Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Can't Count

Am I the only one who loses track of laps in the pool?  For the first few laps I am good, but once we get above 200 yards (that would be 2 laps or 4 lengths) I really start getting confused.   I go back and forth again and think, now what was that? 4 laps?

I know, pathetic.

You would think someone who went to college for 4 years and in graduate school for 2 years (in science) would be able to count higher than 2, but somehow on the way to lap 3 I lose my place.  I have struggled with this since I first stepped into a pool.  I obviously ate paint chips as a kid or something.

I get easily distracted and can be hard to keep up with, I know that.  Like Dory on Finding Nemo, if I see something shiny my mind goes off in that direction.  That movie rocks by the way, I just wasted half an hour looking for my favorite clip that is entirely relevant to what I am talking about to put on here, but I couldn't find it.  Instead I will give you a completely irrelevant picture of Dory popping bubbles.
What was I talking about?   Oh yeah, counting laps in the pool.

So I got this cool gadget, the SportCount LapCounter:
That is not my hand, my camera's battery is dead.
I didn't want a lot of bells and whistles, and I didn't want to get a PHD to figure out how to make it function.   I just wanted something simple to help me count laps.  I also didn't want to spend a lot of money, and I was shocked at what you can spend on a lap counter.  I picked this up at Amazon for $25.

I love this product.  It fit my finger well and it wasn't a problem or annoying having something while I was swimming.   The counter is lightweight, no larger than a class ring and easy to operate with one hand.  The one hand operation is very easy to do without disrupting swim stroke, and the display is simple, clear, and easy to use.

I plan to use this on the days I am doing track work to keep record laps at the track as well, although I haven't tested it there yet.  It is so light and easy to use I am confident it would work just as well there.

If you want something with more bells and whistles than what I have, check out SportCount's website, they have some other products that are timers and lap counters that records your lap times up to 100 laps along with a whole lot of other information.

Disclaimer -   This was not given to me by SportCount to test, I purchased and tested the SportCount LapCounter on my own. This review is my opinion of the product.


Ironman By Thirty said...

Very cool! I have thought about getting one but my wedding ring on my finger bugs me enough as it is.

I have learned to get by with my plain old stopwatch. I hit the lap button every 5 laps/10 lengths. If I lose count in between, I know that I hit 6 lengths at 2:30-ish, 8 at 3:30-ish or the full 10 at 4:15-ish. The only problem is that it has started to fog up a bit when I swim and it is getting harder and harder to read.

x said...

I just use the lane line disk on every 100 I do an open turn when I get to six I go back down then I count back up... old skool

Aimee said...

Great review! I got one similar to that at the end of the season. It hasn't gotten much use, YET, but I really liked it!

RockStarTri said...

I can't count either while training. I fail in both the pool and on the track. I saw that toy and didn't buy it. It is only a matter of time.....

Unknown said...

Needs to gets me ones of those!!!

this is funny though b/c I lose track after like 4 lenghts. Annie and I did an indoor LifeTime Tri this morning and they had a volunteer sitting at the end of the lane with a clicker counting laps for us. I asked her at the end if she could come by and do this everytime I came to swim laps? She just sort of smiled and looked at me like I was crazy. Good times!

Unknown said...

I totally lose count too! it seems after 500 yards-POOF! that's it. I just can't count anymore.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, I am impressed with everyone that can count past 3!!!!! I cant :-(

Cool little gadget

Julie said...

Hi Mandy,
You know that I am not a swimmer:) Not even close! If I were a swimmer I would need to have one of those mind wonders when I run and I know it would be the same for swimming:) Have fun with the new toy!

Anonymous said...

lol-I have one too!

Jon said...

Cool gadget.

Yeah I still lose track of my lengths. Doing short intervals in the pool makes it easy to count, because on a 5 x 100 set, you only have to do 4 lengths and you are done till the next set in 10 seconds. Its when I am doing the 5 x 300 killer set that I always get fuddled up around the 200-250 mark.

Unknown said...

I need this!!! Adding it to my Christmas list now... Our pool is only 20 meters and those 4000 meter swim days are horrible to keep track of!!!

Maria said...

Way to be a problem solver! I can totally relate, but I figured out a system on my watch so it keeps me on track...and honest :)

Fat for a Triathlete said...

My mum has something similar to this to count her laps... for some reason I can manage a big 4k swim without losing count...

I do count in 500m blocks though (10 laps in a 50m pool...)
I lose count pretty easily in the 25m pool, but my coach counts when I am there :) I just add the distance up at the end!

TreeMapper said...

Like everyone else, I can't count either... I was gonna say that I just figure how what time I should be done and make sure I stay on pace. But that little gadget looks way better... Nice!

Run Strong

Jason said...

As I posted on Twitter I get to 300 and the mind wanders to how is my form, how many more laps to go, are my elbows coming out of the water, what is that in the pool, can't wait to sit in the hot tub, how fast am I going.....what lap am I on?

I am on my way to Amazon to check this little gizmo out. Thanks for the information.

Caratunk Girl said...

Kevin - That is an awesome way to track laps. But would require me to count to 10. I can only count to 2, sometimes 3, then I lose my place.

Mid-life - Ha yeah, I have no idea what the disks are of which you speak, but counting to six and going back down makes my brain hurt. I can only handle so much, you know hacking my way through the water like I do and all. ha ha

Aimee - do it!! It helps.

Joe - You know you want one. It is a great stocking stuffer.

Jeff - yeah get one!! Can Annie come to Caratunk to count my laps? That would be way easier than me remembering to push a button with my thumb. ha ha

JenniferLeigh - I am amazed by anyone who can count to 10. Good for you!

BDD - read above, me too.

Julie - Thanks! I wish I could run like you though.

Alex - yeah!

Jon - Man, you can count to 8. That is awesome.

Colleen - yes, you need one of those for sure, 20 meters!! You must get dizzy.

Maria - you are smart, I never thought of using my watch. Must be why you are going to be PhD! :)

Jess - Wow. You can do 4K without losing track? I bow to you. That is amazing to me. The pool I swim in is 25 yds, 50 would be awesome.

Steve - you need this!!

Jason - I hear ya, it helps for sure, but looking you counting all the way to 6!! I wish I could do it. If you remember to push the button.

Christi said...

I can't count my laps either. I always loss track so I should probably get one of these!

Lucas R. Tucker said...

thats neat. all the ones I have seen have been much bigger and expensive. i lose count often.

My Life said...

I've never seen one of those! Thanks for posting!

Runners Fuel said...

That's a great idea!

Anne-Marie said...

Very cool! I didn't know they made such things, or that they are so affordable. Thanks for the info and review!

I completely zone out when I swim, no matter how much I try to focus on counting laps. Not only can I not count laps, but if I'm at masters swim and we have a set of something like 20 x 100yd free, I won't be able to remember which rep I'm on. This is the main reason that I try to avoid being the lane leader, so the counting responsibility falls on someone else :)

Matty O said...

agree with you 100% anything over 200 count me out. I hate swimming just because of counting. ITs funny if you follow my swim posts, i very rarely put the distances. Usually i put the distances when H is with me because apparently she can count.

I get distracted easily too, don't worry, it affects us all :)

Great review, I was looking for that all summer and ended up just assuming that if I swim for a certain time I am good :)

Glenn Jones said...

As I started reading this post, I was going to let you know about that little doo dad that you bought. Does it have a button on it that you push or something? If so, I might consider it for track workouts....

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