Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Randomness

Good Luck Racers!
Good luck to all racing this weekend!  I know these guys are going to BRING IT to the races this weekend.  Stop by and send them along some good mojo!
  • Miss Zippy is running a 10 mile race in Baltimore this weekend.  I am not sure which one, but I know she is going to rock it.
  • DR is running Grandma's Marathon after struggling with a frustrating injury for about a month.  I feel his pain and frustration, literally, just in a different place.  Have fun DR, I know you are going to bring it!
  • Glenn is going to do the Billy Goat's Half Marathon Hill Climb - sounds like a fun race, I bet that hill work is going to pay off Glenn!
  • Anne Marie will be rocking the San Jose International Distance Triathlon.  Best of luck Anne Marie, rock it!
I hope I didn't leave anyone out that is racing this weekend.  Wicked sorry if I did, I really try to get everyone, I really really do!

Ironman Lake Placid
I have decided to go to Ironman Lake Placid and volunteer.  This is the closest Ironman race to where I live and is in all likelihood the one I will do next year.  Actually unless I see something completely horrifying, I will be signing up for IMLP 2011 the day after the race.  I am psyched to see the race, kind of be part of it, and support the athletes.  I think I am going to be on a water station somewhere during the run, that is all I know at this point.

My nutrition sucks.  I have lost some weight (2lbs) but could definitely be doing better.  I drive a lot for work and find that my worst eating is on the way home.  Just for reference, this is the drive into my office:

Welcome to mile 12 on the Holeb Road

And this is my office:
Welcome to downtown Holeb

So lunch is generally a sandwich.  Something I can keep in a cooler and try to keep my dog from eating before I get to it.  It also helps if it tastes good with a side of black flies, because they usually end up in my mouth too (extra protein!)  I also try to bring some healthy snacks (baby carrots) as I am usually hungry at 5am, 7am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 5pm, 7pm.  Kind of like an infant.
Anyone have any ideas for something better for lunch on the go?  I am reading Chris Carmichael's Food for Fitness (or rather skimming through it) and find it does have some good recipes.

Word of Caution
Be careful out there on the roads.  A blogger buddy, Jason at Tech-Tri, had his back wheel clipped from behind by a car, which sent him flying.  The car just drove away, even after they realized they had hit him.
May the fleas of a thousand camels moose infest the crotch of this person and may his or her arms be too short to scratch. ~ Old Caratunk Curse
Jason had moved over to the shoulder as he saw the car approach, but the car went to the shoulder too, (probably because they were text messaging, putting on lipstick, or something besides being an alert driver) and clipped him anyway.

He is fortunately mostly OK (some nasty road rash), I haven't heard about his bike yet, but I hope it is OK too.  This reminded me that we really have to be riding our bikes and mentally driving all the cars around us at all times, and even then we are at risk.  Ride safely out there folks.

Weekend Training
Some good training planned for the weekend.  A run and a swim on Saturday and a 60ish mile hilly ride to Jackman on Sunday.  I will start posting my weekly numbers here every Sunday - this will help keep me motivated since I am making this public.   In theory anyway! 

Tracking/Measuring Training
A few folks were wondering how I measured and tracked and measured my training.  I track my training on Daily Mile, it allows you to track swim, bike, run, weights, pretty much anything you want.  I have been using it for a year now and I like it.

The downside is that there is no elevation graph option, so if I want to see how much I climbed on my bike I head to MapMyRun (I know there is a MapMyRide too, but I am already registered with MapMyRun and don't feel like filling out another form.)

The Big Decision...
Now, this is the most important one folks. Big Daddy Diesel had a great post on naming your bike.  My bike is nameless.   I am pretty sure it is a he, and that he would be faster if he had a name.   So here is my bike:
Last year at the Lobsterman Triathlon

It is yellow and black (I guess you can see that).  Playing on the color theme, I thought of yellow jacket (the bad tempered wasp) or bumble bee (BDD pointed out that is the fast Camaro on the movie Transformers, which I thought was really cool), I kind of like how bumble bees are not supposed to fly but do anyway...but it just doesn't work for me, I tried it out today on my ride, and my bike just didn't like it.

