  I had to create a detailed matrix to figure when I could hit the window that the pool was open for lap swims at the Y, and sometimes I still got it wrong).  Plus, it is better pricing (as an alumni I get a GREAT deal), a better gym, and less crowds...  
9am Saturday morning after my swim...I love college kids who party on Friday nights.
I went yesterday and swam 1350 yards.  I was dreading getting there at 8am because I was sure that the place would be packed and I would be sharing a lane with 4 people or something.  That is how it works at any pool I have been to that late on a weekend. 

I forgot that this was a college pool and that UMF doesn't have a swim team, and that 8am Saturday morning is pretty early for most college kids.  I was the first one there, and I had the pool 100% to myself for the entire swim.  That was pretty awesome, just me and a bored life guard playing with her iPod and glancing up once in a while. It stayed quiet my entire swim, as I was coming out of the water, two ladies came in to start their swim.  Now, that is my kind of pool.

You Need a Ride?
I always find it funny when well-intentioned people think I am not out running by choice.   

I ran after work on Friday.  You could feel and smell the dampness of the coming rain in the air as I started my 40 minute run.  It started sprinkling a bit at first, and then turned into an all out down pour.  I must stop here to say that I love running in the rain, it is one of my favorite things to do.  I see rain, I want to go running. It is kind of weird I guess, but that is just me. 

So the harder it was raining, the better I was feeling.  It is so nice to have good solid runs again.  I run on dirt roads as much as I can, so I was getting all muddy and dirty, which is another thing I really like.  So I was having fun out there.  One of my neighbors drives by me, and I see him put on the breaks.  He sticks his head out the window and shouts,
 "You need a ride?"

I smiled and told him no thanks. 

"You sure?  It is raining, and it is really kind of raw out!" 

"Yeah, I noticed. Ha. Thanks, I am good, honest." 

He shrugged and drove off.  It was really nice of him to check on me, and I am sure he went home shaking his head and told his wife he saw that crazy girl from down in town who swam past their house all summer (they live on Pleasant Pond) who is always out running (or biking).

This week
Bike - 50 miles
Run - 14 miles
Swam - 1350 yards
Time - 6hr 20 minutes


DRog said...

Nice Pool and GREAT Pumpkin!

Looks like you have no excuses now all set up with your trainer and pool:)
Could actually be a good thing driving to get to the pool as you then have no chance of pulling the chute and bailing on the workout? And maybe even go just a few extra laps due to the drive?!

Have a great week!

Julie said...

I am looking at the picture of your trainer set up in front of your TV. When you ride on the trainer is it loud? I mean do you have to turn the TV way up to hear it? When I run on my mill it is so loud that my TV needs to be turned up to the max! I hate that:) My mill is super old. GOod for you on keeping the workouts going on the trainer and in the pool. The pool looks nice and clean:)

LB said...

i love the pumpkin!!!

Unknown said...

SO jealous of your pool situation! :) I too love to run in the rain!!! :)

TreeMapper said...

Fluffy bunnies? You got to be kidding someone, oh, maybe that's for you? Ha - you're too funny Mandy!
Swimming- EN says I can't swim till March unless it is with a coach for technique. Not sure if I can go that long.

Run Strong

Caratunk Girl said...

Derek - Glad you like the pumpkin! Yeah, that drive will make it so I won't have an excuse, that is for sure!! See you in 272 days! :)

Julie - Yup, it is kind of loud. I am pretty close to the TV as you can see. It kind of bugs me but what is really funny is when someone goes upstairs to turn on the TV and it is BLARING! ha

Laura B - Glad you like it!

Laura - I am lucky for sure, maybe it was a fluke though.

Caratunk Girl said...

Steve - yup, just trying to fool myself! :) REALLY?? No swimming? That would freak me out, but trust in their program, it works!

Pahla said...

That pumpkin is AWESOME!!! As is the Cave of Fluffy Bunnies. :-)

Unknown said...

I am totally impressed that you drive over an hour to get a swim in!! That is dedication!

Jason said...

I so don't like the idea of putting the bike in front of the TV. When my coach has me do spin-ups I set up the trainer and truly hate it. The TV goes way up on the volume and just stinks. This morning I almost didn't leave the house and setup the trainer b/c of the 'tornado' down here and I decided at last minute to go out and it was the best thing I did b/c I got a great ride in so I am dreading the pain of fluffy bunnies for sure.

