Sunday, August 29, 2010

Patiently Waiting

Bailey stalking a squirrel

I really want to dive into training right now.  I know I need to take time to recover, so that is what I am doing, under much duress.  Bailey is getting lots of extra walks and I am eating like a pig.

I wasn't overly sore after Timberman, which I guess I should be happy about.  But I am not.  After every marathon I have done I was super stiff to the point of almost needing a walker a few days afterwords.  It is pretty pathetic, and usually everyone who sees me says, "What the heck did you do to yourself?" 

After Timberman, I was a little sore but not crippled, and the soreness was gone after 2 days.  I am a little disappointed - as sick as that sounds - I guess I didn't push hard enough in the race.  I know I didn't, I had so much left in the tank at the end it is ridiculous.

I was cautious, waiting for the bonk to happen or the bomb to drop or whatever.  Marathons are way harder than 70.3's.  That sounds weird maybe, but that is how I feel after doing 5 marathons and 1 HIM - give me the HIM anyday.  Or maybe I just trained properly (for a change) and stayed within myself (for a change).  I don't know. 

I feel fresh and ready and am chomping at the bit a little, which of course, gets me thinking about my next race...
I have lots of energy and drive for my last race of the season, Lobsterman - an Olympic distance race that is tons of fun, a kind of celebration really.  Seriously, if you do a race in Maine, do this one - it is really awesome.  The water is so cold it hurts a little, but it is gorgeous scenery, and there is free beer and a Lobster bake at the end (confession - I HATE lobster, so I skipped it last year - but people were making yummy sounds from the food tent, so I think it was good.  I was making yummy sounds with my beer.) 

I am going to give this race all I have and come out of it with a strong PR.   That is as far as my plan goes at this point.

I have another fun giveaway coming this week, this one short and sweet, so stay tuned! 

This week: Recovery Week
Swim: 3/4 mile
Bike: 16 miles
Run: 4.5 miles

Dog walking: 9 miles (Bailey wanted me to let you know he has been working out more than normal this week)

Thanks for reading and following! And as always, I look forward to and love your comments, so keep them coming!


Regina said...

I always love seeing that furry face! My Sunday is complete.

So I won't have to giveaway my first born to enter the next giveaway? ha!

Andrew Opala said...

you are awesome! Good luck in Maine.

(P.S. do you only do races that end in "man"?)

RW said...

Sounds like you nailed your training, but I get that feeling of "why am i not more sore today"...crazy for sure but understandable :-)

I have two newbie questions maybe you can answer:
1) I went for my first wetsuit swim yesterday and kept getting my zipper cord wrapped around my arm. is there any way of preventing that but still having it available when I need to get stripped at the end of the swim?
2) There are 2 water bottle exchanges in my upcoming HIM. how exactly does this work?

Caratunk Girl said...

Regina- Ha! Nope, no giving up your 1st born! Glad you like the Bailey pics!

Andrew - Aww, shucks, thanks! Seems like all the races around here end in man! ha ha

Rachel - I answered your questions on your blog! :)

Jon said...

Better that you went too easy during your first HIM that fuels your rage to go for #2. *Cough* Mooseman *cough*

....than going too hard and having a miserable day that deters you from doing another one. You did great, Mandy!

This time next you are going to be a different athlete!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You deserve a little rest and relaxtation after your race. Lobsterman is going to feel like a cake walk after doing an 70.3

Pahla said...

Well, I'm certainly glad to know Bailey has been getting in his workouts - he looks mighty happy about it, too! :-)

64 CLASSIC said...

Hey!! Still catching up on my reading. Great race report on Timberman. I read it earlier in the week but pretty quick skimming. Today, I took a little more time and wanted to catch up.

Again--congrats on a great event and report. I haven't done a TRI yet but your report really makes me itch. A SHORT one though!! NO HIM!!

Great job. Rest, recover, and get going on your next event!! CYA!

Unknown said...

Bailey looks great!

Take it easy for a little while and let your body absorb the training.

Maria said...

I totally understand not being super sore after the half...but I know I didn't push my self on the run (I walked about half of it)...or the bike. I'm sure I'll be twice as sore after the next one.

If you trade the beer for ice cream and the lobster for pizza I may come join you!

P.S. I think Bailey needs more face time on the blog...just sayin'

Rachelle said...

I totally agree on the marathon vs HIM thing. I felt more dead after the marathon than I did after the HIM. I would rather do 10 HIM's over one marathon, but then again, I trained a lot more for the HIM than the marathon...not that I would ever train 8 months for a marathon.

Aimee said...

Aww...the pic of you and Bailey is too cute! :)
The olympic tri sounds like a lot of fun! I actually love lobster, even though I don't really eat it anymore. But, I would be all over that food tent!

Anne-Marie said...

I had the same expectation to be crazy sore after my first HIM and was surprised when it was nothing compared to post-marathon soreness. I was surprised that I didn't have to go down the stairs backwards (or on my butt) because it hurt my quads too much to walk down them normally, and I wasn't wincing in pain when lowering myself into/getting up from a sitting position. I don't think the lack of soreness is too proportional to exertion, though... I think running a marathon is just much harder on your body. Might be an interesting question for an exercise physiologist though.

Definitely take your time recovering -- I'm sure your doggie is loving the extra walks!

Matty O said...

I hurt 100 times more from a marathon than a 70.3. I can't walk for like 2 days haha... so I think its something with the multi sport that is a little more tolerable?

Christi said...

First, that is a great pic of you and Bailey!

Second, do take the time off and enjoy the down time. I am sure you will kick off training hard again soon!

Third, I can't wait to hear about Lobsterman. That sounds like a very fun race!

Bryan Payne said...

M, as strange as this sounds, you feel worse after a Marathon than an Ironman. I don't know if it's the three sports versus one full out or what. But trust me, it's true. I'll even feel worse after a half marathon than a half Ironman at an all out pace. It's weird, but true, just one of life's mysteries. The fact that in only a couple days you feel good, means that you've trained well. Keep up the good work and good luck at Lobsterman. I like you're idea of going hard, I can hardly wait.


Runners Fuel said...

Cute doggy!!

DRog said...

Great pics! Bailey the stalker! I also felt decent after my HIM? probably b/c I was eating so much! haha. great recovery GL at Lobsterman looking forward to your effort for PR!

Ange said...

My comment was erased!?
Ok..what I was saying is that Yes, Lobsterman is a Fun end of the year celebration!!
And, we tend to be a little less sore this time of year (end of the season) because fitness is so high! But, marathons definately do shred the muscles!

The Green Girl said...

Maybe you did push yourself but you are just in better shape and recovering better?

Black Knight said...

Did Bailey catch the squirrel?

Ironman By Thirty said...

I agree. Marathons are a lot harder on the body than a 70.3. I could barely walk after my last marathon, but I have yet to be sore after a HIM yet. It pisses me off. I want to be sore. I want to feel like I destroyed my body and left nothing on the course. Maybe, like you said, I am just better trained for the HIM.

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