Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekly Recap

Blueberry, raspberries, and blackberries are out in full force around here.  I have been picking them every chance I get, usually on a long run through the woods.  This turns my 9 minute miles into 12 minute miles (due to stuffing my face), but that is OK.

Black and Blue..berries!

62 bulbs of garlic harvested, from my own stock.  Very psyched.
In the garden I harvested garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers this week. This is my best garden in a long time and I have totally neglected it due to swimming, biking, and running.  Go figure. 

Today's Long Ride
This morning I was up bright and early and met my friend Mike for an 81 mile ride from Caratunk, ME to Greenville, ME.  I think I am supposed to be tapering or something, but it was really hard to pass this one up.  So I didn't. 

The ride was pretty hilly, so we were not moving at a fast clip, especially in the first 29 miles.   I used MapMy Ride to scout out the route and promised Mike that it wasn't that bad, that we had some climbing in the first 30 miles, but that the last 50 or so miles were basically flat or downhill.


This ride has a good warm up.
Mike made a few jokes about my idea of flat and downhill, because there were a few good short, steep climbs along the way, and a few longer climbs.  Basically it wasn't flat or downhill much, it was very rolling.  He wasn't complaining at all, just joking around and giving me crap like I would do to him.  

We had a great ride, it was nice to have someone with me on my long rides for a change.

Top of mile 29 - Attean Overlook
My grandmother (89 years old!) and my mom (I can't tell you her age, I am going to need a few more rides) both came to Greenville to pick me up (Mike's family came to get him). 

My grandmother told me that she wanted to give me a trophy because she said she was impressed with the bike ride.  She handed me a meat tenderizer (I call it a meat beater) that had a bow on it.  Apparently it has been around the family for a few generations.  She went on to tell me all the things she likes to beat with it.  I might start swimming with it to beat on jet skiers flying toward the girl in the bright green swim cap 5 feet off of shore.  Just a thought.

Anyway, it was pretty funny, and pretty cool that her and mom were there. 

Family heirloom - the meat beater

Thanks mom & grandma for being my shuttle, you guys are seriously awesome.  I couldn't train and do the stuff I love without your support!  Oh, and thanks for lunch too! 

July Training:
557 total miles
Swim - 13 miles point to point, about as many hours total swimming.
Bike - 491 miles
Run - 53 miles (easing into running post-injury, things are looking good now)

Training Week:
Swim - 3 hours in open water ~ 3 miles in point to point swims plus dock intervals
Bike - 151 miles
Run - 18 miles (a nice 10 mile long run in there though)
Total Hours: 12.5


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

NIce bike ride! Those hills are your friend and you will thank them next year at this time. All of your numbers look great and the best part is that your running is coming back. I'm sure that has got to feel awesome. Keep up the good work and I'm staying away from Caratunk, Maine if you are gonna be training with that meat beater in hand. I can see you chasing down some moose with that on your bike.

n/a said...

Great ride and awesome numbers for the month/week! I am totally jealous of all the berries for the taking. Yum! The only things I get to eat on my runs are moths thanks to my headlamp :)

AM! said...

okay...look at your freakin' grandmother. that is too sweet. love that photo.

and great job on your ~81 mile bike ride. I'm tired just typing that!!;-)

and that garlic? potential suitors should be afraid!

Aimee said...

Yay for Mike and having someone to do a long bike ride with!

That is too cute that your grandma gave you a meat tenderizer with a bow on it! :)

Holy garlic! What are you going to do with all of those bulbs?? We have a ton of tomatoes now and are waiting for our carrots and cucumbers to come in, but they're not ready yet!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Love the "meat beater"!! Your grandma is totally awesome!

Great job on the bike ride! You can tell Mike that rolling hills are always better than all flat because with all flat, you have to pedal the whole time. With some hills, you can at least rest on the downtime. Give me rolling hills over flats any day.

Patrick Mahoney said...

It's great to see you numbers creeping up, that's awesome! What would also be awesome is a smoothie with that fruit bounty...

Jon said...

Nice numbers! That ride looks HARD! You are going to be so ready for the bike @ Timberman.

I love the family heirloom. You guys do it "different" up yonda in Maine, ayuh!

Barb said...

That ride looks VERY hilly and tough, noice job! You will rock the Tman course if you made it through that first hill.

You grandmother is beautiful!!

We are heading to Maine this Friday. Staying on MDI near Acadia and I can't wait.

I have frozen or eaten over 30 pounds of blueberries. Have them in my oatmeal every morning.

Matty O said...

You will have a great time if you kill the bike! Keep the bike mileage up haha.

I love the "meat tenderizer" looks more like a MALLET to me hahaha!