And we all know how important it is for our bikes to like their names. Right now, I am thinking Studmuffin, but I haven't talked to my bike about it yet.

Pirate Fundraiser
Thank you all for your support of my Pirate Triathlon fundraiser.  We were able to raise enough money to sponsor a family to attend Camp Sunshine, a place for sick children and their families.  I will notify you directly if you won one of our fabulous prizes drawn by (none of my blogger friends who donated won, or else I would give a mention)! Thank you again Brooks Running, Adventure Bound, and Fieldstone Media for your donations!

The Calf
I am going to go for a run this afternoon.  I have been doing the PT exercises and pressure point releasing recommended, and I think I am FINALLY on the upside of this thing.  I hope.  My running numbers are going to be really low this week, but I am going to ease into it at the PT suggested, not put my head down bull through it for miles like I do everything else (save that for race day I guess).  SO I am tentatively optimistic that this thing is getting better.


Bryan Payne said...

In terms of a name, you can't use "studmuffin", I have it trademarked and that's what Alice calls me around the house. haha.

I'd suggest you call it "Gregory". I don't know why, but it's like Stemmets bike, Matida. I can just see you saying, "come on Gregory, time for a bike ride". It has a ring to it. I'm thinking of calling mine "Chrissie".

If you don't like that sort of name, you can go with "punisher", I gave that one up after I got married. haha. I'd pronounce the world Punish-her".

Glad to hear you definitely going to IMLP, we'll have to have a blogger beer bash.


DRog said...

Thanks for the well leg is feelin pretty good! Now I have the sniffles - lol

Great news on IMLP! that sounds like the most incredible location. If I can get entered online I might pull the trigger (seems doubtful based on what I have heard / read) I think IMWI 11' is my target.

Also glad you have calf improvement! Love your pics again, great I have to head to my CUBE
Have a good one

skierz said...

Way to go on IMLP! It is going to be an awesome time at teh race and then the year following is likely the most entertaining time you will have in your life. As a first time IM in training, it is an incredible experience!

Maria said...

YAY IMLP! I hope you get signed up, it will be so exciting following your training adventures for that next season! I'll be doing an iron distance too (but not an IM race) so we'll be in misery together!
Good luck with the calf...start out 'slow' (your version of slow is my version of fast!).
Bike name suggestion: Goldfinch (it's Iowa's state bird and is a monogamous bird, just like you will be monogamous with your bike). Ok, well that's a stretch, but my contribution anyway!

Emz said...

love this post. you hit on everything.

Enjoy your run this afternoon!!

Whitarican (White-A-Rican) said...

Very cool on IMLP. Are there still ways to volunteer? Is that guranteed, if so I want to do it as well so I can get my 2011 entry :) Good Luck and glad you are feeling better.

Unknown said...

I had to take a deep breathe after reading! You are an active one Mandy!

Awesome news about IMLP - looks like we are going to have a big group of blogger buddies all doing our first IM next year.

I hope to never receive the Caratunk Curse!

Regina said...

I think Jon @ SwimCycloRun is volunteering IMLP too. I was going to do it as well, but there are only so many weekends I can ask my husband to be in charge of a 4 year old....alone.

Love your office. I may have to do a foto friday on have ignited an idea.

My bike is also yellow/black. I didn't ever officially name 'him' (it has to be a he right?), but refer to him as the Big Bee or Flight of the know the classical piece of music? Sounds like racing fast!

How about Wasp? kind of like the kick ass character in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo , et al.

lunch food? I am zero help. I can't figure out what I can eat sitting in front of a computer let alone stick in a cooler. Beer is's happy hour somewhere in the world.

Krista said...

Oh I love Regina's suggestion of Wasp! I should ask her to name my bike too...

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

IMLP...great goal for next year! You will have so much fun as a volunteer. You should sign up for body marking :)

I have some lunch ideas for you and will email you those tomorrow. I've been packing my own lunch for 15+ years...every. single. day. Planning ahead will definitely help you stay on the right path.

RICO SUAVE in da house!!!!!

RockStarTri said...

