Thursday, July 29, 2010

Feet on the Ground

I have been walking around about 10 feet off of the ground since getting back from Ironman Lake Placid.  It was truly an awesome experience.

But now it is time to focus - Timberman HIM is only 23 days away!

I just peed a little.

So far this week, training has been solid.  I came back from Lake Placid with a big burst of motivation - and I have been able to run more this week than any week since my injury.

So far the highlight of my week is the really great swim I had with the loons yesterday on Pleasant Pond. 
I didn't take this picture, but I was about this close.  I need a water-proof camera.

I suddenly have gone from the feeling of pulling myself through the water with effort to the feeling of propelling myself forward with little effort.  It is kind of awesome.  I have no idea what happened, or what I am doing different, but I hope it stays this way.

I swam the 3/4 mile to the party boat that is always empty (one of these days, those guys are going to be there and will give me a beer when I get to them) and back without stopping and then did some dock intervals.  When alone, I always swim near shore close to the docks, rocks, and other swimmers because my biggest fear is not so much drowning, but getting tagged by a boat.

Enter jet ski man boy.  I actually did stop on that swim, but it was to make sure I didn't get tattooed by the bloke riding 5 feet off of shore amongst the swimming kids, rocks, docks, and boats.  He stopped and said he almost didn't see me, and I pointed to a rock about 3 feet off of the front of his jet ski and said maybe he should stay out in the middle where he wouldn't hit kids swimming, rocks, and docks...or me.  I didn't add, you f-ing jackass.  But I really wanted to. 

See, I am growing and getting more mature every day.

He said sorry and took off and started riding the other shore. 

Anyway, the good news is that I am gaining a lot of confidence in my swim, which by far is my weakest event.  I have been doing all of my swims without a wetsuit in case Timberman doesn't allow them (PLEASE allow the wetsuit, that would be by far the coolest thing ever).  I figure it is a bonus if I get to wear one come race day.

Not much else to report this week except to tell you that my friend Bailey is doing much better.  I have no idea what was wrong, and I am worried that whatever it is, it might come back - but he is back to normal right now so I am thankful for that.  He asked me to say thanks so much for your well wishes and he wants a dog bone please.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ironman Lake Placid - the hanging out report

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I left Caratunk Friday after work.  I was heading out alone to a place where I really didn't know anyone, to check out something I was thinking about maybe trying to do one day. 

I had to cross Lake Champlain to get to Lake Placid.  Once off the ferry, it didn't take me too long to figure out I was getting close because I saw droves of bikers heading in every direction. The closer I got to town, the more people I saw, and I started to see folks out running, along with a seemingly endless stream of bikers.

I cruised through town and checked out Mirror Lake and could see people out there swimming.  There were literally active people everywhere - I was so excited.  I couldn't wait to get out of my truck and onto my bike.  I parked at the ski jump, got changed and hopped on my bike.   
That tall thing is the ski jump. 

It was an awesome 50 mile ride despite the flat I got on the way back.  I talked to a whole lot of people and it was fun to be on the road with so many other bikers.  I did an out and back on the course instead of the race loop because I had decided I DEFINITELY wasn't going to sign up for IMLP 2011, so I really didn't need to preview the course. 
(Random thought #1).  Every time I passed or was passed by a woman, she smelled really good (this happened more than once).  It was like passing by a puff of perfume or something.  After 50 miles, I don't smell good.  I smell like a pigs armpit.  These chicks smell like gardenias. What gives?  
(Random thought #2) I am not against bib shorts, but I am against wearing bibs with no shirt.  That is just wrong.
After the ride, I headed over to my campsite and took a shower (to get the pigs armpit smell off), then headed back to town.
My campsite was pretty cool. 

I was pretty psyched to meet up with Jon from SwiCycloRun and Wally from Beginner Triathlete at the Lake Placid Brewery.  Two super duper awesome guys, I am so happy I got to hang out with them.  We grabbed dinner, beers, and ice cream, then we were all pretty wiped out so we all went our separate ways.

Wally and Jon at the Brew Pub

Before I went to bed I decided that I probably was going to sign up for next year.

