Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Randomness

This has been kind of a down week for me as far as training.  I have a pretty bad cold which is kind of dragging me down.  So anyway, here are a few random things that happened this week:
  • Bailey and I hiked to Moxie Falls.  Actually the it is more of a walk, only .6 mile in on a very well used trail.  It was jamming, they are emptying the lake (well lowering the lake) to work on the dam and so it was pretty cool.
    Moxie Falls ~ 80ft drop
  • I don't think I am good at off season.  I am eating everything in sight, it is kind of ridiculous.  Pretty soon I am going to have to change my blog to that Chunky Chick From Caratunk...Caratunk Chunk?  Something like that.  Working on reeling that stuff in, I can't gain back what I have lost for weight, that would just suck.
  • I am going for a run today and then maybe a swim.  It is 50 degrees here today, and I think the water has to be at least 65 or so, so it should seem warm, right?
  • I am thinking about doing the Cadillac Challenge, a century ride around Mount Desert Island.  Check it out:
    Uh, does that say $5 for a supported century ride?
    Sounds pretty laid back to me.  I am not into structure right now, I am saving that for later.  I have a few friends doing the ride and I have a feeling it will be a nice way to cap off the season. Unless it rains, then I am going to wuss out and drink Bloody Marys.  It will be the last time I get to wuss out, so I am reserving the right for now!
  • I joined Jon and Kevin's new blog, 201Ironman.  Check us out!  It is pretty awesome that there are so many fellow bloggers out there planning an Ironman in 2011.
  • I want to learn how to tune/take care of my own bike this winter.  It is way too far to drive to a bike shop from here.  Plus, the last time I called made a reservation for a tune they kept my bike for 6 hours (I KNOW!!) - and nothing was wrong with it!  Including driving (1+hr each way), that is over 8 hours for a bike tune.  That is just stupid.
  • Anyone want to teach me to tune/take care of my bike?
  • Bailey chased a huge bull moose the other day at work. It had a really big antlers and I could hear it's rack banging against trees as the moose was running away from Bailey (who was in hot pursuit).  I tried to call him off, but he gave me the finger and kept going.  Bull moose are in rut right now around here, so it isn't the best time for an elderly dog to be chasing them because they might turn around and charge.  Funny, I was thinking that as I was yelling, when I heard the moose coming back towards me, chasing Bailey, rack banging off trees again. Bailey was running right to me, looking for help, with the moose right behind him.  We got out of the way in time.  The moose watched us as we left, grunting now and then, as we made our way out of the woods and back to the truck.
  • That would be moose #5 that my dog has tried to run me over with.  Thanks bud.
  • When Bailey was done, he looked like this:
    That was so much FUN! Ouch. Now I can't walk...
  • I have watched a few new shows this season.  I really like Terriers (thank you for existing FX), but I wasn't impressed with Hawaii Five-O.  I am not sure what I expected, but something better I guess. 


AM! said...

Oh Chunky Chick...HA! j/k!just love it though;)

and I'm w/you on learning how to tune my own bike. I default to the DH for all things bike related, and wanna change that.

Hope you feel better soon!

Alexa said...

hhahaha I am laughing my ass off at "Caratunk Chunk." or howabout Carachunk Girl? off-season is the worst.. I am going to become obese

Big Daddy Diesel said...

As for the bike tuneup, Youtube it and practice. Maybe buy a piece of junk bike from the thrift shop to practice on so you dont have to take it to the bike shop if there is a mishap. Once you fell comfortable practice on your bike. Tune ups, at least for the gears and brakes and very, very, very slight turns of the cable tension which is located on the cables of your hoods for both the brake and the gears.

Emz said...

65 is warm?! I'm such a wuss.

Try "modern family". Hawaii five-o --- I lasted 5 minutes. total bomb.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

PS do the ride!!!

Velma said...

I agree - do the ride!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

AM - I don't have a DH! So I need to figure it out on my own. Lucky you!

Alexa - LOL Carachunk Girl!! ha ha

BDD - Thanks for the info, I will check out YouTube.

Emz - You are not a wuss, you are going to run 50 miles! I LOVE Modern Family!

BDD - I plan on it! :)

Patrick Mahoney said...

I would do that ride if I could. Love Arcadia. I have a funny story from many years ago about driving back from Arcadia to Boston with a friend and his girlfriend 5 minutes after he told her he'd been cheating on her.

KovasP said...

Carachunk Girl! Would love to visit Acadia, do it for all of us.


Ben and Jerry's Caratunk Chunk.... Mmmmmmmm good!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

Velma, Kovas - Will do!