There is something about running in the rain that is a mental release. I always say since you don't know what you will get on race day you might as well run in whatever weatherve you have in front of you.


KC did real good. It was 88F or so with heat index over 90 down here yesterday.

I guess I shouldn't complain about 50F rides anymore... at least it is outside.

Put on a good IM video.

Me? Happy place... no pain cave..

Caratunk Girl said...

P - Thanks!

Jason - The TV works for me, but ofcourse I would rather be outside. So I don't love the trainer, but I don't dread it completely either. AND I love running for the mental release!

Bob - WAHOO KC!! She did rock it. I love the happy place, that is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your neighbor cracks me up... I love that he told you it was raining... as if you didn't notice. I don't mind the rain if it's semi-warm outside... but cold rain... blech!

Louise Cunningham said...

Only us western maine gals will run in the rain and snow and refuse a ride.. right? lol you go girl!!

Caratunk Girl said...

Lesley - I thought it was funny too! I just love the rain, cold or not. I am weird.

Louise - Ha, I knew it was raining when I left, right? so funny. :)

Patrick Mahoney said...

I don't see any fluffy bunnies in that cave. What up?

The great thing about your neighbor is that he's not exactly stating the obvious when he tells you it's raining and raw. It is raining and raw in his world, but he fails to realize that in your world, it's not. It's like a inter-dimensional misunderstanding more than anything.

Caratunk Girl said...

Kelly - Thanks! We do what we have to do to get our time in though, right?

Patrick - I am hiding the bunnies...ha I love the inter-dimensional misunderstanding...ha

Christi said...

I love the pumpkin! I also love to run in the ran!

Bryan Payne said...

Love the pumpkin, I mentioned it to the Family and Alyssa said "we are NOT doing that". We'll see. haha. Good luck with the training, sounds like you're off to a great start.


Caratunk Girl said...

Christi - thanks!

Bryan - Glad you like the pumpkin, it was fun, the dot on the I was hard though. Right now it is pretty low volume on the training, I am just trying to get into the habit, you know?

Barb said...

LOVE the pumpkin!!!

My first ride on the trainer will be Tuesday, I hate coming inside but I do find that I can get in really good interval workouts during the 'off' season and make improvements on the bike.

I am very impressed that you will go 75 minutes to swim. I feel like we live out in the boonies and I don't like the idea of driving 45 minutes to join a masters group.

Aimee said...

First of all, that pumpkin is awesome!!!

Secondly, I am SOOOO jealous of that pool! I have to get to my pool at 4:30AM or else I'm dealing with swimming with 4 other people in my lane!

Third, I like running in the rain too. But, if it's freezing rain with wind, there's no way that I'm running in that. Brrrr.

AM! said...

nice mileage for the week!

and even nicer is your pumpkin. ya gotta send that to the IM peeps;)

Black Knight said...

Do you have the dreadmill in the pain cave too?

KovasP said...

If there is one thing a cave of fluffy bunnies gets you ready for, it's getting wet and muddy.

Quinton J said...

Hahaha…your neighbour obviously had no idea that you were compfy in your pain cave…and it’s supposed to be raw. Speaking of which…I noticed in your fluffy bunny cave you had pillows. This is a “NO-GO”. Get rid of those immediately. Nothing soft.

Alexa said...

love the M-dot pumpkin! I wanted to do that but I didn't want to copy Adam's idea with the Ultraman pumpkin (plus.. Ironman is wimpy next to Ultraman!)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love the pumpkin!!!

My pain cave (tri cave is what I call it) isnt as pleasant looking as yours

I love an empty pool!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

Barb - I do what I have to do as far as driving to try to get ready for IM! :) It is a haul, and I have only done it once, so don't be impressed with me yet. ha

Aimee - Thanks! I just got lucky with the pool I think.

AM - I twittered it to them. Is that how you say it?

Black Knight - I am allergic to dreadmills.

Kovas - ha, I know!

Q - I got rid of the pillows. :) I figure I can lay down in bed when I get tired ha ha

Alexa - Thanks!! Adam's is much more creative than what I did.

BDD - thanks! Well, the cave looks good now, but I should take a picture in Feb when I hate it. ha Empty pools are GOOD!

Runners Fuel said...

Love how you have your trainer set up in front of your tv.

Unknown said...

Love the pumpkin!

Lila said...

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