Race Day
Since the roads were going to be closed most of the day, I rode my bike into town.  The excitement was palpable.  It got so crowded as I got to the race start area that I eventually had to walk my bike and park it (ehem...stash it in the woods behind some tri-club's tent until I bought a lock.  We don't need locks in Caratunk, there are 60 of us.  If someone steals my bike I am going to see them riding it.)

Before the start of the swim, I watched the divers going into the water.  I knew they were there for safety, especially at the turn buoys where things could start to...pile up.

Huh.  What are those guys for?

I talked to a bunch of folks who were also going to Timberman, which was pretty neat.  For once, my lifestyle was the norm, not the exception.

The swim start was probably one of the most exciting things I have ever seen.   The hair on my arms was standing on end, I was so excited.  The gun went off and all of a sudden Mirror Lake became one churning mass of bodies.
The blender.
I decided right then and there that I definitely wasn't going to sign up for next year.

To be honest, the rest of the day was kind of a blur.  I watched a good part of the swim, ran over to watch the pro's bike out (saw pro Charisa Wernick bike out), and spent time running back and forth between the age groupers coming out of the water and hopping on the bike.
The bike out looked scary to me. 

I was lucky enough to meet Joe from Rock Star Tri in my running too and fro.  He and his wife are wesome people, I am so happy we got to talk.  I told him that I was on the fence about signing up for next year.  As I look back on it now, I think he was pretty sure I was going to sign up.   

I found Jon again and we decided to find Alexa from Just Keep Swimming.  I had seen her at the bike out and Jon had seen her on the first loop of the bike.  It was fun looking for her, and we saw her come in on the bike from the second loop and hollered our heads off.  We got to the run out as fast as we could and caught her again, hollering our heads off for her again.  

I think we freaked her out a little.  

Alexa if you are still reading my blog, I am not a weirdo stalker. It was just cool to have someone I recognized kicking butt at IMLP.  

I headed off for my volunteer shift, and on the way took a seat to watch some of the runners go by.  I saw Bryan from Training Payne finishing out of his first run loop around 3:00-3:30 and hollered and cheered for him.  I thought to myself, if he keeps this pace up, he is going to Kona.

Volunteering was a blast - I don't have much to say about it except it was an awesome experience and it was great fun helping folks out.  I worked with some awesome people and met some more Timberman folks.  I had ridden my bike there and was about mid-way between my campsite and town.  I decided to head to the campsite even though I felt the pull of going the finish line to cheer people on one more time. 

The Morning After
I got up and decided I was heading home, not signing up for next year.

I drove out of the campsite and got here:
Taking a right meant heading home.  Taking a left meant I was signing up.  I sat there for 10 minutes.  Then I realized, I want this.  I have wanted this for years.  I have this in me, without question.  Why put it off another year just because you are scared or intimidated or whatever.  Scared isn't a reason not to so something, that is what I have always said - and I have to live by that.

I (as you know) took a left....and took the plunge....I stood in a mile long line for 4 hours with a bunch of awesome folks...And am psyched to say I will be jumping into Mirror Lake at IMLP 2011 with 2999 of my closest friends!

And I don't want to forget to congratulate the people I stalked! 

Monday, July 26, 2010


Quick post tonight, a better one tomorrow!  Here is the scoop:

 Future Ironpeople

I am the short one on the right - Jon from swicyclorun is the tall guy on the left.   We stood in line for a very long time and it was totally worth it.

I have so much to say about how much fun this weekend was, but I am sleepy.  SO there is the big thing I wanted to share with you all - I am all signed up for next year!  Tomorrow I will give you all the scoop on how much fun it is to hang out at an Ironman Race.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Help From a Friend

I started out this week seriously lacking in the ole' motivation department.  I just had the blahs.  You know, the hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off for your work-out and then end up barely getting up in time to go to work.

That was Monday for me.  I managed a swim just under one mile in the pond that afternoon though, so I figured it was all good.  I called it a recovery day.  Basically any day I kind of screw off and don't really work out much is a recovery day. (Not to say swimming a mile is nothing, but I did not hit it hard in any sense of the word.  I think I even floated on my back a few times, making animal shapes out of the clouds. La De Da.)

