Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly Update and Sunday Failure

Friday night I went to the movies with mom.  The local movie theater only charges $6 for tickets and has super comfy seats and shows really recent movies.  I like to take mom because she gets the senior citizen discount and is a cheap date at $4.  

Anyway, we saw Salt.  I really love action movies, especially the ones with a chick as the lead character who is constantly kicking ass.  According to my friends I am programed kind of funny, because any slurpy romance bores me to tears, but I love to see the bullets and fists start flying.  So, anyway, I loved this movie - if you like action flicks and Angelina Jolie at all, you will too.  I think there is probably going to be a sequel. 

I was up at 4:30am on Saturday and got out the door for a 13 mile run on the Boise Road.  The Boise Road is a dirt road that I basically do all of my summer running on to avoid the traffic on Route 201, which I am stuck on most of the winter.  This run was awesome for me because it was the longest run I have done since the Sugarloaf Marathon and the injury frustrations.  Plus, it was a pain free run, I didn't know I could have those anymore.  I took it slow and will not work on speed again until this winter, but it really felt awesome.

I got back and got changed and headed to meet some friends to go down the river.  I have mentioned before that I am a whitewater raft guide and live near the world-class whitewater of the Kennebec River.  Anyway, I do not guide much any more, but I do go down the river with friends just because I love the river.  We had a super fun time and I was off the river by 3:30, just enough time to run home and get showered and changed for a 5pm wedding at the local bar.

These friends of ours eloped in Ireland this spring and wanted to have a party here where all of their friends could celebrate at our favorite bar.  It was awesome, and it took all of the will power in me not to tap into one of the 6 free kegs that were there.  But I was good and stuck to my promise to myself to not drink until Timberman.  I probably didn't need to eat half a chicken and 3 slices of pie (they had like every kind of pie you can imagine. I love pie.) but I did. 

All of this may be responsible for what happened this morning...Epic fail on the bike.

I have never had this happen before ever.  I was up early and was really looking forward to a good 58 mile ride to Jackman and back.  I kind of felt a little funny when I first got up, my stomach didn't feel right.  So I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to try to settle it.

I headed out the door and I immediately started feeling crappy - nauseous and really cold (it was 38 degrees, so I was probably really legitimately cold).

By mile 6 I just felt like crap and tossed my cookies...Hello PB&J, didn't think I would be seeing you again.  I thought to myself, well, good, that will make me feel better and I can get on with this ride. 

It didn't make me feel better. At all.

So I kept going, and I started getting shaky and more nauseous, and felt really weak.  Then my stomach started gurgling.  Oh man, what the heck is going on?  I pulled into Berry's Store at mile 8 and unclipped and made a bee-line for the porta-potties.

You know what is so not awesome about living in such a small town?  Everyone in town knows that I had the GI issues at 5:30am this morning.  I had messages on my machine at home. Two of them. 

I decided to turn around.  When I got home and went directly to bed for 2 hours. I feel a little bit better now, kind of tired and generally icky feeling.  I am still not 100% sure what the heck happened.

I do wish this had happened a month ago, instead of 2 weeks before my race.  But I also think that I have made my hay (so to speak) for this race and that one bad day isn't going to undo all the training I have been doing (unless I let it mentally). 

Tomorrow is another day, and it is way more productive to look forward rather than back. 

T-minus 14 days an counting!


misszippy said...

Poor you! Sounds like a virus or food poisoning, not a failure on your part. And besides, you had a great run, so focus on that.

It IS kind of funny what small-town living will do to ya!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Oh girly, so sorry you had such an icky morning and ride. Be good to your tummy for the next 2 weeks, then have all the pie and chicken you can eat after as your reward. Thx for the movie recommendation. I can't believe it was 38 there this morning...who knew? Obviously, I've never been to Maine but hell, it's summer, how is it that cold?

Kim Vicneire said...

Hope your feeling better. Good luck at Timberman. I enjoy keeping track of you on your weekly update. Hey Mandy it's Kim. Sorry about that.

Christi said...

I loved Salt!!! My husband and I saw it yesterday. I bet they do have a sequel or at least I hope they do!! I am like you I love girl action flicks!

I am sorry that you are not feeling well. I am sure you will heal soon enough for Timberman.

Bryan Payne said...

Two things
1. I didn't know you were a guide. Cool.
2. Should have had the beer.


Matty O said...

HAHA, love B's comment.

bummer on the tum issues :( . Sounds like food poisoning or something to that effect. Love the comment, "so I went to a wedding at the local bar" LOL, I almost dropped my ice cream bar when I read that!

Do your self a favor and keep it clean for the next 2 weeks. Good stuff going in means good stuff going out... not like your PB&J though. I mean through your race!