Patrick - I need to hear that story.

Bob - Oh man, I have always wanted an ice cream named after me!!

Matty O said...

Youtube... although that is where I learned to grease a chain... DOH!

Love the ride, looks awesome and I agree 100% structure = bad news for me too. Last night I ate all the chocolate in the house, drank all my beer, ate a handful of marshmallows, a bowl of rice crispy treats cereal... (this was all part of what I did NOT count in my calories). I am in a downward spiral!!!

Good luck, if you get out of the funk, let me know how please :)

GO BAILEY GO! Loved the story of the moose encounter, #5??? AYE!

Big Clyde said...

Yes, I thought of Carachunk as well, but fear not. You have identified the problem and are honest with yourself...that's got to be the biggest step.

Love the pics of Bailey.

DRog said...


I too eat everything in sight...when I start to get into that mode. Once I start in that mode the landslide is faster and harder to break, Get out!
looks like a cool ride

Regina said...

Caratunk Chunk? hilarious, but not..

I have the same thoughts about my bike. I have put a hold on the book "Zen And The Art Of Road Bike Maintence" at the library to see if it is worth buying. I'd love to take my bike apart completely and put it together. They guy at the bike shop offered me a job when he saw the job I did on replacing my bars and rewrapping them; I was hooked.

Baily...God luv him!

Unknown said...

With Rach and I doing some Iron distance race in 2011, we'll be following that blog as well. I've never seen a moose in person outside the zoo but have always wanted to.

Sue Sitki said...

Caratunk Chunk!?? I love it!! LOL!!!!

What a sweet looking dog you have :)

Take it easy - keep us posted on the charity ride !

Christi said...

I like Caratunk Chunk also but that is not you!

I didn't care for Hawaii 5-0 either. I glad to hear that I am not the only one. Did you watch Undercovers? I didn't like that one either.

Andrew Opala said...

I take care of my bike this way - I call it RICE:
R = reject rust
I = ignore breakages
C = complain about loose screws
E = earn enough money for a new bike
I'm trying to figure out a P in there somewhere for pump the tires up.

P.S. can you tell that I ride a Rocky Mountain Cardiac that is 16 years old and has only had one bent pedal! And I'm a big friggin guy! - I've driven into trees, ponds, other bikes, cars, people and one very sleepy brown bear!

Quinton J said...

Bailey is what I like to call: an OGD (Original Gangsta Dog)

Caratunk Chunk is flippin’ hilarious and even though it doesn’t apply to you…it should be used for something.

Jon said...

Caratunk Chunk: The ultimate Cookie for Mainiacs :)

That is crazy with Bailey and the Moose!!!

Aimee said...

I know what you mean about eating everything in sight. The off season is the worse, especially since it's usually around Thanksgiving and Xmas too! Yummy food galore!
That ride sounds really cool! I would definitely do it!
I can't believe the crazy things dogs will do! I'm glad you and Bailey didn't get trampled by the moose!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Another vote for Modern Family - hilarious!

I'll have to check out Terriers - hadn't heard of that one.

You so have to do that $5 century! That is even better than my $15 supported 20 mile training run.

As for bike maintenance, two resources have constantly saved my butt. #1 (think Youtube for bike repair) and this book (

I know how you feel about taking your bike in. I ended up taking mine in the other day for a broken spoke and it ended up wasting 3 hours of my day for something they fixed in about 20 minutes.

Lucas R. Tucker said...

" tried to call him off, but he gave me the finger and kept going." and "That would be moose #5 that my dog has tried to run me over with. Thanks bud."

Laughed myself to tears.

I am right there with you about learning how to work on my bike. My shop is just under an hour away and last time they forgot to start (I still love them though). Bought the park bige blue book and can fix some stuff but i don't trust myself.

skierz said...

Rest does suck doesnt it! At least BNailey does it with moose, my dog seems to have chosen the skunk showdown instead. Two times this summer! Enjoy the rest, the training is a blast but you can absorb the great training you did thhis summer for a hile now. Have a great night! Cheers!

Unknown said...

ooh, if you learn about your bike can you teach me too? i've tried to get better, but i still feel like i just don't know :/

Maria said...

So...this is what I got out of the reading:
1) I need to move to Maine because your animals are way cooler than the stuff down here. 2) Bailey and I need to become yesterday. I think we could really do damage together going Moose hunting. 3) You and I can be "Chunky Chicks" cream, here we come!

Caratunk Girl said...

Matty O - yup, moose encounter #5 with my dog. He is something else, I will tell ya. I better do that ride or else you guys are going to kick my butt! :)

Clyde - thanks, that is right, id the problem is the first step! :) I got that! Now time to reign it in.