I know we need recovery days, but I am a little scared of them.  One can easily lead to another, which leads to just one more, and all of a sudden August is a big recovery day.   It is a little too easy around here where folks seem to be in constant recovery day mode - on vacation, floating down the river, or hanging out at one of the local bars. 

So honestly, driving back to the house my mind was really on Monday night's Burger and a Beer night at the Marshall, not waking up at 4:30 am the next day, riding 30 miles, and losing 5 more pounds. 

Mmmmm burger...mmmmm beer...mmmm fries...mmmmm....snooze button...

I came back home from that swim to have a message on my machine from my friend Mike. 

"What is the plan tomorrow? Bike? Run? Swim?  I'll go with you."

Thank you motivation gods, I needed that. 

Mike is a triathlete and lives in Caratunk sometimes, it is always awesome when he is around because then I get someone to train with. 

I called him back.

"30 miles, leaving at 5am?"

"I'll be there."

The best part of this?  He shows up, rides hard, and pushes me to ride harder.

We have had a great week of training so far, this morning was a 2 mile swim from his house to the Caratunk Boat Launch.  That pretty much kicked my butt, but was a great workout and I feel much better about the 1.2 mile swim for Timberman in 1 MONTH FROM TODAY! Holy crap.

Other (very important!) stuff:
  • Best of luck to all who are racing this weekend!  
  • If you are doing Ironman Lake Placid (IMLP), I will (maybe?) see you there.  I am the short one with the goofy smile and the loud laugh.  I will be shouting out a few names and looking for a few faces that I know are going to be rocking out.  I am very psyched about volunteering there this weekend and meeting some fellow bloggers...and MAYBE sign up for IMLP 2011.  I am kind of freaked out about that possibility.  Jon has no choice, I am going to make him sign up!  :)
  • I will post some pictures and fun stuff that happened at IMLP on Monday.
  • Bailey tested negative for the neuro muscular disease they thought he had.  So that is good and bad.  Good, he doesn't have a disease, bad, we still don't know what is up.  He is on the steroids for now and eating and walking OK.  Just mopey.  I am getting a second opinion next week.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Timberman Scout & Week Update

Timberman Scout
Friday morning I got up bright and early and drive to Ellacoya State Park to meet up with my friend and mentor Steve B to ride and run the Timberman HIM course.  He has completed Timberman twice and it was super cool of him to come and meet me and show me the course, especially since he is not doing Timberman this year.  He drove all the way from Ontario to meet up with me, and I am tremendously thankful.

We were both there a little after 8am, and as we were setting up our bikes and I was jabbering, telling stories, and laughing (I do that) when I heard...

"Mandy? Is that you?"

I turned to find my friend Winnett, who is also doing Timberman, and had shown up to ride the course.  It was the most awesome random meeting ever - and of course she joined us on the ride.

I am the short one with the big goofy grin.

We had a great ride, the first 40 miles were overcast and muggy, and we were under the fireball of the sun for the last 16 miles.  As far as my take on the course, I would say the first 15 miles are tough (a nice steep fairly long hill around mile 10), the middle 25 or so are flat, and the last 10 or so are rolling.  There are few places where the pavement really sucks, at the start and at the end (same pavement as it is sort of an out and back) but overall I feel good about the ride.  We finished it in 3 hours and 30 minutes with a few stops for traffic and red lights.  I think it is realistic for me to plan on a similar finish time (or better) for the race.

I learned a few things on this ride.  I underestimated the amount of water I would need and was out by mile 40 when the sun came out and the heat turned up.  I am glad this happened on the training ride, I just need to remember to bring more next time.  I also need to figure out nutrition a little better.  I ate a cliff bar, that is it on the ride. I know, I need more fuel!

Which brings us to the run - Steve and I ran one loop of the course.  We got changed pretty quickly and headed out, the sun was blazing down, it was humid, and I was running past people swimming in Lake Winnepasaki.  It took all of my power not bang out a sharp right turn towards the lake and go running off of someone's dock and dive in.  My legs felt good off the bike, so that was promising, but I was thirsty because I screwed up on my planning for hydration.  