I will say that was a sad waste of a good PB&J though... poor fella.

Keep your head up, the way I look at it, get your bad workouts out of the way now so that you have nothing but good workouts left for Timberman! (a bunch of guys from my area are doing Timberman next year... you will have to let me know if you are doing a repeat?)

KovasP said...

Mr & Mrs Smith was the perfect blend of action and romance. Better sick today than on race day!

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't blame yourself or feel guilty about getting sick. Better two weeks out than the day before. Like you said, all that hay will still be in the barn come race day.

Unknown said...

ewwww .. hope you feel better MAndy -- that really sucks!

I almost spit the water out of my mouth when I read, " was only 38 degrees .." wow. At 5am this morning for my run it was 86 already!!

Barb said...

so sorry you felt sick today...better today than in two weeks!! Do not worry at ALL about missing today's bike, and don't try to make up for it. As you said, the hay is in the barn, all you can do over these next two weeks is OVERtrain.

Glad your run was so successful, that should give you some confidence for Tman.

I am in your lovely state this week, enjoying Acadia. We spent the day hiking up mountains away from the crowds, beautiful.

DRog said...

The stomach issues / being sick will sorry to minimize those misfortunes but ... ..NICE RUN!!! YES!!! So happy for you, thats a big deal! good sign of things to come. Like your plan take it easy til offseason...still ... great news!

Julie said...

Hi Mandy,
I know all to well about the stomach and GI issues....I totally feel for you! Funny about how everyone in town knew that you were having issues:) I grew up in a small town too!

I love the fact that you are a river rafting guide! We went rafting on one of our summer vacations and my kids had a blast! Rafting is so much fun!

I hope that you feel better...take care!

Jon said...

Major bummer! AND stupid small town-nosy people! haha!

Glad to hear that the run was pain free. 2 weeks! oh man!!!!

The Green Girl said...

Congratulations on your pain-free run. I can so relate.

I'm sorry that your Sunday was so crappy, though. I hope your stomach has settled.

Big Clyde said...

Yeah, this is a bummer, but as you wrote, I think the hay is in the just gently get back to good health and know that your training is really already done.

Velma said...


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I saw Salt as well, good movie

- I bet you had a tiny bug, dont let this ride ruin your mood, you are right, your not going to loss fitness because of on day. Shrug it off and work on the next workout.

n/a said...

Congrats on the great, pain free run! It totally sucks about the ride but feel better soon! You had me cracking up at the messages about your GI issues. Too funny!

Caratunk Girl said...

Thank you guys! I love and appreciate all of your comments, feeling better today!!

Alexa said...

porta-potties save lives (or something like that!). also, I freaking hate romance movies as well!

Aimee said...

First of all, woohoo for an awesome long, pain free run! Yay!
I wish my mom lived closer so we could see movies together too. I'm glad you liked Salt, I like action/adventure too so I may have to go see that.
Awww...I'm so sorry that you got sick during your ride. My guess is that it was something that you ate! I hope you're feeling better now!

Heather-O said...

Awesome job on your run! Hope you are feeling better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

just saw inception. Salt is next. And yes...the click IS ticking..get better soon....

Maggs said...

I can't wait to see that movie. Hope you are feeling better now.

Molly said...

just like you said, it's better to look forward than back!

Kudos to avoiding the beer, I'd have a hard time with that!

64 CLASSIC said...

Officially added your blog to my follow list today. Have been meaning to do that for a while!

Love whitewater rafting. Have only been once but it was a blast. We took a group of seniors on a 1 day trip down the Chatooga. This would be high school seniors, not elderly seniors by the way :) :)

It was a blast.

Too bad on the stomach issues. Hey, it happens. Hang in there!!

Regina said...

Wedding in a bar! Love that! And 38˚ freakin' degrees when you got up?????!!!!! Holy Crap, you are far north. I thought I hit the motherload with 62˚ at my folk's place this weekend.

As for your GI issue, yikes. Sorry that happened. If it is a short term thing, it wont mess with Timberman, you've banked your miles. Hope you are feeling better!

RunToTheFinish said...

maybe you can help me out, i haven't had any triathletes sign up to win this wonderful pendant!

Ironman By Thirty said...

OMG! 2 calls about GI issues!?!?! That is disturbing and hilarious at the same time. I hope you feel better soon!

Maria said...

Haha, two calls about GI issues...that's funny. Yay for cheap dates, Britney and I would go to Coldstone (ice cream shop) on two for one night...and I would get two and she would get none, but it was still a cheap date!
Salt looks good, I love action movies with women!! I might have to check it out.
P.S. on my trip down to TX, I was looking through the atlas and tried to find Caratunk on the map in Maine and it wasn't there!