Monday, August 23, 2010

Timberman Race Report

70.3 miles ~ 6:50:58

First, thank you for stalking me!  I could feel you all checking on me! And thanks for the awesome comments the past few days.  I am behind on reading your blogs, but promise I will get to them in the next few days!

The Race

The Swim ~ 1.2 miles ~ 46:55

I love this shot.  I am not out there, I am impatiently waiting to start.
The hardest part of the swim was waiting to start.  I was OK for the first 10 waves, but waiting for the next 7 waves (and watching the wind pick up a little) was torture.  It was kind of overcast and cool, and much warmer to be in the water than out.  I hung out in the water with other "late wavers" and watched people start their race.

Finally, it was time.  I tried to line up on the outside so I could angle toward the turn buoy and miss most of the contact.  Most of the other 200 women in the wave had the same idea, so I ended up right in the middle of everything.  At that point, I didn't really care I just wanted to get started.

There was some chop on the swim out that seemed to get worse the further out you went.  It wasn't huge or anything, just enough to make sighting was a bit tough - when I looked up I couldn't see past the water and wave in front of me.  I started following bubbles, but ended up inside one of the guide buoys, which was kind of a bummer.  I decided I had to figure out a way to sight myself and eventually caught sight of a boat with a bright red light that I was pretty sure it was close to the turn buoy and I could see over the waves.  I went for that.

I got into a rhythm but kept running into people who were stopping to sight.  It was kind of a pain in the butt, going along and then WHAM! Someone stopped trying to figure out if they were on course.  The wind was blowing toward us on the way out, so I felt progress was annoyingly slow.  I got to the boat and had about 100 yards or so to the turn buoy, which I could see pretty well.

The rest of the swim is really uneventful.  The waves were coming over my left side after the first turn buoy, so I just took my breaths mostly on my right.  Sighting was much easier.  After the second turn buoy the wind was at my back.  I feel like I came in pretty quickly from there, sighting on a tent on the beach.

Coming out of the swim.

Running to transition
Getting Stripped
I liked this.  I hadn't been stripped before.  People around me were dropping to the ground and getting their wetsuits pulled off. I made eye contact with a guy and laid down, put my feet in the air and said "strip me baby!"

He did and I thanked him, told him he was great. 

Those last two sentences sound like they are straight out of a cheesy smut novel.

ANYWAY, he handed me my wetsuit and I ran toward my bike.

T1 ~ 2:23
I am happy with this, I think I was quick, I like riding sockless now and that saves some time. 

Bike out!
Bike ~ 56 miles ~ 3:30:20

Eh.  I don't know what happened here. I mean, I am fine with this time but thought I would be closer to 3:15.  Next time.

I took a gel as soon as I could on the bike, and drank often.  The first 15 or so miles of this course are hilly, and I planned on just recovering from the swim and hammering on the flats.  The course seemed really empty.  I wasn't passing people or getting passed, just had a few people ahead of me and behind me.  I knew my swim was around 45 minutes, but I didn't think I was last out of the water or anything.

I saw Andy and Chrissie heading in from their bike, they looked awesome, I hollered to them both.

Once I got to the hill at mile 10 I passed a few folks.  I got passed by a few folks too.  I have been working on hills all summer and apparently I need to keep it up. I am better than I was last year, but still am not very quick on the climb.  I have no trouble climbing, I am just not very quick. 

I ate a Lara bar at mile 15 and cruised on the false flat downhill.  I saw lots of people on the return and didn't feel so alone.  I passed some more people which felt good, and when I looked down at my computer I was always in the 20's as far as speed.  I was starting to see and pass some guys heading the same way as me, so I felt like I was making some progress.

I was really sick of the stupid sports drink I had and picked up a water at one of the exchanges about 35-40 miles in.  I felt great but wasn't going very fast - averaging about 16mph.  There was a bit of a headwind with the occasional crosswinds, plus it is a false flat uphill on the way back, but I still thought I should be pushing more speed.

I don't remember much more detail besides I took another gel, I passed some more people, and I hit 40mph twice on the descents.   I wasn't really ready to get off the bike yet, so I think my training there is solid, I just need to get stronger.

I slipped out of my shoes and pedaled into transition with my feet on top.  That was a first for me in a race, I was glad it worked.  I ran to transition feeling with my legs feeling pretty good.

T2 ~ 2:41
Yeah, I am OK with that.  I need to get speed laces.

Run ~ 13.1 miles ~ 2:28:39

The plan was to take it easy and get my running legs on.  I felt pretty good, I felt like running.  I walked the water stations so I could drink, and dumped water on my head at every station.  The turn around station was my favorite, they had pretzels.

I started talking to this random guy who was on his 2nd loop, and we ran together for about a mile or so.  Then I kind of had a problem.

I had to pee.  But I really didn't want to stop.

I thought of Anne Marie and her Vineman HIM race report.  OK I think, I can do this.

I couldn't pull the trigger.  Maybe I can hold it, I think.

Nope, I can't.

