Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feet on the Ground

I have been walking around about 10 feet off of the ground since getting back from Ironman Lake Placid.  It was truly an awesome experience.

But now it is time to focus - Timberman HIM is only 23 days away!

I just peed a little.

So far this week, training has been solid.  I came back from Lake Placid with a big burst of motivation - and I have been able to run more this week than any week since my injury.

So far the highlight of my week is the really great swim I had with the loons yesterday on Pleasant Pond. 
I didn't take this picture, but I was about this close.  I need a water-proof camera.

I suddenly have gone from the feeling of pulling myself through the water with effort to the feeling of propelling myself forward with little effort.  It is kind of awesome.  I have no idea what happened, or what I am doing different, but I hope it stays this way.

I swam the 3/4 mile to the party boat that is always empty (one of these days, those guys are going to be there and will give me a beer when I get to them) and back without stopping and then did some dock intervals.  When alone, I always swim near shore close to the docks, rocks, and other swimmers because my biggest fear is not so much drowning, but getting tagged by a boat.

Enter jet ski man boy.  I actually did stop on that swim, but it was to make sure I didn't get tattooed by the bloke riding 5 feet off of shore amongst the swimming kids, rocks, docks, and boats.  He stopped and said he almost didn't see me, and I pointed to a rock about 3 feet off of the front of his jet ski and said maybe he should stay out in the middle where he wouldn't hit kids swimming, rocks, and docks...or me.  I didn't add, you f-ing jackass.  But I really wanted to. 

See, I am growing and getting more mature every day.

He said sorry and took off and started riding the other shore. 

Anyway, the good news is that I am gaining a lot of confidence in my swim, which by far is my weakest event.  I have been doing all of my swims without a wetsuit in case Timberman doesn't allow them (PLEASE allow the wetsuit, that would be by far the coolest thing ever).  I figure it is a bonus if I get to wear one come race day.

Not much else to report this week except to tell you that my friend Bailey is doing much better.  I have no idea what was wrong, and I am worried that whatever it is, it might come back - but he is back to normal right now so I am thankful for that.  He asked me to say thanks so much for your well wishes and he wants a dog bone please.


Matty O said...

Woohoo Bailey!!!

Good job on the running girl! That is impressive you just clicked and its all good :)

Timberman will be here before you know it, I know I am still in disbelief our race is saturday.

Pumped though!

I hear you on the wetsuit hahaha, It has only helped me so far, so the more I swim without it the better off I am ... right?!

Way to go girl, good luck with the running!

Amazing the maturity we possess at times huh? I would have cussed the kid out and tried to dunk him personally. The kids up by us are jack asses on those things, numerous times water skiing we almost got clipped waiting to start.

Aimee said...

Yay for feeling more confident in the swim! That is just awesome! :) What was that jet ski guy thinking? What an idiot!
And, yay for Bailey doing much better!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Aaahh, I'm glad your best friend Bailey is better. I need some of your swim mojo b/c I've been a bad girl this week with the swimming...tsk-tsk! Someone should call me out on it. Anyway, I'm stoked for you with your HIM coming up and of course the ultimate IMLP.
Be careful with all those jackasses out there in the water or on land.

Unknown said...

Yea Bailey!!

So awesome about the swim feeling productive.. I'm still waiting for that!!! Wish you knew your secret so you could share!!!

I'm stll riding the LP high myself!! Can't wait to hear all about Timberman! Rock it girl!

Jon said...

Holy crap! Only 23 days!!!

SO GLAD to hear that Bailey is becoming his old self again. Keep up those swims! It will save you for the bike.

Tri-James said...

You have to be careful in the open water. Always wear a bright swim cap - it might help a little bit.

Anonymous said...

Most people don't brag about wetting themselves..... Too funny!

Great news about Bailey.

Run Strong


The Green Girl said...

You are one busy bee, girl! Happy training!

Krista said...

Sounds like all your training is coming together nicely! You are going to rock that HIM!

So happy to hear that Baily is doing better :)

Barb said...

so glad to hear your confidence growing on the swim...attitude is everything in HIM.

I can't imagine that tman will NOT be wetsuit legal.

And I am so glad to hear that Baily is on the mend.


Nothing like a nice IM, experienced in person to get the juices flowing.. Now you need to buy a few IMWC CDs to throw into the video player at night to keep the meter pegged. 2004 and 2009 are good ones.

Unknown said...

I bet your motivation is through the roof right now after the weekend!

Dumbass jetski kid, karma will catch-up to that one!

Hey, I'll send you and email and get your address for Bailey's bone! My wife found some specialty dog store in the next town and they have these bones that my pugs love. Ernie will bite your arm off if you try and take it from him! I'll pick one up for Bailey!

DRog said...

Cute pic of Bailey...glad he is old self! I'm also trying to come in for a landing from the IMLP "signup high" - thought of you yesterday I did a 1.2mi OWS it was beautiful. Keep up the good training.

Molly said...

confidence is H.U.G.E. I'm learning that more and more.

on a side note...should I narrow my search for a relay team next year to the months of August and LP?

: )

Patrick Mahoney said...

some complete a-hole posted up his skanky-a** vessel (as in gross rusty crappy boat) about 150 yards off of Corona Del Mar today and I guarantee he was pumping out his bilges based on the disgusting taste of diesel in the water.

Unknown said...

The swim is my personal nightmare...I'm still hoping that I can do it in the time allowed with or without a wetsuit.

Give Bailey a hug from me and a virtual marrow bone from Alys, she's eaten so many this week it would be good for her to share haha. :)

Regina said...

A discreet pantyliner will help your pee situation ;)

I know how you feel with the swim, you are preaching to the choir.

I am so glad to hear about Baily! Good boy!!!!

Mark said...

Focus. Stay Strong. Hear "Eye of the Tiger" as you are getting your wetsuit and swim cap on. Then get you ass out there and motor like you've trained for.

Seriously... all this training is NO fun without the reward of actually finishing these damn HIM and IM's and whatever else we have on the docket.

Totally excited for you to go out there and burn! Good luck homeslice!!!

Caratunk Girl said...

I am way behind on my responses!!

Matty O- you are kicking ass and taking names as I type.

Aimee - Thanks!

KC - Thanks - now go swimming!

Laura - Thanks! Heal well!


Tri-James - I wear a swim cap and swim where motors would bottom out when alone, but sometimes people are really dumb.

Steve - thanks. I always brag about peeing myself.

Green girl - THANKS!

Krista - Thanks!

Barb - I hope you are right about the wetsuits!

Bob- Thanks, I will pick those up for sure!

Jeff - Bailey sent you an email.

Derek - YEAH only 51 weeks to train!

Molly - sent ya & BDD an email.

Patrick - yuck

JM - Bailey loves marrow bones! And his new more raw food diet!

Regina - you freaking crack me up.

Mark - I like the eye of the tiger in my head! Yeah, we do this so we can race! Thanks!

Black Knight said...

My lady cat says "Hi" to mr. Bailey. Be careful in the open water, I was in the Coast Guard for 20 years and I have experience in this topic. Too many crazy people "sail".

Maria said...

Glad to hear Bailey is doing well...I'll him mail dog bones!

Screw maturity, you should have knocked that kid on his butt!

Emz said...

you are so my favorite. This killed me, "I just peed a little.".

Awesome. I am crying with laughter. I always say that [usually to the wrong people]. ;)