Steve had the foresight to drop two water bottles off at around mile 2.  That was awesome.  I was dying in the heat and walked a few times to cool down, my head felt like it was on fire, it is very hard to describe.  Probably the crappy nutrition and hydration didn't help that situation.  So I would say the run went OK.  Finished the 6.5 miles in 1 hour 6 minutes, I had hoped to finish the HIM run in about 2 hours or so, and that would put me at around 2:15 for the run come race day.

Thank you all so much for the wonderful comments regarding Bailey.  I don't have words to express my appreciation.  He is my best buddy and I was pretty worried (still am).  The good news is that he is eating, drinking, and walking around like a regular 4 legger.
Bailey is smiling again!

I think this is all thanks to the steroids he is on (I hate them, but what do I do?  He is comfortable, eating, drinking, and walking now.)  He is being tested for myasthenia gravis, a neromuscular disease that is treatable, although can be debilitating when it flairs up.  I hope to have the results sometime next week, if they come back negative then we have some more tests to do to find out what the problem is.

Weekly Numbers
  • Swim ~ 2.5 hours, (all OWS) about 3 miles point to point with "dock intervals" thrown in after the out and back swim.
  • Bike ~ 106 miles.  I am riding 20 miles tonight though, so that should be 126 miles by the end of today.
  • Run ~ 17 miles.  The leg is almost better!  I am steadily building mileage here.  
  • Total time: 11 hours - with tonight's ride I will be up to at least 12 hours or so.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Randomness

  • Wow, this has been a busy week, I can't believe it is Thursday already!  I am off for a ride and swim today, and a big ride of the Timberman course tomorrow followed by one loop of the run course.  Should be good - leg, don't fail me now!
  • I need a new bike tire, stat.  I patched the one that I cut at the LADU, but I want to get something on there I am not worried about.  Given the fact that the closest bike shop is 80 miles away, this probably won't happen until after I ride the 56 miles of the Timberman course tomorrow.
  • I really wanted to buy a Cannondale Slice earlier this week - it was $1500.  BUT I made a rule that I must pay off my truck before I can buy a new bike, but man, it was a nice bike.
  • I miss ice cream.  I have lost 5 lbs.  I still miss ice cream.
  • Is it just me or does the butt head level of drivers passing you while you are biking increase exponentially with the approach of August?  See Matty O's blog for a great story along those lines.
  • Patrick from The Road has teamed up with his buddy Big Daddy Riley to start a performance athletic apparel company, the Endurance Athlete Project.  
You should really check out their web page, like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter.  They have some awesome ideas for gear for athletes of all fitness levels.  Good luck Patrick and Riley!

There is something about Bailey....
Something non-triathlon related, but it is a big thing happening for me right now.  One of the reasons I have been quiet this week in the blog world.

My boy Bailey has been sick this week.
He couldn't eat or drink - he wanted to, but just couldn't seem to swallow.  As soon as I noticed it, I called the vet and made an appointment at their earliest time, which was yesterday (24 hours after my call).  The stress of this was compounded by the fact that he woke up yesterday and couldn't put any weight on his right back leg.  He was my little hop-along cassidy until he got too tired for the 3 legged hop.

Once at the vets, he looked miserable, and he couldn't get himself out of the car, and couldn't hold himself up once I got him out.  This was heartbreaking for me, I think I had a flash of what a bad day in the future might be like or something, because it hit me square in the chest...

Since he couldn't walk, I had to carry him up the stairs into the vets office, tears streaming down my face. I kept wiping my face on his back, trying to smile, think positive.  I just had never seen him that weak before.

The vet techs were all very surprised to see a 5'1" girl carrying a 89 pound dog through the door.  They also mentioned next time I could get one of them first and they would be happy to help me. 

Anyway, long story short, we still do not know what is wrong, except to say that a shot of steroids yesterday has allowed him to walk like his old self.  The options as to what the problem might be are not really good ones, but some are better than others.  We are awaiting some further tests to figure it out since it isn't something obvious. He even ate some scrambled eggs and drank some water today.

So I am hopeful.

I am driving to Gilford, NH tomorrow and back the same day, leaving Bailey in the capable hands of either my boyfriend John or my dad, both of whom can take him to work with them. 

Lunch time ride, here I come!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apple Pie Jam Giveaway Winners!

