Sunday, June 27, 2010

LADU Race Report

There were so many things that were great about this race, it is really hard for me to figure out a place to start.  Exceptionally run, and thoughtfully planned, this is a race I definitely will come back to.

And next time I am bringing friends. 

It is kind of cool that this race was put on by a museum.  Along with awesome detailed race maps, the swag bag included a historic guide of the course (along with all kinds of goodies).  The volunteers were amazing, there was a smiling flag waving, encouraging volunteer on every corner.  There were also plenty of water stations and the post race food was great. 

On to the race report....

Setting up Transition
I mention this because it was weird not having swim stuff.  Or really needing a towel.  It just didn't feel right - I kept going back thinking I forgot something.

Run 1 - 2.6 miles - 20:36 ~ 7:56/mile

I can't believe I ran that fast either.

I felt really good on this run.  My leg was feeling good, and I was feeling strong, like my old self again.  It dawned on me that my age group was small (7) and that I might actually place in my AG since I was pretty sure I was within a minute of the leaders. 

T1 - 1:05
I have no idea what the heck took me so long.

Bike - 14 miles - 1 flat tire - 1:08:47
Yeah, that sucked.

I was hammering on my bike, feeling strong, passing people, and feeling really good. All of a sudden, about 2.5 miles into the ride, I noticed my tires were really loud.  I thought at first, "Gee, this is loud pavement."  Then I looked down, and my rear tire was flat. Crap.  There goes my chances of AG placement.  Off the bike, flip it over, dumping out my hydration (Aerobottle).

Triathetes/bikers/duathletes/people are awesome.  Everyone that went by me asked if I had what I needed or if I needed help, then offered condolences.  That was really cool of you guys, thanks.

I grabbed my kit and took off my rear wheel, ripped out the tube, found the problem (little sharp thing, why do you hate my tire so?? WHY??).  Changed the tube, and got my tire back on.

I covered every part of my body in bike grease in the process.  I wasn't sure what to do with the blown tube, not wanting to litter and leave it there, but it wasn't going back to where I got the old one from easily (Why won't you go to your home little tube? Don't you know where your home is?).  I was rushing and stupidly tied it to to my rear water bottle cage.  I made sure nothing was hanging off and took off.

Yes, I know, right there in black and white is proof that I am not very smart.  I was just thinking about getting going.

I pushed as hard as I could on the rest of the bike course, but I am not Chrissie Wellington, and you I just can't make up that much time.

About 2 miles away from finishing the bike, (some of you could have predicted this, I am sure) that tube decided to unwrap from my rear bottle cage and wrap itself tightly around my rear cog set.  Yes, I am an idiot and that was completely my fault, I shouldn't have put it there.

The knife on my mini-leatherman took care of the issue, and I left the tube there, next to an empty pack of cigarettes, a few bud cans, and a pair of sexy pink sparkly undies.  I mention the undies because I actually paused in my ripping up of the tube and thought to myself, "I bet those things could tell some stories." 

I hopped back on my bike and finished the ride.  I noted on my bike computer that my actual riding time was 47 minutes (where I had hoped my time would be), so I spent about 20 minutes screwing around with tires and tubes. 

T2 - :51
Not much to say here, except I was happy to have the bike behind me.

Run 2 - 3.1 miles - 26:05 - 8:52/mile
I was a bit bummed about the whole bike thing and ran the start of this with my head in the clouds.  La la la la out for a jog. Oooooo pretty river... I finally decided I should run harder, and I think the second part of this run was much faster than the first part - which is as it should be I guess, except to say I was a total dub for the first mile and I know it.  Again, no leg issues.

When people saw I was covered with grease, the light came on and they said, "OH! You are that girl who got the flat! That sucks!"  I thanked them kindly for acknowledging the suckage. 

What was interesting to me is that most of these folks said one of two things:
  1. I don't know how to change a flat, I would have been screwed.
  2. I would have quit and started walking back.
I kind of don't get the first one. I kinda think that is something that bikers should know how to do.  Maybe it is just that I am used to doing things myself - I am training alone 99.9% of the time and can't rely on anyone but me to fix stuff, so I learn how to fix basic stuff.

As for the second comment, I don't see the point of quitting over a diddly flat really, I mean, how do you know you can finish if you quit just because things don't go exactly as planned?  Adjust! Fix it. Do what you can.

Oh, and the age group thing.  I came in 4/7.  The woman who came in first beat me by 18 minutes, two minutes less than the time I spent screwing around with tire/tube stuff.  So I probably would have had her by about 2 minutes without the incidents.  Oh well, next time I am going for it!


Unknown said...

Stupid Flat! Hey that happens and you handled it well. The real exciting news is that your leg is feeling better and you are able to compete again! Congrats on a great race!

RockStarTri said...

I've been looking for those undies!

The silver lining for this race is the no leg issues with your running. That makes the bike adventure go into the proper perspective.

Overall though, good race and congrats.

The Green Girl said...

I love that it was put on by a museum and the goodie bag included a historical guide. Too awesome.

I was very impressed by your run time - I'm sorry you didn't make it to top 3 because of your flat tire. Urgh.

DRog said...