I grabbed a big water from a water station and dumped it on my head.  I looked around and realized no one is really paying any attention to me anyway, they are all dealing with their own crap.  So I let it fly.

It was awesome.  I couldn't stop after that.  I think I peed myself like 3-4 times on that run, laughing whenever I did, waving as people told me they liked my smile.  If they only knew.

Heading out for 2nd lap
I felt good as I headed into the second lap (they call it a loop, I say it is a lap), but I just couldn't get my legs to go any faster.  I didn't want to stop, I hated stopping at the water stations, but knew I needed to keep getting fuel and food in me.  I had 2 gels, 1/2 banana, 1/2 powerbar, and some pretzels on the run.  I drank water, I couldn't handle anymore sweet stuff.

The second lap was kind of lonely.  There were not a lot of people left out there. One of the downsides of a late swim start I guess.   I gain my energy at races from the people around me, making them feel better makes me feel good.  The plan to "turn it up" in the last 5k wasn't happening.  Peeing was happening though, so that is a success.  I was just chugging along at a steady pace.

I think this is mostly because I didn't start run training really until mid-July - the injury kept me from running  from before the Sugarloaf Marathon in May through mid-July when it really was back to normal.  So I think more running would have helped here. 

I neared the end of the 2nd loop, I heard my name.  I turned into the finish chute with a big smile running hard to the finish (where does that come from and where the hell is it at mile 9?).  I did the Blais roll through the finish and the guy announced it, which was really cool.
This one is for you Jon Blais.

Wahoo! Where is the beer?
I am happy with how I did in this race overall.  I know I have some things to work on, but I approached this race to have fun first (I did that) and to finish in under 7 hours (did that too).  I had a pie in the sky goal of 6:30, but whatever I am really happy with my race and now have something to build on.




skierz said...

Love the race report and the awesome smile at the post race beer showing how awesome you did! Congratulations on your first HIM, you did amazing! An inspiration to all of us!

Aimee said...

Yay! Congrats on finishing your 70.3!! You did awesome...I am so excited for you!!! I loved your race report!! The pictures were awesome...especially the one of you smiling during the run!

Lindsey said...

AWESOME race report!!! You're a freaking rockstar!!

Steven West said...

Great report. I especially like the part about 'pulling the trigger' You really are tough! LOL

Run Strong

Big Clyde said...

Loved the report, but now whenever you smile, I will think you are peeing (especially in that last shot with the Guiness).

Congrats, Girl.

Pahla said...

SO awesome!! Love all the pics, and the beer! :-)

Velma said...


Anonymous said...

great report! I'm glad you had a good race!

Unknown said...

Great race! I love your swim time, hope mine will be that fast.

Sounds like a very solid set of times to me, and congratulations on finishing your first HI !

You deserved the Guinness...yum :)

Quinton J said...


adena said...

You ROCK, that is AMAZING!! I love the peeing stories, sadly I can't even pee in the lake but I have 2 years to train for my 70.3.


Matty O said...

HAHA, LOVED, LOVED the race report. You are a riot girl! Everyone told me they liked my smile... little did they know you were peeing like there is NO tomorrow!!!!! NICE!

Alright, one beef here. WE HAD NO STRIPPERS AT OUR RACE! Well, the real ones or the wet suit strippers. What the hell? I thought they would be there but nothing. Of course I would have made some good comments like "hand check!"

Glad you had fun with it Mandy. That is seriously awesome and I am glad it went well for you with no bonking or injuries!

You are brave throwing down a guiness ( I mean loaf of bread ) after the race haha. You must have an iron stomach :)

Glad you are happy with your race! Great job again!

Unknown said...

Hysterical RR Mandy! Congrats on a great race and getting the first HIM under your belt! You just inspired me to take the next step and pee on myself in the next race!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Matty O - I'm with you. Where the hell were our strippers!??!

Great report and pictures! It really looks like you had a blast. I can't remember the last race report I read where they were smiling in every picture.

I'd never heard of Jon Blais. Thanks for sharing that. What an inspiring story.

Congrats again!

PS: I putting a post-race Guinness on my to-do list for my HIM this weekend.

Jeffrey said...
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Jeffrey said...

Awesome RR. Sometimes, the spectators have no idea what is going on...then, there is the triathlete that isn't racing that day, he/she knows and cheers you on anyway!

Krista said...

Great race report! Congrats on a great race - sounds like you really paced yourself well!

I'm imperssed you can pee while running... I'm not sure if I could that since I can't even seem to pee while swimming.

Christi said...

Congratulations on a great race! I too am impressed that you can pee when you run. I can barely pee in the water. Guess I need to work on that! ;)

Jon said...

Awesome race report Mandy! I am SO bummed that I didn't see you at all that day :(

Regardless! You are a super woman and you should be SO proud of your accomplishment!!! You have entered into a different realm of the triathlon world. The next time you do a sprint or olympic, you are going to finish and go, "That was it??!?!?!"

I love your descriptions on the run. Glad you could "go" while running. I still can't!

Looking forward to Lake Placid next year. You are going to be a different athlete in a year's time. Enjoy your rest!

