Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lobsterman Race Report

I am not happy with my performance in this race, although I did have an awesome time.  Here is the report!

I arrived early and got a primo parking spot.  I  like to get to races early, it is kind of weird, I know, but getting there early is really a good thing for me.  I fiddled with my bike and talked to a few folks until transition opened.  I picked up my chip and walked over to body marking and the girl I walked up to looked at me for a second and asked me, "Are you Caratunk Girl?" 

That was awesome.  Turns out she is friends with my buddy Kristel who pointed her to my blog.  She had just finished her first Half Ironman last weekend.

Anyway, set-up was normal.  Looking back on it, I think I felt kind of flat.  Not amped up like I should have been, just kind of going through the motions, not really focused.  That might have something to do with my sub-par performance, I don't know.

My buddy Winnett and I got in the water pre-race, and it seemed to be around 60 which was much warmer than last year.  I got my face used to the water and then waited for my wave start.

The Swim ~ 1.5 kilometers ~ 34:27 ~ No Sharks
This is kind of fun because it is a deep water start.  There was a whole lot of excitement as we were hanging out in the water waiting for the announcer to tell us to "GO GO GO!"

What more can I tell you about this swim?  There was some bumping around, a few elbows, a few grabbed feet.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  The water is cold, murky, and salty.  I don't like swimming in the ocean because of the saltyness.  And the things that can eat you, but I covered that already.

I felt good to the first buoy, I couldn't see the second buoy until I was right there.  The third buoy came pretty quickly for me, but I swear the shore was moving away from me as I came in from that third buoy.  Seaweed wrapped around my arms, legs and face a few times.  I thought I swam hard, but I was a full 3 minutes slower than last year.

I got out of the water quickly and ran up the ramp to transition.
Thank god I am out of the fing water
T1 ~ 2:49
Yeah, whatever.  That was about 20 seconds slower than last year.

The Bike ~ 40 K ~ 1:29:24 ~ 16.7mph average
I beat my old time by 25 seconds.  I am not impressed given the fact that I increased my volume significantly leading up to Timberman and have been doing some interval work leading up to this race.  I expected the biggest gains here, and I didn't get much.

The course is on roads that are in great shape through a really nice area. I would call the course rolling, but not overly hilly.  But I just couldn't get up to speed on any of the climbs.  I am a fantastic descender though, I have a weight advantage on all of those skinny hill climbers that kept passing me.

Everything was very well marked and as usual, the volunteers rocked.  I came in from the bike feeling pretty good, but I knew I wasn't as fast as I had wanted to be.  
Bike in, note shoes are OFF!
T2 ~ 2:11
Almost a full minute slower than last year.  What was I doing?  Making a sandwich?

The Run ~ 10k ~ 59:41 ~ 9:37/mile
At least I am smiling!
I wasn't expecting much improvement at all here after the season running I have had.  This was 2 minutes slower than last year. 

At the start, my body was revolting more than normal post-bike.  Everything hurt.  My toes, my arches, my calves, my shins, my quads, my hammies, my stomach was cramping, my arms...EVERYTHING hurt.  I felt like a complete turd.  This has never happened to me before, the full body assault.  I kept pushing through, telling myself it would go away.

I was shuffling big time, but I kept running (can you call it that?) and got passed by a few 75 year olds.  I started to come out of it around the 5K point.  My stride opened up a bit and by mile 4, I was feeling great.  I was passing people like crazy.  I would look at each person's back and pick them off.  I kind of wish it was 10-13 miles, not 6.2.  I wish there were mile splits, because I know I was running very strong in the last 3 miles.

One girl I passed said, "Holy crap, great running!"

At the 5 mile mark, I felt like I was making headway.  I was picking off people (I got past both the 75 year olds too), focusing on their back, reeling them in, getting past them and looking on to the next.  I was alone on the loop around Winslow Park.  Then as I made the final turn to the finishline, I saw another person about 100 yards ahead of me, she was only about 20 yards from the finishline, waving to her friends on the way in. 

I sprinted as hard as I could, and her friends suddenly started yelling at her to "Oh no!! GO GO GO" because I was coming fast on her back.  She put her head down and ran hard the few feet she had left to the finish. She got me by 1 second, I almost had her.  

We laughed and hugged.  She said she could feel me coming up behind her, like a big rush of wind.
Final time: 3:08:45


Velma said...

even if you weren't super happy, it is money in the bank for ironman!

Pahla said...

You gotta love someone who says, "Holy crap, great running" to you! Awesome finish line smile - great job!!

The Green Girl said...

Aw, I'm sorry it didn't go as well as you'd hoped but I'm glad you pushed through like a true trooper and still had a good time.

Jon said...

You had SUPER weather for your last race and an incredible smile at the finish line. How did the beer recovery method go?

GetBackJoJo said...

Mandy! When I saw you in the morning I did not CONNECT! I thought you said Andy... and I was like do I know an Andy? And then after you passed about a minute later I was like OH! It was Mandy!!! Damn! I need to find her again.. and then I never found you again! So bummed and so sorry I didn't you a hug and hello!
It is ALWAYS great to come back from the full body assault and finish strong, and you did. So that is great! And my swim was significantly slower too, and I'm blaming it on.... anything but me. I think they moved the transition timing mats and the run to the bike entrance was included in the time. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

Anonymous said...

Still smiles and some great highlight moments... sounds like a good race to me!

Christi said...