Great workout, I can't think of anything except powering up hills to get you in good cycling shape, keep up the good training!

I will have to weed my sweet potato patch and put pics up this week. My garlic never grows, each clove turns into 4 mini cloves haha, I think it hates my soil :( This is my third year with another epic fail already!

The sweet potatos are going to yield like no tomorrow though :)

The Green Girl said...

Okay, I'm super jealous that you can stuff your face with beautiful berries as you run.

Maria said...

Um....your family is awesome! Holy cow, you grandma is 89 years old! Wow!
I think the first thing you need to beat is that jet skier for sure!
Congrats on the solid ride, even if you should be tapering!

Maria said...

P.S. Britney has a garden too with all that stuff you harvested...and then she tries to make me eat it. Ewww...when a garden can grow chocolate and ice cream, give me a call!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

"little hilly" geez you sounds like my Team Mates, go ahead, say it, its ok, you climbed a freaking mountain.

Caratunk Girl said...

KC - TOO funny about me riding around with a meat beater chasing moose.

Teresa - Ugh, I bet berries taste better than moths.

Ann Marie - Just trying to keep the vampires away!

Aimee - I store it mostly, replant some, give some away. I love growing garlic.

Kevin - I am with you 100%

Patrick - I ate them all just like that.

Jon - Hope you are right - I feel like I should train another year for Timberman. But I signed up for this other thing in July of next year... :)

Barb - have a blast in Maine! Bar Harbor/Acadia is awesome.

Matty O - I will send you garlic if you send me sweet potatoes! I can't grow them here.

Green Girl - yeah, it is pretty cool, slows ya down a little, but really, who cares?

Maria - Yeah, I am going to get that bastard. HA! A garden with chocolate! Sounds awesome.

BDD - Well, the first climb is called Durgin Hill (Mile 11), the second climb is Johnson Mountain (~ mile 20) and the 3rd is called Owl's Head Mountain (~mile 28). SO yeah!

DRog said...

GREAT bike ride !! and solid training overall...I'm so happy you have some running miles, good job easing into it - Things are looking good!
love the beater:)


Unknown said...

That is a solid month of training Mandy -- awesome job! You are so ready!

Molly said...

Great month!

That meat cleaver is hilarious! I took my kids blueberry picking this weekend, I should have thrown the farmer a couple extra bucks for all the ones they ate while picking!

Julie said...

Hi Mandy,
Oh, I love fresh berries! Mmmm! They are one of my favorite summer treats:)

Can we say holy bike miles!?! Awesome job on the long bike ride! I love the picture of you next to your bike with the pretty scenery!

Great picture of you and your grandmother too! It makes me miss mine:( I would of been so honored to have the meat beater passed down to are a lucky girl:)

adena said...

You are awesome! I can't even imagine an 80mile ride. I need to find someone to ride with but 50km is my next big goal. And holy garlic!!!

I love the older ladies, my great aunt is well over 90 and keeps me laughing all the time.

Bryan Payne said...

Epic ride. Congrats. I love the meat beater. hahaha. Just saying the word is all wrong but feels good. haha

What a great memory takeaway from the ride. Granny couldn't have given you a better trophy.

I laughed about the berries. I was thinking you probably go out for a run and come back gaining weight. haha

Again, Awesome Job.


Caratunk Girl said...

Derek - I know I need more running miles really, but I also want to do the HIM healthy, so this is it!

Jeff - THANKS! I hope so!

Molly - sounds like me - more end up in my belly than in the quart box.

Julie - thanks! Yeah, I am lucky she could be there!

She said I need a goal - Lots of garlic, right? And I didn't start out at 80 miles...I worked up to it!

Bryan - Thanks, coming from you (Mr. Kona qualifier!) that means a lot! Yeah, I am pretty sure I am gaining weight on these runs. ha! OH and I will bring the meat beater to IMLP for sure!

Christi said...

Congratulations on another great week of training!!! I love the meat beater!

Emz said...

You & your fabulous smile makes me happy!!
Look at those totals!! Amazing.
Btw, thank you. Thank you for your sweet comment today. Made my day.

RunToTheFinish said...

81 miles, my leg fell off just reading that! someday I'll be like you when i grow up

Glenn Jones said...

Okay okay. I know - I'm pretty far behind. But I had to just stop and tell you how jealous I am! You get to eat fresh berries on your runs! And real berries - not those fake ones like strawberries (which really aren't berries at all).

Remind me to stay away from you if I see the meat beater.....

Regina said...

AW!! I love this. I miss my grandma. Those berries look so yummy. I miss being able to go pick berries on a whim like when I grew up. How did I end up a city girl?

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