This is my first giveaway and I can't believe how much fun they are!  Thank you all for entering, I hope to have another giveaway soon! 

I just think Pickels-N-Things makes awesome stuff - thank you Chris for fueling my workouts with such tasty goodness!  I hope you guys get a chance to check out their website and try some of their other yummy products!

Now let's get to the most fun part - announcing the winners!

I had 42 comments, and each comment counted as an entry.  I used entering 1 through 42 and my first winner was...
My 41st comment was...
Congratulations Krista from Commitment is Liberating!  You are the first winner!

And the second winner is....
3rd comment was...
Congratulations Jon from SwiCycloRun!

Please send your addresses to me at manfarr1974 (at) yahoo (dot) com and I will get those out to you today!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Running Naked

I had my first awesome run today since my injury.  I didn't feel that my stride was hampered at all for a change, and I was able to relax into the run and just go. I had five miles of running with no pain (and no Advil), and I have no idea how long it took me.

That is right, I run naked.

I don't wear a watch, heart rate monitor, Garmin GPS, or iPod. And yes, I know exactly what I am missing, except that honestly I just don't miss it at all.

Now before I go too far on this, I do sometimes wear a watch.  Once in a while I even remember to reset the chrono to zero before I run and get an idea of my pace.  If I am lucky, I even remember to stop it when I am done.  One time I forgot to stop it until my run the next day. 

I really do 100% understand the benefits of a heart rate monitor, you don't have to sell me on it.  I am sold - I even bought one.  It is collecting dust in my closet as we speak.  I just would always step out the door and be halfway down the street before I remembered to put the thing on.

You rarely see a runner these days without ear buds.  I am the exception to that rule.  I have an iPod that I even figured out how to put music onto.  I ran with it some this winter, when I could remember to bring it.  I found I kept turning it off because it was interrupting my thoughts (I like those voices in my head I guess.  All of them).  After a while I quit taking it along and it is now collecting dust next to the heart rate monitor.

So basically I have about $300 or so worth of equipment sitting in my closet going unused.  I was pretty sure I had to have that stuff too. 

It is completely different for me on the bike - I want all the details.  I want that computer with a GPS, I want to know how far I have gone and how long it has taken me, what my cadence is, even my power output would be cool to know. 

I love the simplicity of running - just tying up my shoes and stepping out the door is liberating.  I don't need a helmet, goggles, bike shoes, wetsuit...Just me and my sneakers.  I have talked about this before, my need to just get out the door when it is time to run, skipping the gadgets that enhance your performance and improve your experience.  I guess I haven't come into the 21st century yet.

And don't forget!
The Apple Pie Jam giveaway ends tonight!  I am drawing the names sometime tomorrow morning, so really you have until I wake up tomorrow am before I ride my bike.  Make sure you enter, you don't want to miss out on this awesome stuff.  Really really, you just don't!   (Thank you Anne Marie for the reminder to add a button for the giveaway to my page!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekly Recap

Swim Training
On the swimming front, I feel better about the time spent in the water this week.  I am making a point to spend an hour in the water each time I go out.  I had some great point to point swims for distance followed by some speed intervals.  I am only using a wetsuit one day a week now (in case we can't suit up at Timberman) and I really feel a difference when using the wetsuit now.

The only thing I can think of that was really interesting was another swim across Wyman Lake in 2 foot whitecaps with my sister-in-law.  It was more of a fight than I have had before in the water, and I could only breath on one side because I was getting smacked around by the waves.  I think I like a fight or something, because I always get this weird, "BRING IT" attitude when the going is tough.  I swam without a wetsuit and it was a real confidence builder for me in the chop. 

Bike Training
I have been climbing a lot lately on my rides, and although I think it is a good thing, I decided to change it up today.  I did a 38-mile loop through the towns of Solon, Madison, and  Norridgewock.  This ride has a few nice flat sections, and I haven't trained on a lot of flats.  There is a good 30 mile section of the Timberman course that is flat, so I just wanted to see how I felt on them.

I guess I feel pretty good, but I do need to work on my spinning and cadence.  I have been doing a lot of climbing on steep hills and I am not spinning up them, which I am OK with because they are some pretty steep grades I just want to get up.  But I would like to get a smoother spin going on the flats.

