Friday, September 17, 2010

Lobsterman Pre-race Thoughts....

Lobsterman Swim Start
Lobsterman olympic distance triathlon is tomorrow.  I am psyched, it is a beautiful and well run should do it!  There are a few things about this race that are on my mind...

I have a completely irrational fear of getting eaten by a shark....
I have a few irrational fears that are kind of completely ridiculous.  Like the ocean for example.  Well, not the ocean, but the things in the ocean.  I just don't like to swim where I am part of the food chain or where things can do things like bite, sting, or eat you me.

I am not an ocean person.  I am glad it is there, I appreciate its beauty, but I do not really care to spend time in it.  I like to watch it from my house.  Like on TV where the sharks can't eat me.

I told you it was a completely irrational fear.

This might seem strange for someone who will throw herself off a 10 foot drop on a river riding an inflatable dragon.  I understand the river, it flows downstream, unless it is going upstream due to an obstruction (See? It totally makes sense).   I don't understand how oceans work.  The currents seem to go everywhere and there are big hungry things in there that want to eat you me. 

OK, enough of my irrational fear, you get the picture.  I plan to swim fast as I can, staying in the middle of the group so the sharks can pick off the faster and slower swimmers.

The water is F-ing cold....
Another beef I have with the ocean.  It is cold, salty, and murky.  I can deal with the cold actually.  The salty and murky kind of freak me out.  Mostly the murky.  Sharks like murky water.  But they don't like cold water much, so I may be in luck.

How cold you ask?  Let me see...I was wondering too, so I checked the buoy temperatures in the waters surrounding the race.

Lower Harpswell Sound - 59 degrees
Casco Bay -  58 degrees
Central Maine Shelf - 57 degrees..WTF?????

I quit looking because it kept getting colder on every buoy I checked.  So high 50's - Ironman Saint George temps I believe.

There is free beer at the end for racers...Need I say more?!

Race Plan.... 

The SwimGoal 30 minutes (last year I did 31:54)
The Bike - Goal 1hr 25 minutes (last year I did 1:29)
The Run - Goal 57 minutes (last year I did 57:14)

Goal Time: < 3 hours and not get eaten by a shark (last year 3:03:42, no sharks)


Matty O said...

hahaha you are too funny! Don't worry if there is motivation out there for you to swim fast... I would say THAT IS IT!

Side note... Never done an open water swim in salt water. Wonder if that will mess you up?

GOOD LUCK! SHOULD BE AWESOME, wish I had beer at my finish line :(

Caratunk Girl said...

Matty O- Thanks!! I am going to eat some Cayenne pepper tonight so if the sharks bite me I will be all spicy.

I swam open water salt water once...last year at this race! Ha.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

You will do awesome!! Just the fear of sharks alone will get you thru that swim fast as hell, olus the beer at the end doesn't hurt either. Sending good race vibes your way Mandy! And i was complaining about 72 degree water....pfff!

adena said...

GO GET EM!! You are going to do great. Let that fear motivate you during the swim and then just kick ass on the bike and the run. Darn I wish I could follow your progress online.

Regina said...

I'm worse; I have irrational fears of lake monsters. I loathe ocean swims for the same reasons you do. Things will cause me bodily harm.

Beer is all the motivation I need to get me to the finish line.

Good luck!!

Jon said...

You are going to do great!

I hate swimming in the ocean as well. I am sure people who grew up in the ocean hate swimming fresh water. At least in our lakes nothing can eat you! Other than leaches...

Keep us posted!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Ok, this is cruel, but I sort of want to show up to this race wearing this ( haha!

Good luck! You are going to do awesome!

Jennifer said...

I hope everything OK today! Look forward to the race report!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Funny enough I my irrational fear is fresh water leeches. I saw an episode of Little House On The Prairie (when I was like 12) where Laura was covered with them and it freaked me out. Go figure.

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