Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Long Ride

Somewhere on Route 201 riding towards Jackman

Generally Sunday mornings are really quiet around here, which is why riding early on Sundays are the best.  So I didn't expect to see many cars or people this morning. As usual, I didn't see a single car the 8 miles between the little hamlet of Caratunk and businesses of The Forks/West Forks. 

Then it got a little busy, which is really weird on a Sunday morning in these parts.  The businesses and cabins of The Forks/West Forks were bustling with activity. Now, this is bustling by my standards, not most people's (remember, population 60 in my town).  There had to be like 30 or more people hanging around in different places around town still awake and partying, celebrating July 4th, or from the 3rd to the 4th. It was hilarious.

The best part was that when I went by, some of them cheered for me, which was really cool.  The cheers were generally something like this:

"Wahoooo biiiikreeer giiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll bahhhhhhhh wah duggaa dddoo yeeeeeaaah!"

I think this loosely translates to:

"Wow, that girl on the bike is really cranking."

At least that is how I interpreted it.

I moved on past the happy cheering people and began my climb to Jackman.  It was pretty uneventful except for the forceful, unrelenting bike-shifting headwind, which is really nice when you are grinding your way up hill after hill for 29 miles. I figure wind and hills build character, but I was happy to get to my turn around, and more importantly, I was really happy to get to my peanut butter and apple pie jam sandwich.

I brought my camera so ofcourse, I didn't see any wildlife.  Except the folks back in town still partying, but I didn't think to stop to take their pictures.  In hindsight, I really wish I did, because it was something to see. 

Total ride: 58 miles.

My turn-around point and the place where I can finally eat, Attean Overlook

Speaking of eating, I have been eating more than most growing boys lately, but have dropped 5 pounds.  Figure that one out.  Granted, I have cut out the pizza (sniff) and have been eating more green things - so that probably helps too.  But I am happy about that, 5 more to go.

June Numbers
I can't believe July is here already.  Here is a review of my numbers for June:

Swim - 3.5 miles, all open water
Bike - 405 miles
Run - 18 miles

I know, my swim numbers are not that impressive.  Basically, I swim to a certain point on a lake and come back, which is cool, but things are never as far away as they look from shore.  My big plan to change this is to swim 4 times a week for at least 3/4 mile, one of those swims being longer (~ 1.2 mile).

On the upside, I am thrilled with my bike numbers. This is the most I have ridden, ever.  The more you ride, the better you ride, and I plan on continuing so I am as strong as possible coming off of the bike in Timberman.  Plus, I am trying to make up for some shoddy run numbers here.

My run numbers suck.  Most of these miles are in races, not running for training.  The injury is getting better, but it has reared its ugly head a few times in recent training runs, so I am easing into it to avoid the injury returning.  I am going to keep easing into the miles and try to up this number for July if my leg cooperates.

This Week's Numbers
Swim - 2 miles
Bike - 149 miles
Run - 10 miles


Aimee said...

Woohoo for a good, long bike ride. I had a bike/run brick this morning and it was great! Wow..that view from your turn around point is absolutely beautiful! O-kay, I have to ask, what is a PB and apple pie jam sandwich? Is it actual apple pie flavored jam?? Do tell!

I think your translation of what the partiers were saying is spot on! :)

I hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

Patrick Mahoney said...

killer ride, I am jealous of your bike volume. I had a guy with a bullhorn yell something out at me a few days ago when he was driving by in the passenger seat of a (believe it or not) huge truck with dirt bikes in the back. He was waiting for my reaction. I just stared at him. He then gave me the finger and I just gave him a big dumb toothy smile. But know this if they pulled over it would have been go time :)

RockStarTri said...

If those people are still there tomorrow (or the next day...), it'll make you stop wondering how Steven King comes up with all that stuff and why most if it takes place in Maine.

Great long ride. Might want to think about intervals on your swims (hard for a few mins, easy for a few mins,etc).

Christi said...

I love the pics your provided! Sounds like a great ride. Your numbers look good to me. Good luck with July!

DRog said...

Nice ride! and still great pics even w/o the party /rally /cheering section. Great bike month! You have been running more than just that DU race and if so it feels okay?!!

skierz said...

Awesome ride and the party along the way sounded good as well! Peanut butter and apple pie jam? sounds amazing....I am going to look for apple pie jam, or is that a Catarunk thing? good training, let the injury rebuild, don't pus it before it is fixed.