Anyway, there is something to be said for changing it up, it was a nice ride.

Sometimes it is great, mostly it hurts.  That is all I have to say about that.

This weeks numbers:
So I reviewed my week in hours and realize that when I reported training about 9-10 hours a week sometime last week, I basically pulled that number out of my butt.  I generally don't know what I am talking about I guess.  I was undershooting my training time by a few hours.  I am averaging 12 hours of training a week right now, and have been for a while.

Swim ~ 4 hrs (OWS as usual.  I am recording time instead of mileage since I am working on speed intervals between docks, party boats, etc after I swim to a certain point and back.  Point and back swims = 2 miles).
Bike ~ 111 miles - 7hrs
Run ~ 9 miles - 1.5 hours

Friday, July 9, 2010

Apple Pie Jam Giveaway!

I have been talking about this Apple Pie Jam from Pickels-N-Things for a few weeks now.  It has been my go-to spread since I discovered its fabulous existence. 

This stuff really does make those long rides better, I promise you.  I have tried it heated on vanilla ice cream (wow, I am still recovering from that goodness) and on all types of bread I could get my hands on.  I bet it would be awesome on pork chops too. Or on anything you want to add a little fresh apple-pie flavor to. 

I am obsessed. The stuff is freaking amazing.

I want you to try some, I really, really do. 

A bit about Pickles-N-Things...
Pickles-N-Things is a family-owned Maine company.  It was started by Chris Baker in 2004 with 8 products (now they have over 30!)  All the products are made in small batches using Chris's original recipes (and they are Maine state licensed and their quality standards have been FDA approved).

Their ingredients are only the best, all natural ingredients around - no additives, preservatives, fillers, MSG, gluten & dairy free.

The Contest
So here is the deal.  I have 2 jars to give away, so I am giving away 1 jar of this super awesome stuff to 2 lucky followers. The contest runs today (Friday 7/9/10) through midnight on Monday (7/12/10).  I will draw the winner sometime on Tuesday morning using

You have a chance for up to 4 entries. 

SO to enter here is what you need to do:

  1. Become a follower or let me know you are already a follower of my blog - make a comment and let me know.
  2. Go to Pickles-N-Things Facebook page and become a fan. Let me know in a separate comment.
  3. Check out Pickles-N-Things website, check out the other awesome stuff they have, and let me know what you would like to try.
  4. Mention and link this contest on your blog, let me know.
Please leave a separate comment for each entry, because each comment counts as an entry. 

Good luck!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Randomness

  • Have you ever done a long ride so early in the morning, by the end of the day you feel like you did that ride yesterday?  I have been feeling that way a lot lately.
  • Leeches don't bother me nearly as much as they used to.  As long as you keep moving, they don't get on you, and really, in the past 4 weeks I have seen 2.  And some of you swim with gators, sharks, jellyfish and other stuff that can eat/bite/hurt you so I am not going to complain at all about a measly little 4 inch leach.
  • I want a camera I can get wet.  The loons have been swimming with me (OK around me) on the lake the past few times out and I could have gotten some awesome shots.  Any suggestions for a camera I can get wet and somehow tote along with me on a swim? 
  • I am very much looking forward to volunteering for Ironman Lake Placid.  But I am a little unsure about signing up for IMLP 2011, mostly because I need to figure out how much more time I will need to spend on training to complete it.  (Bob, hurry up and get that book out!) Right now I am averaging 8-9 hours a week, which I am happy with.  But honestly, that is about as much time as I want to spend on training, because I have to work and want to see family and friends too.  I just want it all really.   Ironmen and Ironwomen - how much time on average do you train a week?
  • Lots of you asked about the Apple Pie Jam!  It is awesome, I eat it everyday.  If you like apple pie, you will love this jam.  I am working on a fun give-away, I should have the details worked out next week sometime.  Stay tuned!
  • My leg is touch and go.  Sometimes it feels great, other times it hurts a lot.  I don't get it.  I am going to run when I can (when it feels great/good/OK/tolerable), and focus on the bike and swim when it sucks.  Tomorrow I am going for a 7 miler (if the leg cooperates), the longest in a while, just to see how it feels.
  • Good luck to all racers this weekend!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beating the Heat

It is freaking hot around here.  I literally didn't want to put my pants on to go to work today.  But that would have looked kind of funny, me walking up to a processor operator in my undies and talk about the trail system he is cutting (see link if you want to know what a processor is).