Derek - I am getting out!

Regina - want to come to Maine and teach me? :)

Ben - YEAH for the IM in 2011! If you ever come up here, I will do my best to show you a moose.

Sue - thanks!

Christi - missed Undercovers..saw the preview but didn't stay up for it!

Andrew - Ha, love your bike!! RICE ha ha

Q - OGD in the HOUSE! WOOF. :) I think Caratunk Chunk should be an ice cream.

Jon - I know! Oh cookies! I haven't eaten any of those yet....

Aimee - I think I have to do the ride!

Kevin - LOVE Modern Family! Thanks for link on the book, I will check it out.

Luke - HA! Glad you got a laugh out of it. So did Bailey.

John - YES rest is tough! Oh skunks! Not good!

Caratunk Girl said...

Shannon - Yup, sure thing!! I might even blog about teh new things I learn and break!

Maria! 1)I guess at least our stuff isn't poisonous, right? 2)Bailey wants to meet you too! 3) YEAH ice cream!!

Julie said...

Hi Mandy,
Yea, you know how much I love the random posts:) First of all...those falls look amazing! That is a great picture! Bailey is such a pretty dog...can I call a boy dog pretty?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

How big were Bailey's eyes when he was running back at you? hahaha! Are Moose protected in Maine?

Do the ride and be all casual and stuff. It will be one of many centuries you will need to pull of before IMLP!

Claire said...

Fantastic pics! Love the one of Bailey and can just bet he can flip the bird with three paws on the ground

RockStarTri said...

What would Bailey do if he actually caught the moose?

Unknown said...

UGH. The off Season! I hear ya. I hate it!!! HATE HATE HATE it! Much better when I'm getting some good hard long workouts in, but I get it we need rest blah blah blah! Pad lock that fridge and clean out the cupboards woman! :) ha

adena said...

I have been MUCH better this week re the eating and training (thank goodness). I missed a run last night but I'm going for a bike ride tomorrow morning and then a run tomorrow afternoon.

You make me laugh, I love Thursday Randomness. HI Bailey!!!

Unknown said...

Go to the Park Tools website, then go watch the videos they've got. That is how I learnt! They also have a bike maintenance book that works well with the videos. Oh, and you'll possibly need a size 0 crochet hook as well for pulling the gear/brake cables through the bottom of your frame.

Nice walk and Bailey looks so happy! :)

Maybe you are just suffering form the cold - you know the old saying, feed a cold and starve a fever. I normally make ginger and lemon tea, and eat more garlic, it seems to help.

Enjoy the bike ride, it sounds fabulous for an end of season ride.

Diane McG said...

Kaiser & I did the Cadillac Challenge metric loop last weekend. It was terrific. OK, we skipped Cadillac - I was prepping for a century that I did yesterday. Since that is billed as "flatest century in New England" I didn't feel obligated to do a training ride up Cadillac. The ride is beautiful but hilly. After training in your area, you may not notice the hills!

Anonymous said...

Terriers, has the daughter of a friend in it. Lake Moxie is drained (you knew that). Did see lots of Moose there, and have to go to Bald Mtn. Pond area week maybe. Where can I get an aerial photo of the logged over area of Moorebog. Caroll York says he knows of you and that you are "tough", any comments?

Caratunk Girl said...

Julie - Bailey is totally cool with that.

Jeff - nope, moose are not protected, we hunt them.

Claire - he is super talented

Joe - Probably get kicked in the head!

Laura - I know!

Adena - OOH Glad you are having a good week!

JM - thanks for the info - the tea works wonders! And the Park Tools site is great. Thansk!

Mooorebog - I am not sure if you get these follow ups? But in case you do (since I do not know how else to comment back) TerraServer or Google Earth has some images for free, but you can get the images from DeLorme as well. Caroll says that? WOW! That is a complement for sure! He is my hero, I hope I am in the same shape as him when I am his age.

Caratunk Girl said...

Diane! I might have to skip the ride and hang with my grandfather. Hope your century was awesome. DETAILS!!

Anonymous said...

went down to moorebog , first time in years early this Spring and got confused due to logging, and "bottomed out" a few places getting back. Did get some good aerial views from Mapquest. My niece came in 4th of women at Lobster triathalon and 1st in her age group, 40-45. Her Dad told me about your blog. Caroll was leaving for 2 weeks of fishing in Canada when I saw him 2 weeks ago. He has a camp for sale in Caratunk. My e-mail is Started out in Forestry at Maine.

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