Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Few Random Things on Sunday...

I went for a really cold 50 mile ride early this morning to celebrate that Timberman is only a week way. 

All that nice foggy stuff on the river means the water is getting colder. 
It was pretty, but really cold. I didn't check the temp, but I couldn't feel my hands for the first hour (because I forgot my gloves).  As I was nearing the crest of the turnaround, the sun came out and it was a pretty warm ride back.
Thank you sun.  I needed that.
Anyway, that ride is my last longish ride until race day.  I felt good and my recent tune has my bike changing gears happily.

Speaking of the bike shop...
I seriously always have issues whenever I step into any bike shop.  I must have something tattooed on my forehead that I am not aware of.  I brought my bike in, and the A-hole said (and I quote)

"You have got to get rid of that thing and get a real bike."

That thing?  Rico is not a thing, he is my bike, and he is very real.  And he has feelings.  He is still sulking and he has a very important race to take me on in a week.

I told the guy that I really was looking for sponsors and if he would like to sponsor me with a new bike I would happily ride it in Ironman Lake Placid next year.  I then asked where the next closest bike shop was.

He chuckled and said he was "just kidding" and said that the next closest bike shop was an hour and a half away (I had already driven that far to get to this one).

OH! You were joking!!  So sorry. I get it!! You called my bike a piece of crap. Ha fing ha. Stop crapping on Rico, he is my main man right now and we have had a lot of happy miles together.  Hrmph. I KNOW my bike isn't top of the line but it is what I have and can afford.

And really, he rolls pretty good - plus his motor is in much better shape than last year. 

Reason # 7893 that I need to learn to do EVERYTHING on my bike: so I don't have to deal with these schmucks.

About the race...
I am excited about it.  Thinking about my goals for the race is pretty fun, and this is what I am thinking.
  • Swim ~ 0:45 - I am not very speedy, but I am very stubborn.  Maybe I will even surprise myself.
  • Bike ~ 3:30 - I really hope to be closer to 3:15, it all depends on how I feel after the swim.  My primary goal here is fuel properly and to not blow up on the bike.
  • Run ~ 2:20 - Here is the thing, I am most comfortable with the run.  My run fitness isn't where it should be 100% because of the injury I dealt with most of the spring and early summer.  I really have only been following the run part of my training plan for about a month.  I know I can suffer on the run and keep pushing forward, so my attitude with it is a bit...well, let's see what happens.
More on this later as we get closer.  You are going to get sick of hearing about it probably.

Random Bailey Picture
I just liked this picture of him from work this week.  He was inspecting the road building we have going on at work (and begging for stale donuts).  He is 100% back to himself, which is awesome.
Happy dirty dog
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This Week Training:

Swim - 2.6 miles
Bike - 102 miles
Run - 17 miles

10.5 hrs



Really cold around here these days is 90F (heat index). 109F today. What's really cold up there?? and do you have room for a visitor?

RockStarTri said...

he has feelings...

How is Rico going to feel when you rock T-Man? You are so ready.

Unknown said...

LOL @ Bob. Our Heat Index was 115 again today. It has been that way for the last few weeks. Breathing outdoors is difficult.

I like your response to the LBS guy. LBS employees have to be, as a group, some of the worst salespeople in the world.

Great numbers this week!

Jon said...

That IS one happy DIRTY dog! hahaha! Any picture of Bailey cheers me up! Is he coming to the race?!?!?

Nice job on your last long ride. Riding in the cold? What is this "cold" word you speak of? BRING IT WITH YOU! Seriously! Heat is something we don't want on race day.

7 days daaaaaaayyyyyysss!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!


DRog said...

Great ride! and solid that Bailey is 100% AND that you are have good things goin on!

F that guy is right, I like your thought process figure things out, buy online, do it yourself. I watched a few youtube's today on bike maintenence. Looking forward to your race next weekend!

Big Clyde said...

More often than not, the only guys I talk to at the LBS are the techs. The rest of the front-store guys tend to be just selling stuff, or clueless about customer service. At least that's my experience in North Tucson.

Aimee said...

That bike guy would have totally irritated me too!

Enjoy your taper week! You are going to do so awesome in your race!

I love the picture of Bailey, and I'm glad he is 100% back to normal! :)

Ironman By Thirty said...

Wow... what a d**k. There are a couple of LBS's around here and I avoid all but one of them because they only seem to employ pompous a-holes.

Give Rico a nice pat on the saddle and some extra chain lube for me :) Hopefully his feelings aren't too badly hurt.

Good luck with your taper!

skierz said...

Bring on the race training details, every last bit of it! I love it! And I agree with the bike shop! I would have walked out!
Love the picture of Bailey, her looks like a no messing around supervisor!
Are you going to Madison to watch IM? If so we need to connect, would be awesome to put a real face to the name!
Have an awesome night!

The Green Girl said...

How dare he try to diss Rico like that - I'm glad you put him in his place.

Good luck with your taper this week!

misszippy said...

Good for you for standing by Rico! What does that guy know?

Can't wait to hear how Timberman goes for you--you sounds ready to roll.

GetBackJoJo said...

Oh, Bailey is a cutie! Is he a Bernese Mountain Dog? Glad he is doing well.
You are going to have a great race at Timberman. It is a tough course, but you have been training in Maine! You are ready!

adena said...

That road looks awesome, I want to cycle there! Bailey is adorable as ever.. if you can call a dog that size 'adorable'.

Matty O said...

" Ha fing HA " LOVED IT!

1 week already?! SHEESH! Nice ridin the week before, stay strong and keep your head up girl!

Sooooo Holy Dirty Bailey! Haha, that is one dirty supervisor! Glad he is back to normal! The world would be overrun with stale donuts if anything happened to him!!!

Are you pumped yet or what?! Less than a week until we can stalk you :)

Bryan Payne said...

M, it must be something in the universe that attracts arogant A-holes to own or work in bike shops. It must be that "cyclist snobery". I see it on the road all the time. Don't they realize, "it's not about the bike, it's about the legs". I'm actually debating doing a half this year on my 23 year old Centurion and I'm sure I'll do just fine. I think it would be cool to pass all these carbon fiber bikes on an old aluminum tubing bike.

Christi said...

If someone joked about Sadie, my helpful steed, I would be pissed! I am sorry that you don't have better bike stores closer to you!

Have a great week of training! FYI, I am glad that Bailey is better!

KovasP said...

So glad Bailey is back! And LBSs always wonder why people would rather shop online. Sheesh.

AM! said...

Nice bloggy makeover;-)

And I'm excited for you and your HIM this wknd. Like seeing what you're hoping for times on each split. You will do fabu!!!

Anne-Marie said...

I'm so jealous of your cold ride! I rode on Saturday and it was in the mid-90's, I was sweating like crazy.

I remember being insulted when someone made a comment about my first bike, a Trek 1500, being "not bad for an entry level athlete". Great reply to ask where the nearest bike shop was!

Your doggie is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Timberman- my *hopeful* 2011 Half-ironman. Many of my friends have done and will be doing this race! Have fun and good luck!

Kristel Hayes said...

You were much nicer to bike shop guy than I would have been. Flop Bailey's ears for me & know that I'm counting down every second to Timberman with you from here in P-Town...XOXO

Ron said...

your totally ready. Dont let them hate on rico. Thanks for the consistent comments on my page its very nice of you. NOW YOU ROCK TIMERMAN will ya?

Glenn Jones said...

Cool mornings. Hmm. Does that mean that seasons are starting to change? I'm hoping you give us lots and lots of pictures of autumn colors for those of us who live in the concrete jungles.

Great ride! Best of luck (not that you need it) this weekend at Timberman.

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