Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pleasant Pond

I kind of love Pleasant Pond.  It is cool (high 60's right now, unseasonable warm!), clear, spring-fed pond that is only about 3 miles from my house.
My local pool, Pleasant Pond...home of the dock intervals.
I have been swimming here instead of Wyman Lake (my other local pool) because I do 99% of my open water swimming alone, and Pleasant Pond is much more safe because there are less motor boats and jet skis, and although it is a deep pond, it is pretty shallow for about 10 feet off of shore.

Plus, I can see the bottom and don't have to worry about lake monsters getting me.  This isn't a problem for me if I swim with someone, but the lake monsters are most likely to attack a lone swimmer.  That is what the voices in my head tell me.

All irrational fears aside, I love swimming in this pond, you get great practice sighting and it is crystal clear.

Not many people get to swim with loons on a daily basis, so I am pretty darn lucky.  Sometime when I have a waterproof camera I will get an awesome shot of a loon really close, but until then, I have another wildlife shot for ya:
Hello Hirudo medicinalis, latin for big F-ing leech.
Yeah, I see these guys once in a while (every time I swim I see one, always in about 2-3 ft of water).  The 12 year old boy in me surfaced when I saw this one, I started poking (provoking) at this guy with my foot to see what would happen.  I either am not the right blood type, eat too much garlic, or he was full, because this guy just wasn't interested.

So I came to the conclusion that if I just keep moving, they probably won't get on me. I haven't gotten one on me yet.  I really hope I don't, because for all of this tough smack talk I will completely freak out if I come out of the water with one of these hanging off of me.  Ugh.


adena said...

See now that is perfection, a great OWS pond 3km from home? My coach would have me run there, swim and then run back. Not a fan of the leeches though, ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Christi said...

I would love to have a pond near me but I don't want leeches! That scares the crap out of me!!

Jon said...

I prefer swims where I CANT see the bottom. If I can see too much, especially if I am alone, my mind wanders into "what if" mode and I wonder if that mythical Winnipesaukee lake monster is gonna get me! haha!

I always think of "Stand By Me" when I read about a leach. Holy crap 2.5 weeks away! Commence FREAKOUT!!!! haha!

Matty O said...

Yeah, I would freak like a 4yr old girl if I had one on me too. Totally icky.

Mega jealous of your pool. Especially jealous of your pool fees... $0 haha.

That is a huge leach! I think people are selling those now like they did back in the day for "medicinal purposes" ... easy money maker and you will be ridding your pond of leaches, in my book a Win-Win!

DRog said...

You would not like Leech Lake in Walker Minnesota....seriously!!

Tri-James said...

Big F-ing leech! wow!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Lake monsters, your the 3rd on this week that has blogged about that, now I am starting to wonder.

Ironman By Thirty said...

That is one heck of a nice looking "pond"! When I think of a pond, I think of duck poop and algae invested cesspool.

What I wouldn't give for a OWS location 3 miles away. Technically there is one, but it is more like Wyman Lake (lots of boats and jet skis even though jet skis aren't allowed).

n/a said...

I am so jealous! That "pond" looks like an amazing place to swim - no gators, no water mocassins, no sharks, no rip tides, no stingrays... you are a lucky girl! I'll take a leach any day over all the crap we have to deal with here in FL.

Rachelle said...

The most traumatizing swim I've ever had (and it wasn't even for exercise, just leisure) was when I was changing out of my swim suit after and there was a jelly fish in my suit. It was a baby, so its tentacles weren't long enough to sting yet, but I still nearly passed out.

AM! said...

That's a leech! ugh!!!

and yes, you ARE pretty dang lucky to live ~3 miles from your 'pool'. that's awesome

The Green Girl said...

What a beautiful place to swim. I would find comfort in being able to see the bottom as well.

After seeing it in action at a pool party, I really want a Canon PowerShot D10.

Emz said...

pleasant pond - what an awesome name.

Beautiful [minus the leech] ;)

Kat said...

Damn, that's awesome. The only OWS place around here (aside from the Gulf of Mexico) is the Rio Grande River (border between Texas and Mexico, if you didn't know)...swim there, you get shot at or arrested. I'll pass!

Ewwwww leeches!!! Get away, get away! I think they're worse than lake monsters!!

Unknown said...

Yuck leeches! You are right they don't like garlic, I do so they leave me alone.

Can we swop places for a day? You do a bike for me in my body and I'll do a swim for you? I missing swimming already, and your lake sounds fantastic...mine just has pike that bite! ;)

Regina said...

This made me laugh. I also have stupid, irrational fears about lake monsters. What is up with that? I certainly would freak out if I found a leech on me.

I am going to my childhood home this weekend and doing a lake swim..I am hoping not to encounter any 'aquatic wildlife'.

that pond looks like a lake, what's the difference?

Unknown said...

Lake Monsters ...hahaha that is awesome! i love those shows when the "researchers" go out and try and find Nellie and shit. They never find anything but I am still enthralled!

x said...

I go to haag lake here in oregon... I wish I had a place called pleasant pond :)

Alexa said...

GROSS LEECH! I have to psych myself up every time I OWS because I hate all living things in the water (i.e. fish, seaweed, the Loch Ness Monster, etc.).

Caratunk Girl said...

She said - I usually bike there, run a loop, then swim! So I like the way you think!

Christi - aww, they only take a little nibble..

Jon - the lake monster here will only eat you if you can't see bottom and are alone.

Matty O - yeah, I hear ya, the fees are pretty darn good.

Derek - we have a Leech Lake here in Maine too. Not swimming in it.

Tri-James - I know!

BDD - they are real.

Kevin - I know I am lucky. It is more of a lake, we just call it a pond.

Teresa - I will take leeches over water moccasins and gators any day!

Rachelle - Oh my god that sounds awful. Holy crap.

Ann Marie - I KNOW!

Green Girl - I want that camera too! PLEASE!


KJ - Yeah, I haven't been shot at yet. Really, where do you OWS train?

JM - heal well and quickly!

Regina - There is no inlet, so it is a pond I think. But it is spring fed, so it doesn't get yucky like a pond.

Jeff - I always watch MonsterQuest. They are going to catch the Lake Champlain monster someday, I am sure! ha

Midlife - Haag Lake sounds Scottish!

Alexa - ha, I get grossed out by the pool, swimming in everyone's chlorinated drool, you know??

Maria said...


Glenn Jones said...

This has my skin crawling! It must be nice though to have suck a crystal clear non-chlorinated pool to swim in.

Anonymous said...

I was at Pleasant Pond yesterday after traveling the Troutdale Road.So many hunters, many out of State plates, very rough driving as was the Radar Ridge Road. Ate a Subway on Fish Hatchery Road, no wildlife with Moxie drained.Still , foliage was great, barren trees coming soon, no deer as usual,logging in Troutdale Road. You must swim from the dam, my son does too when he's camping on a friend's land on Fish Hatchery Road.

Anonymous said...

i have been swimming there for fifty years and NEVER got one of those on me

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