Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pirate Triathlon Race Report - ARRGGHH!

Final time was 1:36:43 - 13 minutes faster than last year. 

Last year I did the Pirate Triathlon as my first triathlon, and not only is it well run, it supports a great cause - to send sick children from all over the US and Canada and their families to Camp Sunshine.  Thank you all again for your wonderful support for the fundraiser, we were super duper close to raising enough money to send a family to Camp Sunshine for a week!  I am very happy and thankful for that! The drawing for prizes will be tomorrow!

A family from Texas who was starting a week at Camp Sunshine spoke before the pre-race meeting, and between that and their sick little girl reading a thank-you letter she wrote to Camp Sunshine (they attended Camp Sunshine the year before), not many folks had dry eyes.  I think it gave everyone a little extra push when they were out on the course too.

The Swim - .3 miles - 13:08
 Pre-race in my pink goggles...I don't know why pink

Yeah, my time here sucks.  But there is a good story to it. 

 Pirate Tri Swim Course Battlefield

First, this is not the reason for my poor swim time, but they made the course bigger than last year, but only big enough to be actually .3 miles instead of...well, whatever it was last year, which everyone seemed to think was around 400 yards.   Makes me think I was pretty bad last year if that is the truth, but I digress.

 Pirate Tri Swim Course

Besides the fact I need to swim a whole lot more, I also apparently need to learn how to better fight in the water.  It was super tight out there today, and there was a whole lot of contact, and not the nice, "oh, whoops I bumped you" kind, but the "wham bam thank you ma'am" kind. 

 Into the Fray - I think I am the one with the high elbow in the center

I was swum over 4 times, not over my head, but across my back, perpendicular to the course.  Weird, right?  I mean, where the hell were these people going?  It started to freak me out a bit, so I did a few Tarzan strokes to reset (you know, head up looking around for coconuts, or in my case, buoys).

Back in my freestyle, feet were still everywhere, but weirdly, I had a hard time grabbing a draft. I got punched accidentally hit in the side by one person, and then a few minutes later was kicked in the leg by someone doing the breast stroke.  I will not lie, this kind of sucked.  Finally to the last turn to head in to shore, the water got really murky, and I almost ran into someone who was standing up walking.  WALKING?  WHAT?  Who are these people? 

After that I was able to swim in without incident, but I just couldn't get my head together for the swim.

T1 - 1:44

Not much to say here, transition went well except I struggled with getting my socks on.  I am thinking about skipping socks from now on, I will see how that feels in training.

The Bike - 14 miles - 51:48 ~ 16.2 mph

It is a hilly and scenic ride. I wanted to be faster (doesn't everybody?) but really, I am happy with this time even though I had hoped for under 50 minutes.  I hit a max speed of 45 mph which was cool.    I feel like I rode this as well as I could have and I know I am stronger than last year on hills, and I know I have lots of room to improve.  More hill repeats on the menu!

Mom took this, a view from the top of one of the hills.

T2 - 1:15
Good transition, I need to get speed laces.
Run - 28:50 ~ 9:37/mile
Pirate triathlon run course

This year, I have had very unusual training program when it comes to running.  I didn't run the month leading up to the Sugarloaf Marathon, and I haven't run since the marathon, which was about a month ago.  

Coming into the finish

All that said, I am happy with this run.  It is about a minute/mile less than where I want to be, but given my injury (that is healing!) and lack of run training, I will take it.  

It took me a while to get my legs under me, the first half was kind of a grind.  But in the second half my legs came alive, and I feel like I was running at a pretty good pace.  I found a girl who was in my age group and reeled her in, then passed her.  That felt so good!  I always seem to wish the run was longer in a sprint race, I feel I just find my rhythm at around 3 miles, and then it is over.  

The race was well run and organized as all Tri-Maine events are, and it was fun to do my first triathlon again and improve my time.  The race sold out this year, and it is a very popular race and in all likelihood, I will sign up for this race again next year.

The thing is, I really want to do another race before Timberman so I can get over that swim - I don't want that in my head before that race.  So I will probably find a random race to sign up for sometime in July, preferably an Olympic distance, but we will see what I can find close to home.


Patrick Mahoney said...

Really cool race report, and it sounds like a cool race. One of these days I'm going to have to come "home" and do a race.

Unknown said...

That is a cool looking race T! And some beautiful pics too! congrats on improving your time from last year and great RR!

misszippy said...

Wow--you did an amazing job!! Very impressed with your big drop in time from last year. As to the swim--you just have to learn to put your head down and swim hard--it really does help prevent all the banging around (and then you're the one doing the banging!). Great job.


Always nice to improve your time. And to do it in such a beautiful place is great too.
I may not want to trade you in January, but this time of year, you're in the prime location.

Bryan Payne said...

Great report. Love the shirt.


Matty O said...

It looks like you are dropping a fist on someone if that is a picture with your elbow up in the water.