Bryan Payne said...

Great race report. Just the way you said "strip me baby", I got a feeling you're going to be wearing a wetsuit on your next date. hahaha

I must say, in reading you're report, one thing stood out. You may not have Chrissies, swim, bike or run speed, but I doubt she can pee on the run better than you. I think there may be an educational video or book on "The Art of Peeing". I can see it now, the title would be. "On the run - The Art of Peeing".

Again, Great job on the race, you finished strong and look happy. Especially with that beer in your hand.

Congrats, you deserve it.


Lake_Moxie_Mom said...

Great race report Mandy!!! I loved reading it! You are so funny... love the peeing while running, HYSTERICAL!! You are definitely an inspiration!

Runners Fuel said...

Always smiling during this race. Good job!

KovasP said...

Like babies and gas, you always know why a triathlete is smiling! Congrats on the great race.

steph said...

You've always won the race when it comes to peeing while standing up! So proud of you!

Emz said...

You are my hero! I love the happy happy faces! You rock woman!!

DRog said...

YOU have a great SMILE:) Great did great! Regarding the can run! how great is that ...compared to where you were at 3 months ago...very happy for you!
way to go!!!

The Green Girl said...

I loved your race report! I felt like I was right there right you. I appreciated the details like how you had to breathe on the right because of the waves.

And I cannot tell you how hard you made me laugh about your 'free' peeing. You rock, girl!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Excellent race report and a big congrats! Those pics don't were having fun and I'm so impressed with the whole being able to pee thing. That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment...a very sought after skill that still alludes me.

Molly said...

you look so happy in all the photos, congrats on such a great race!

I did get a laugh at your "stripping"

: )

Maria said...

What a great report! My, my you were busy: racing, staring in a smut novel, watering the ground around you on the move, rolling over carpets...good grief!
Enjoy the beer, you earned it!

RockStarTri said...

Great race, great report. Once again, well done.

Anne-Marie said...

Congrats on a great race! It looks like you were having a blast out there and your report was really fun to read. Love your T1 comments! I hope I can figure out the run/bike and pee thing -- I always wimped out on my training runs/rides and found a real bathroom!

Andrew Opala said...

Friggin awesome! I heart was beating like on a tempo run reading this post! Friggin awesome!

Tika said...

Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations! YOU totally inspire me!
Really enjoyed reading your account of the experience...felt like I was there...
I love the 'strippers' too!
Look forward to your next big event!

Barb said...

Great race report! I loved the strippers at tman last year, but disappointed we didn't have them at Steelhead this year. they are awesome.

I always try to pee during T2 while changing shoes. Great job taking care of it while running :)

Congratulations on a great race!!

Regina said...

Great RR! I had to laugh at the peeing. I peed myself so much in my HIM under the same kind of weather conditions. Later my coach told me I probably didn't need that much fluid if I was peeing that much and it was cooler out, oh well.

You did great and I can tell by that amazing smile on your face you had fun!! I was in the last wave for Mooseman, so I know how lonely it got towards the end. I like the caption under the finish line photo "Where's the beer?" Exactly!!!

Well done kid!

Ange said...

Congrats mandy!!!! You did a GREAT job!!!!! Can't wait to start putting it all together for IMLP!

wendy said...

Awesome race report! That was one heck of a swim, you are amazing! Good job learning how to pee on the run (do it myself all the time, just don't blog about it...) : )

Black Knight said...

Brava, you are my hero! Great job and awesome report. I love the pictures! I hope that one day you can enter an italian race.

Glenn Jones said...

Woo hoo! Awesome race report. Your enthusiasm bleeds through. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Great job! You peeing on the run made me smile! :) I can just see your joy when you finally got it done!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You are such a ROCKSTAR!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!! Great report!!

Charisa said...

Love your smile on the run and your Blazeman roll! Such an awesome accomplishment - CONGRATS!!!!

Thanks for cheering at IMLP too :)

Patrick Mahoney said...

So awesome. I'm not sure if I prefer the peeing or the lay down bit at the finish. Maybe they are tied. Good work, when's the next one?

Unknown said...

congrats, that is awesome!! great race report, too :)

RunToTheFinish said...

strip me and i peed myself, not things I generally expect to read on a blog not about drinking :) way to go on just letting it all fly for a great day

Julie said...

Awesome job Mandy! What an must be so proud:) Great race report and pics!

Anonymous said...

Awesome race and report! Of course now I'll laugh out loud whenever I hear anyone talk about "pulling the trigger".

Unknown said...

You totally made this look easy! Loved reading your race report, it made me laugh ;)

Kevin Patrick Coyle said...

Hey. I finally got time to read your recap. Congratulations!!! That was hilarious about having to pee... But the clock doesn't care and neither should you! There's always room for improvement and its great that you are already eager to build upon it. Great going! I'll post my recap to soon enough.

Amy said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Great race report! The peeing part had me laughing out loud!

Sue Sitki said...

Congrats!! You smoked me!!

Loved Timberman. Would definitely do it again!!

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