I may be at IMLP too. I'll let you know when my plans finalize. I'm not, repeat not, signing up (but many of my friends are).


I love MapMyRide. In fact, I think I need to be 12 stepped off it. I'm not even in IM Louisville yet, but I have every hill mapped out.
IMLP?? Arnie and I will probably be trying for it next year also. See you there if we get in online.

Sam said... you packed a LOT inot this one. I love your ambition. When did you start doing triathlon again? Last freakin' year? Is that right? You are not insane, but you are crazy...and that's ok. By the way, bring your credit card to Lake Placid. Going to Ironman Lake Placid will be like looking at puppies, you better be dang sure you want to take on a dog if you are going to bother to look. By the way, this is not a knock, and I'm not suggesting you stay away, I'm just saying, be prepared to be drawn in. Rock on.

AM! said...

hi there! thanks for the race shout out..and i didn't do it! wah. heel injury forced me to get in more training days for vineman, than do the race.

and sounds like your PT is a good one. I'm thinking good calf vibes.
and i like the naming your bike idea...will have to read his post.

Caratunk Girl said...

Bryan - Thanks for the bra explanation. I guess I don't look at enough boobs :) ha. OK studmuffin is yours! Hope to see you at IMLP

DR - keep feeling better. Good luck this weekend.

skierz - Thanks! Hope training is going well!

Maria - Cool - we can totally commiserate about how we are torturing ourselves. Thanks for the bike name suggestion!

Jason - I sent you an email about IMLP vols.

Jeff - yeah, I packed too much in this one, but I had a lot to say! ha. I promise, no Caratunk Curses for you, I reserve that for douche-bags who hit and run.

Regina - I was wondering if Jon might be there. Beer is good! Just not for working. Well, not if I want to keep my job anyway! ha

KC - Rico!! My bike liked it. Looking forward to your suggestions!

RockStar - keep me posted!

Bob - I really do love that webpage! Hope you and Arnie make it into IMLP next year!

Sam - I know. Too much. I will refrain myself in future installments. I know I will be drawn in! That is why I am bringing my credit card.

Anne Marie - I wasn't sure if you were going to run with that heel, but saw it on your schedule and couldn't remember what your plan was. Good luck training for Vineman!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am just as hungry as you and get 5 to 6 times a day

studmuffin will work

Matty O said...

Hmmmm, the biker getting hit... that is bullshit. Should bike with guns and blow out their tires so you can pull the drivers out and kick the living $HIT out of them (phew, glad I got that out).

Your office rocks! You said you used to work at a bait and tackle shop, do you still work there?

I eat more than you. If I don't eat I am a crabby ass!!! So I eat all day haha. I suggest healthy small snacks. I typically pack granola bars of some sort and I LOVE LARA bars.

What did Brooks donate to you!? Just curious, I was thinking of trying to get them to donate for our Team in Training event.

Christi said...

Good Luck with IM Lake Placid. I look forward to hearing about your training.

I am searching my brain for a great name for you bike but right now I am at a loss. I will keep thinking!

Aimee said...

Your "office" looks beautiful!

I hope TechTri is o-kay. That just sucks about the people hitting him and driving away. I don't like driving with cars, but when I have to I am always freaked out. You just never know what can happen.

I think it's awesome that you're volunteering at Lake Placid! Have fun and take lots of notes for when you race it the next year! :)

I'm glad to hear that your calf is on the upswing!

Oh, and I have no clue what to name your bike. Mine is nameless too. :(

Glenn Jones said...

Thanks for the mojo! I was just about to head out the door when I checked my blog roll.

I think you should name your bike Polly. Why not? Have fun at Lake Placid!

Anonymous said...

I like B.A.W.: Bad Ass Wasp!!

Anonymous said...

Bike name > Butch. He's the friend who never is judgemental, always eager for doing someting fun, likes your company even when you're haveing a crappy day, not the sharpest tool in the shed but loves hard work....

Run Strong - SW

Black Knight said...

I agree, that is an important and big decision because it will influence all the life of your bike. No idea at the moment but I will let you know.
.... I like your office!