You look very happy during the race even if you didn't feel well! Great job! I love the name of the race!

Anonymous said...

How did my niece Angela B. from S. Paris do?Also her husband Mark, and her brother JEFF, of Scarborough?

Patrick Mahoney said...

I agree with Christi. Those are not really pictures of a person who is not happy with how a race is going. What would LeBron James have done?

DRog said...

The greatest part about this race..and your last 3 months: You Can Run! what a great thing this is from where you were back in May. This basically sets you up now for an offseason where you can be smart about your running and your overall plan...and not have to over do it due to a big race coming up?! Am I talking about you or me? cause thats what Im excited about! haha
Happy for you that you were able to do your races this summer (with great smiles:) but most of all happy WE are in for LP!!!

Unknown said...

Even if you don't think you did well, you rocked it and had a smile on your face! That's worth the entry fee alone!

adena said...

Well I'm in awe of you and your awesome race time!!! I'm sorry it wasn't a great performance like you were hoping, you're probably saving it all for IMLP. Loved the smiling photos!! Well done chicka.

Charisa said...

Love that you are smiling and had fun even if it wasn't your best race ever :)

Julie said...

Awesome job Mandy! Fun race report with great pictures:)

Matty O said...

Hilarious. What was I doing, making a sandwich?! I would have loved to see you come out with a sandwich in hand hahahaha.

Nice job. Might be a little frustrating having slower splits across the board but this was not your A race so as long as you had fun that is all that matters right?

Love your race reports, you tell them so well.

Hey, we have a runner on our hands folks!!!


Great job!!
60F water? What a different world we live in..
And the transitions look pretty good to me. Heck IM transitions of around 7 minutes are excellent for me. Not sure how you do it in 2

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your race! I've been looking for race reports to see if other's noticed the swim being longer. I competed with 4 friends. We all did the race in 2008 and we all had swim splits 4-6 minutes slower this year. I felt a lot better prepared for the swim too! I think the course was either a bit long or perhaps the tide was going against us for a good chunk of the swim.

Runners Fuel said...

I always get to races early, too. I like to mentally prepare myself.

Lucas R. Tucker said...
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Lucas R. Tucker said...

Sorry, it didn't got the way you wanted it to, but your effort and result are inspiring to beginers like me. I hope one day I can be as good on my fasts days as you are on your slow days.

Bryan Payne said...

Congrats. Whey to kick ass at the end on the run and finish strong. Oh, and nice job "crushing" the spirit of 75 year olds. hahaha

Thomas Tan said...

You're always smiling on the pics! Great job and ocngrats on your race! I want to be like you someday--a triathlete! But, you were just kidding about the sharks, right?

Maria said...

Way to push it on the run in the end. I'm glad you had fun, even if it didn't turn out the way you had hoped...say la vee or something french like that.

Hope you enjoyed the beer!

P.S. I can totally under your fear of sharks, and I grew up in landlocked Iowa!!

Anne-Marie said...

Sorry to hear it didn't go the way you wanted it to, but your pictures look like you were enjoying it though! And way to kick it in to the finish line!

The ocean swim freaks me out. I think I'd be worried about sharks but also I hate getting salt water in my eyes. Oh, and I think I shivered when I read where you wrote... "it seemed to be around 60 which was much warmer than last year". Brrr, that is COLD! (at least to someone who's only had one wetsuit legal swim this year!)

Glenn Jones said...

I completely understand getting there early. The last thing I want is to be stressed over those things that I can contol.

And I'm with a lot of the folks above. Sorry you didn't do as well as you wanted, but there are lots of smiles in thoe pictures up there. WTG!

Black Knight said...

I like the pictures with all those smiles. The sharks on their blogs write: "We are lucky, no Caratunk Girl today". Great job and congrats on your race.

Aimee said...

I know you said you weren't happy with your performance, but I think you did awesome!
I'm glad there weren't any sharks in the water! :) Woohoo for being able to pick it up in the end!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You are still a rockstar in my books, congrats!!!

Unknown said...

Nice race Mandy -- your smile is very contagious! Make me want to get off my arse and go bike! 60F water temp would put me in a coma, really a coma, it would be just awful!

Mark said...

Great race report! Congratulations. You know... I ought to think about getting to races a little earlier. I usually find myself a mess just minutes before in transition with my heart rate redlining before I get to the swim start.

Love the smiling—that's why we do this really!

Unknown said...

great race!! love the finish :) that swim doesn't sound fun... i was just in a lake where i was battling seaweed near the shore and totally freaked out. wouldn't quite want that in a race!

Unknown said...

You looked like you had fun! Time? Well maybe you are heading for overtrained and need a good rest.

Time to recuperate and head towards the off-season.

Great time, and no sharks ;)

AM! said...

look at you! i know you said you're not stoked on time...but you look like you're having an okay time with the pics;-)

and your run! woo-hoo! happy for you!!

Molly said...

I love how you raced that girl at the end! I know you weren't happy with the results, but you look great in the photos!

Regina said...

ok, this is weird. I know I left a comment on this. I know because I giggled at your 'turd' comment and said something along the lines of "my inner 2 year old boy" liking the word 'turd'.

anywho...Great job despite you feeling like you didn't go well. More importantly (to me these days,anyway) is that you said you had a great time. That is awesome (truly overused word, but I just can't think of anything else except maybe fantastic and that is also overused and I am just running on now and will stop before you start hating me good-bye)

zbsports said...

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