I will get my race report up tomorrow... very similar swim experience... only I fight back :)

You should be happy with that race! Great improvement, and considering the running set back I think you did pretty damn good!

Keep us posted on your next race!

Unknown said...

nicely done!!! :) I have been swum over too.. from foot to head... thought I was going to drown. Hate it when men start behind me. No offense men, but I always get clobbered!

Regina said...

Well done! I completely understand about the swim. I was terrified going into the HIM, but it turned out to be the most civilized swim start I have ever been a part of. I had a good 'practice' OWS before the race and that did help my confidence level a lot.

Your bike and run splits are really good too, congrats!!

RockStarTri said...

Good job! PS: I'm always the one with the high elbow :) [at least I think I am]

DRog said...

Great news the injury is getting better! Great race nice work, way to battle in the water!

Ron said...

WOOHOO! 13 min faster is awesome girl! Nice job!

AM! said...

ARRRGh! nice job! 13 min faster...that's fun! woo-hoo! way to go!;-)

Jon said...

Awesome job, Mandy! What a crazy swim! How many people were in your wave? You might find Timberman's swim waves to be smaller.

HUGE improvement over last year. Congrats!

Glenn Jones said...

Tremmendous! A 13 minute PR is HUGE! Congrats on a well executed race.

Whitarican (White-A-Rican) said...

Congrats on the times! If you can go sockless go for it I train no socks and like the fact that it is one less thing to worry about.

KovasP said...

Great race report! Since the pink goggles didn't match your hat, maybe that was why you had a rough swim? For T1, I have been riding sockless for six months or so, never had a problem. For T2, I tried Yankz!, didn't like them, love the Xtenex laces.

Caratunk Girl said...

Patrick - YES if you come and race in Maine, let me know (kind of a long way to go for you) but really, let me know I will sign up for it too.

Jeff - thanks!

Zippy - (you really have the coolest nickname ever) you are right, I need to put my head down and swim more aggressively. I am being way too nice out there.

Bob - LOVE where I live, but you are right, winters are tough!

Bryan - CLICK!

Matty O - Can't wait to read your RR and hear about your battles!

Laura - yeah, it sucks to get swum over. Especially being kind of T-boned then punched!

Regina - Thanks! Hope Timberman goes as well for me as Mooseman did for you! But I request better weather please.

RockStar - Yeah, I am always the one with the high elbow - at least in my head!

DR/Ron/Ann Marie/Glenn - Thanks!

Jon - I am getting stronger, I still need to work on the motor! Thanks!

Jason R - I am totally trying training sockless to see how I like it. Socks are a PIA to deal with!

Kovas - Ha, yeah, that might have been it! It was super overcast too, so maybe that is why I grabbed them? I will check out Xtenex laces.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Finally! A little free time to come read your RR. Overall, great race and congrats for keeping such good composure in the water with all the jostling going on. I've had people swim over me at St. Anthony's(could be why it took me 12 years to finally do another tri) and I have to say that I WOULD NEVER DO THAT to anyone. You can't tell me that they don't know that they are on top of someone. You did awesome in the hills! Hill work is paying off for you. And, I feel the same way about the run, I don't get good and warmed up until about 3 miles. Glad you had a really good race and the t-shirt rocks!

I recently tried to run without socks and by mile 2.5, i had bloody broken blisters on the back of my feet. Someone mentioned putting either Body Glide on the back part of the shoe that rubs or suit juice. I'm thinking I'll just take the 30 seconds to put my socks on in transition since the blisters hurt like a mutha for a week.

Black Knight said...

Yesss pirate battlefield!!! Now you speak like a member of the Black Knight Army, we are proud of you. 13 minutes less, an impressive performance, congrats.

Maria said...

Wow, what a time drop!
Proper training for mass starts: kick boxing class!
Glad to hear it was a well organized race, I think the charity aspect is GREAT and wish more races would do that.
I train/race's great! Both my running shoes and biking shoes are designed to be sockless so that helps with blister control.

Big Daddy Diesel said...


- that might be one of the coolest race shirts I seen

- full contact swim, you love it, but you hate it

- 16 mph on a hilly course is riding strong. good job

- congrats on reeling your ag'er

- your such a rockstar

Aimee said...

Wow...sounds like you had a rough swim. That would have freaked me out! But, way to get through it and finish strong on the bike and run! You did awesome, especially considering your injury! woohoo! :)

Caratunk Girl said...

KC - I am training without socks! And I agree, people suck, they knew they were on my back.

Sir Black Knight - Always happy to make the army proud! :)

BDD - thanks. The shirt is cool. I am looking back at that swim and smiling now. Thanks for the props on the 16mph. I just look at what so many other folks did and feel like I suck. Reeling in that AGer was awesome.

Aimee - YES! Rough swim. I luckily didn't freak, but I got angry, which was just as useless. Thanks so much!

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