I just don't think he would take me seriously in my underware and work boots.

So I slid (sticking the whole way from fumidity) into my Carharts, put on my work boots, and headed out to work.  I was distracted all day, thinking about getting home and sitting in my private stream pool the whole time.
My private stream pool, looking downstream.

The view upstream.

Pleasant Pond Stream is my property line, and just down stream from my house my neighbor built a pool that you can sit in and cool off.  It is pretty awesome, and I plan on heading out there tonight after my swim workout. 

I am so thankful I got my bike ride in this morning, it was totally worth the 4:30 am wake up.  I was going to run for my second workout today, but I am changing that plan to a nice long wetsuit-free swim.  Seriously, at 95 degrees, all you can do is swim in my world.  

I hear you Bob, KC, and Jeff - I am a wimp.  

I know I do need to do some heat training - maybe tomorrow when it is down to 85. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Long Ride

Somewhere on Route 201 riding towards Jackman

Generally Sunday mornings are really quiet around here, which is why riding early on Sundays are the best.  So I didn't expect to see many cars or people this morning. As usual, I didn't see a single car the 8 miles between the little hamlet of Caratunk and businesses of The Forks/West Forks. 

Then it got a little busy, which is really weird on a Sunday morning in these parts.  The businesses and cabins of The Forks/West Forks were bustling with activity. Now, this is bustling by my standards, not most people's (remember, population 60 in my town).  There had to be like 30 or more people hanging around in different places around town still awake and partying, celebrating July 4th, or from the 3rd to the 4th. It was hilarious.

The best part was that when I went by, some of them cheered for me, which was really cool.  The cheers were generally something like this:

"Wahoooo biiiikreeer giiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll bahhhhhhhh wah duggaa dddoo yeeeeeaaah!"

I think this loosely translates to:

"Wow, that girl on the bike is really cranking."

At least that is how I interpreted it.

I moved on past the happy cheering people and began my climb to Jackman.  It was pretty uneventful except for the forceful, unrelenting bike-shifting headwind, which is really nice when you are grinding your way up hill after hill for 29 miles. I figure wind and hills build character, but I was happy to get to my turn around, and more importantly, I was really happy to get to my peanut butter and apple pie jam sandwich.

I brought my camera so ofcourse, I didn't see any wildlife.  Except the folks back in town still partying, but I didn't think to stop to take their pictures.  In hindsight, I really wish I did, because it was something to see. 

Total ride: 58 miles.

My turn-around point and the place where I can finally eat, Attean Overlook

Speaking of eating, I have been eating more than most growing boys lately, but have dropped 5 pounds.  Figure that one out.  Granted, I have cut out the pizza (sniff) and have been eating more green things - so that probably helps too.  But I am happy about that, 5 more to go.

June Numbers
I can't believe July is here already.  Here is a review of my numbers for June:

Swim - 3.5 miles, all open water
Bike - 405 miles
Run - 18 miles

I know, my swim numbers are not that impressive.  Basically, I swim to a certain point on a lake and come back, which is cool, but things are never as far away as they look from shore.  My big plan to change this is to swim 4 times a week for at least 3/4 mile, one of those swims being longer (~ 1.2 mile).

On the upside, I am thrilled with my bike numbers. This is the most I have ridden, ever.  The more you ride, the better you ride, and I plan on continuing so I am as strong as possible coming off of the bike in Timberman.  Plus, I am trying to make up for some shoddy run numbers here.

My run numbers suck.  Most of these miles are in races, not running for training.  The injury is getting better, but it has reared its ugly head a few times in recent training runs, so I am easing into it to avoid the injury returning.  I am going to keep easing into the miles and try to up this number for July if my leg cooperates.

This Week's Numbers
Swim - 2 miles
Bike - 149 miles
Run - 10 miles
H2O Audio - Beat The Boredom