Monday, July 12, 2010

Running Naked

I had my first awesome run today since my injury.  I didn't feel that my stride was hampered at all for a change, and I was able to relax into the run and just go. I had five miles of running with no pain (and no Advil), and I have no idea how long it took me.

That is right, I run naked.

I don't wear a watch, heart rate monitor, Garmin GPS, or iPod. And yes, I know exactly what I am missing, except that honestly I just don't miss it at all.

Now before I go too far on this, I do sometimes wear a watch.  Once in a while I even remember to reset the chrono to zero before I run and get an idea of my pace.  If I am lucky, I even remember to stop it when I am done.  One time I forgot to stop it until my run the next day. 

I really do 100% understand the benefits of a heart rate monitor, you don't have to sell me on it.  I am sold - I even bought one.  It is collecting dust in my closet as we speak.  I just would always step out the door and be halfway down the street before I remembered to put the thing on.

You rarely see a runner these days without ear buds.  I am the exception to that rule.  I have an iPod that I even figured out how to put music onto.  I ran with it some this winter, when I could remember to bring it.  I found I kept turning it off because it was interrupting my thoughts (I like those voices in my head I guess.  All of them).  After a while I quit taking it along and it is now collecting dust next to the heart rate monitor.

So basically I have about $300 or so worth of equipment sitting in my closet going unused.  I was pretty sure I had to have that stuff too. 

It is completely different for me on the bike - I want all the details.  I want that computer with a GPS, I want to know how far I have gone and how long it has taken me, what my cadence is, even my power output would be cool to know. 

I love the simplicity of running - just tying up my shoes and stepping out the door is liberating.  I don't need a helmet, goggles, bike shoes, wetsuit...Just me and my sneakers.  I have talked about this before, my need to just get out the door when it is time to run, skipping the gadgets that enhance your performance and improve your experience.  I guess I haven't come into the 21st century yet.

And don't forget!
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Molly said...

I run with my ipod, and now with a Garmin....and sometimes I leave them at home. I appreciate naked runs myself, and am shocked that on my last few long runs (14+ miles) I've done it sans ipod!

Jon said...

I never run with music. I never look @ my watch while running, only when racing. I am thinking about ditching the power meter on the bike because you can get REALLY far with just knowing how hard you can or cannot go.

Can't wait for the giveaway results!

skierz said...

I find the naked runs totally refreshing! nothing to focus on, just au naturelle the way that the man upstairs imagined it would be like when he gave us feet to run with! U also cant do the music, I can't focus on the awesome nothingness that running gives when I am listening to something. great to hear that you are running painless! start slow so that you can build up injury free! way to go!

Kat said...

Well, THIS post certainly wasn't what I expected! LOL!! your post serious thought because I AM a gadget junkie. Sometimes I wonder if that doesn't hurt me more than help me. Maybe it's really NOT good that I beat the bloody pulp out of my HRM when it goes from 148 to 207 without reason, hmmm?? :-)

Anxiously awaiting giveaway results! I need to do some of those on my blog, too! Fun!


I like the other mental picture better... You running through the woods of the northern lands in the buff. Just you and the moose.

DRog said...

Totally miss just lacing up and "getting out there" its been like 2 months now!

The Green Girl said...

Those 'naked' runs can be so liberating! I don't do it all the time, but there's something deliciously free about it when I do!

Michelle said...

I envy people that love to go sans tech. Rarely do I feel compelled to do so. And it's usually only after I'm totally fried from a race. It's so good to be free and cut loose from the data. Go girl!

Matty O said...

First off... I have gone for a run in just my sneakers. It was college, I was wasted, the girls liked my ass ;) HAHA!

Second. I have been a loyal music runner my entire life. Until this year?! After I ran the marathon in a group I kept turning my tunes off. We were talking and chatting the whole race and I LOVED IT! It was so much more relaxing than hearing my hardcore pumping music that makes me want to sprint to the whole time!

I will say though... When I have a hard workout, I am going to bring the tunes back. Anything short of tempo runs I will do without the tunes because this is my meditation. It clears my mind, relaxes me, and allows me to balance myself.

Running watch... ALWAYS HAVE IT! Why you ask? Solely for the purpose of getting credit for my miles. I am a numbers junkie (engineer) and I NEED to know how far I ran, what pace, and total miles for the week. College did that to me.

Congrats on getting this run out of the way. I hope the rest come this easy for you and no more injuries!

Lucas R. Tucker said...

I saw the title and was wondering where this was going. Last week i was putting together my race schedule for the fall and started to sign up for a 5k on the beach until I noticed it was sponsored by a nudist club and at the bottom of the details it said clothing optional.

Christi said...

Running for the shear joy is the best feeling in the world! I am so happy that you were able to do that again without pain!

Caratunk Girl said...

Molly - I think whatever works is what you should do for sure! :)

Jon - I don't have a PM, but want one...

skierz - Glad to know I am not the only music avoider on the run! :) Fingers crossed for my leg!

Kat - I was hoping to keep people guessing!

Bob - Too many horse flies for that! :)

Derek - hang in there speedy - your injury will heal!

Rural girl - thanks!

Matty O - I KNEW you would have a story! Like I said, whatever works is what you should do! I should use HR monitor though really. I should.

Luke - HA! WOW a naked 5k???

Christi - That is so right on. Thanks.

Maria said...

Not gonna lie...I thought you literally ran in the middle of nowhere in Maine and all...

I don't run with music although I used to, same with you...too many voices. I do run with a watch and GPS but no HR monitor as of now.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice run, glad to hear it went well. Going out naked is sometimes the best, its just you, enjoying it, if you feel great, you dont have data that makes you second guess your great feeling.

Unknown said...

There is definitely something to be said about just going out and running... without all the technology! :)

Emz said...

awesome post.

So true. LESS can certainly be more sometimes. ;)

Unknown said...

running naked is more fun, who needs the gadgets when you have the scenery and your own thoughts to keep you amused.

All those items gathering dust...sounds eeriely familiar, especially the ipod ;)

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