Maria said... pie jam sounds great, especially on a bike ride!
You should have taken pictures of the 'wild life' especially since you heard their rare mating call!

Glenn Jones said...

Hilarious about your cheering section! Ah the power of adult beverages.

I wouldn't worry about running volume. You're hitting it hard and consistent on your bike, so you are maintaining your cardio conditioning. Once your injury fully heals you'll be back to snuff in no time.

Congrats on the weight loss!

Jon said...

Awesome ride! You put up some nice bike volume last month. You are going to have no issues @ Timberman on the bike.

I love that last picture you posted. It looks like a painting due to the multiple layers of flat mountains in the background.

Regina said...

Funny about the revelers. Being the practical mom that I am, I hope they weren't drinking and driving! (I think I know the answer to that!).

Your bike number is outstanding! Also congrats on the 5 lbs. I also lost weight so I understand this joyous feeling.

Anonymous said...

Awesome bike #s!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Whew! Those are some sweet miles on the bike for the month of june! Good job. Makes sense to put the most time there since we spend the majority of the time in a race on the bike.
I want my own cheering section next time i'm biking.
By the way, I could live on peanut butter and any kind of real fruit spread sandwiches.

Julie said...

Nice job on your 58 mile bike ride! God, that seems so far to me! Awesome job on the month of June too!

AM! said...

i wanna see pics of the party animals!;-)

nice freakin' bike ride. that's a distance my friend.

Black Knight said...

Great job on biking! I like the translation however remember them that YOU ARE LADY CARATUNK GIRL and they must not bother you!


Love the scenery.. It is drab and dreary down here. Can we trade??? At least in the summer???

Matty O said...

Damn, biking is apparently your thang girl!

Love the cheering section, if only you had those sparkly pink panties to toss to them... now THAT would have been priceless!

Great picture at the turn around point. Would love to bike in the mountains one day to take it all in. America is beautiful and there are so many places that I want to experience... Some day haha.

Keep up the good work!

Big Clyde said...

Sounds like a tiring, but fun ride. It is nice when you are the only one out there at times, but I really prefer seeing more cyclists on the road.

I think your numbers are impressive. Maybe you could increase your swim miles while the weather cooperates in July.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

58 miles is some serious riding!! Nice work. And look at those NICE WIDE shoulders you have to ride on, I dont have those here. My ride on Monday had shouters, though not nice people like you do.

Interested in swimming 1.2 miles at an WTC even somewhere in the northeast? I have a blogger friend who wants to do a relay at a HIM. Thats all the info I have right now, looking for a swimmer

Caratunk Girl said...

Busy weekend, I am behind on responding to comments - sorry!

Aimee - It is actual apple pie jam - and it is awesome - I am working on a give-away!

Patrick - Totally would have been go time, I know you would have been on it!

Rock - I like the idea of intervals on swims! Maybe dock to dock or something....It would have to be Fartlek-like in the lake...

Derek - Thanks - running some, it is good and bad. Trying for more miles this week.

skierz - The jam is awesome. Giveaway coming soon. Trying to ease into running, but I do need to up my swimming significantly.

Maria - HA! The jam rocks.

Regina - Thanks! I think they were still drinking because their keys were all taken away. I hope.

Alex, Julie, Ann Marie - thanks!

KC - thanks - yeah, me too on the PB + any fruit spread thing. I need to up my numbers on the swim and go for some longer run miles this week.

Sir Black Knight - yes, you are right! They knew better than to mess with Lady Caratunk Girl or else face the wrath of the Black Knight Army!

Bob - The heat kills me, so you can come up here anytime, but I can only go there in the winter - deal? :)

Matty O - I need to run though! HA, the panties!! I should have grabbed the panties - but I didn't want to touch them...

Clyde - that is my plan - up the swim miles now that it is 5000 degrees. Holy heck it is hot. Around here, I am the only one so I just have to go it alone.

BDD - Thanks! YEAH I know, I like riding up here better than anywhere else, and people think I am nutso for riding here because of the trucks. BUT I am not even in their lane!
RE - swim. Maybe - depends on the date! And if you plan on winning - because I promise, I will not be the fastest fish out there.

Unknown said...

Nice cheering section ;)

That pretty much sounds like my plan, bike emphasis, survive the run and swim...

I used Google Earth to show me the lake so I could plot a set distance. Don't know if it will help you out too.

I'd have inhaled the sandwich way before that point :) Mine normally being corned beef and mango chutney.

Congrats on the weight loss!

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