Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Help From a Friend

I started out this week seriously lacking in the ole' motivation department.  I just had the blahs.  You know, the hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off for your work-out and then end up barely getting up in time to go to work.

That was Monday for me.  I managed a swim just under one mile in the pond that afternoon though, so I figured it was all good.  I called it a recovery day.  Basically any day I kind of screw off and don't really work out much is a recovery day. (Not to say swimming a mile is nothing, but I did not hit it hard in any sense of the word.  I think I even floated on my back a few times, making animal shapes out of the clouds. La De Da.)

I know we need recovery days, but I am a little scared of them.  One can easily lead to another, which leads to just one more, and all of a sudden August is a big recovery day.   It is a little too easy around here where folks seem to be in constant recovery day mode - on vacation, floating down the river, or hanging out at one of the local bars. 

So honestly, driving back to the house my mind was really on Monday night's Burger and a Beer night at the Marshall, not waking up at 4:30 am the next day, riding 30 miles, and losing 5 more pounds. 

Mmmmm burger...mmmmm beer...mmmm fries...mmmmm....snooze button...

I came back home from that swim to have a message on my machine from my friend Mike. 

"What is the plan tomorrow? Bike? Run? Swim?  I'll go with you."

Thank you motivation gods, I needed that. 

Mike is a triathlete and lives in Caratunk sometimes, it is always awesome when he is around because then I get someone to train with. 

I called him back.

"30 miles, leaving at 5am?"

"I'll be there."

The best part of this?  He shows up, rides hard, and pushes me to ride harder.

We have had a great week of training so far, this morning was a 2 mile swim from his house to the Caratunk Boat Launch.  That pretty much kicked my butt, but was a great workout and I feel much better about the 1.2 mile swim for Timberman in 1 MONTH FROM TODAY! Holy crap.

Other (very important!) stuff:
  • Best of luck to all who are racing this weekend!  
  • If you are doing Ironman Lake Placid (IMLP), I will (maybe?) see you there.  I am the short one with the goofy smile and the loud laugh.  I will be shouting out a few names and looking for a few faces that I know are going to be rocking out.  I am very psyched about volunteering there this weekend and meeting some fellow bloggers...and MAYBE sign up for IMLP 2011.  I am kind of freaked out about that possibility.  Jon has no choice, I am going to make him sign up!  :)
  • I will post some pictures and fun stuff that happened at IMLP on Monday.
  • Bailey tested negative for the neuro muscular disease they thought he had.  So that is good and bad.  Good, he doesn't have a disease, bad, we still don't know what is up.  He is on the steroids for now and eating and walking OK.  Just mopey.  I am getting a second opinion next week.


KovasP said...

Hope the meds do the trick for Bailey! Great the motivation gods sent you a training partner, sounds like it was just what you needed.

Matty O said...

So did you get those eggs for B. Payne yet?! Even though you are short you probably have one hell of an arm on you!!! The other motivation to make him go faster was to drive in front of him with an ice cold beer. He may actually beat the kenyans on the run!

Glad Bailey doesn't have anything wrong with his head (or whatever that means). Hopefully he was just in a funk?!

Have fun this weekend!

Good job nailing the workouts with little motivation. We all get those weeks and I agree, rest days are very dangerous fellas. Treat them kindly and respect them highly or they will turn into rest months :)

Jon said...

MAYBE sign up?!?!?!? regardless, you are still dragging me kicking and screaming to the signup line. ;)

Hope the 2nd opinion finds something about Bailey!

Aimee said...

Good motivation always seems to come right when you need it! Hooray for your friend Mike! It must be fun to have a training partner this week!

Have fun volunteering at IMLP! Let us know if you sign up for it exciting!

I'm so glad Bailey's test came back negative. I really hope you're able to figure out what's wrong with him. Poor guy!

misszippy said...

Glad you had a pal to get you out in the water and on the bike. So great. Hmmm...I have a feeling that Monday's post might just have some sort of "I signed up" tune to it!

skierz said...

awesome that the training gods and your buddy were there to answer! I think that is a sign, a sign that you should be signing up for IMLP! if not now when? if not you , who? get on it, you can only do IMP 2011 in 2011, its your year!! :)
Hope Bailey is on his way to good health!

Regina said...

I have been battling the snooze button all week. So unmotivated this week as well. Especially because I only have any big races until October. I need someone to meet for motivation too!

Good news for Baily. Hopefully it's just a bad attitude since he has to wear a fur coat in the summertime; he's feeling resentful.

Christi said...

Have fun at IM LP!! The motivation gods took care of you this week. That is great!

Unknown said...

yeah for Bailey! Maybe he just got bit by a spider or something?

My Bailey came into the house two weeks ago and was limping bad? She wouldn't even let her right paw touch the ground and she would hobble away when I tried to look at it. The next day everything was fine? I was going to take her to the vet but she was jumping around like she wanted to be a jack russell? I think see was just faking or maybe she didn't have enough electrolytes and bonked playing in the backyard!! haha

The Green Girl said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you've got such a great friend.

Emz said...

YAY for Mike.

Good friends/motivating friends ARE THE VERY BEST!

YOU motivate ME daily!!

Julie said...

Just sign up already!

Your posts always crack me up:) I love your random thoughts...they always make me smile!

wendy said...

Good friends are the best motivation. I think! i would not be doing any of this if it weren't for my friends!

DRog said...

Have fun at IMLP! great friend you have..."One can easily lead to another" totally get that, and have experienced that issue:)
have a great wknd

Maria said...

Well crap...I was hoping Bailey would be feeling better.

Glad to hear you found some motivation, I'm starting to think I should have looked for schools in Maine to come kick your butt and have you kick mine!

Have fun at IMLP...I can't wait to hear how you signed up! (Hint.Hint.)

n/a said...

I hope Bailey gets better soon. Looking forward to your IMLP post (and maybe even registration :). Nice job on the TWO mile swim - that's definitely not a small feat. Have a great weekend and glad you got your motivation back!

Patrick Mahoney said...

I hope you get to the bottom of the Baily issues. Great display of Jedi mind tricks to stay out of the pub and get on the pavement.

AM! said...

omg, have SO much freakin' fun volunteering at the IM this weekend!! Woo hoo!

First year Pro triathlete CHarisa Wernick (sp???) is doing it...she's a big blogger and cool chick, so Root for her!!!

Bryan Payne said...

M, I didn't see you. Maybe you're just to small. haha. Anyways, beers tomorrow at my hotel Best Western Adroniak Inn across from finish line. I've got a cooler with lots. Welcome to join for on or till there are all gone.


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Can't wait to read about IMLP from a volunteer perspective and you signed up for next year, right??
Glad to hear you have someone to motivate you when the snooze button, burgers, and beer are tempting you. Good friend!
Hope you had an awesome weekend in LP!

Molly said...

hope everything goes okay with Bailey's new meds. I think having someone to run/bike with is key for motivation. I know I would have a really hard time getting up for my long runs if I didn't have someone waiting for me.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Gotta love friends like that, they are the best

I LOVE when I hear people give back to the sport, I believe its the best reward to do, volunteer instead of race .

SOOOOOOOO?????? Any important news you like to tell us?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

Black Knight said...

All the best to Bailey. The motivation is important and a running (or biking/swimming) friend can help. If we plan to run together we cannot say "no".

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