GREAT news regarding the running!!! I'm also impressed with how you handled the bike situation...lesson learned for me = figure out changing a flat soooon! Overall a great great race b/c of no leg issues.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Dang, even with a flat, you did great. Your run (both of them, but especially the first one) was awesome. What bum leg??? Congrats!

Jon said...

Bummer about the flat! I don't get how people who ride alone can't change a flat. What do they do if they were to get one? Hope there is cell service available....

Nice first run! Since going to see Dr. Awesome, has everything been on the up with running?

8 Weeks till Timberman!!!

Regina said...

Flat! Ugh, the lurking specter of triathletes everywhere. Nice positive attitude though and way to stick it out. I don't know what is more impressive, your attitude or the fact that you had a leatherman with you. You win the prize for most prepared (even if you don't win the prize for most inspired; the bike tube wrapped around your rear bottle holder?!).

Also, beer cans and pink sparkly underwear? That proves exactly what I have been saying....bars next to porn shops...enough said.

Well done though!

Caratunk Girl said...

Jeff - Thanks! Yeah, stupid flat, but I guess I will take a flat and a better leg any day!

Rock - I just laughed out loud about the undies. Too funny. Thanks, you are right, the silver lining is the better running.

Green Girl - thanks!

DRog - Get on that flat changing practice - hope you don't need it, but it came in handy for me today! Thanks for the encouragement on the running!

KC - thanks!

Jon - Dr. Awesome. I like that. AHHH 8 weeks!! Holy crap!

Regina - I never leave home without a leatherman. It has gotten me into trouble at airports when I forget to leave it in the bag or whatever. LOL about the bar and porn shops.

Chris said...

Great job for not quitting after getting a flat. That is so frustrating.

Alexa said...

every time I see undies on the side of the road, I wonder how they got there...

Julie said...

Nice job and way to hammmer through a flat tire! I think that you did awesome even with your little tire issue! I am sorry about you being pushed out of that 3rd place age group win:( Look at it this you have experienced a flat during a race and you will know how to make that transition faster! Congrats on a fantastic finish:)

Whitarican (White-A-Rican) said...

Great Race Report! So sorry you had the flat mess up your true placing which would have been 3rd it looks like! Way to finish the race with both those incidents on the bike! I had my chain pop off and got tons of guk all over me as well...there has to be something that they can invent for race day changes :) to keep us cleaner...not that I care when I am racing...

Matty O said...

Man, nice runs! Solid running with little to no running mileage going into it haha!

Bummer on the bike. Its one of those things like getting a speeding ticket... I am just waiting for my time hahah!!! I view it as paying your dues :)

What are the chances that you stopped to mess with your tube right at the pink panties location?!?! It was meant to be. Screw the a/g medals or trophies, your true trophy were those pink panties, I hope you grabbed them and stuffed them in your now empty aero bottle !!!

Great job, great race report as well! Now you have revenge for your next race!!!


My only flat in a race was in 1991 (yes, I am that old) when I hit a crack in the road in New Orleans and flipped over my handle bars. Luckily I was passing by transition at the time, it was a Budweiser series event, and the cold beer was flowing.. I DNFd right then and there and grabbed a cold one.

Christi said...

As I always say "adapt and overcome!" You did that and totally did awesome! Congrats on a great race! And yes, you will win your age group in the next race!

KovasP said...

Love the tableau of the sparkly undies, beer cans, cigarette pack, and...your bike tube. Glad to see you found the beauty in your situation. Congrats on the great place and great race.

skierz said...

Way to go! Great race report! damn good considering you have not been running for a while. damn tires, they always come to get you! love your postive nature on getting over it! (saw a blue thong on my run around Camp Randall at my Wisconsin camp, thought the same as you , the stories.....??!!

Caratunk Girl said...

celmore - Thanks!

Alexa - ME TOO!

Julie - Thanks! You are right, it was a good experience. I just wish someone else had that experience!

Jason - Thanks - I know, there has to be something. But in a race, like you say - who cares.

Matty O - yeah, I do a different kind of run training, I don't run at all and then run a race of any distance between 3-26.2 miles and see what happens. I didn't dare touch those panties...HA My prize, I like that!

Bob - I would have gone for a beer too. I hope that is my last one in a race for a while.

Chrisi - Thanks - I like the adapt and overcome - good one.

Kovas - Thanks, I can polish any turd.

skierz - I know, stupid tires. HA Blue thong! I haven't found one of those yet!

Krista said...

That really sucks about the flat but is great that you stuck with it and didn't let it ruin your race. I "know" how to change a flat but have yet to have to do it all on my own so I'm really hoping the first time does not happen during a race.

Kat said...

Yo! I absolutely loved reading this post. I'm taking notes because I'm training for my first EVER duathlon (August 8th) - luckily, I know how to change a flat! I have so many questions about how these things work, it's not even funny. Thanks for making your posts so much fun to read! ~~Kat

Caratunk Girl said...

Krista - Thanks. I hope you don't have to change a flat ever in a race. Actually that goes for anyone reading this. BUT on the bright side, I got to see some awesome pink sparkly undies. I would have missed those babies for sure.

Kat - Good luck in your first DU! Send me a message if you have questions, I am happy to help with what I know and then point you to someone who really knows what they are talking about. ha.

Jennifer said...

Nice RR. I think you did well and the run, whoosh. You were fast. I am pretty sure I could not change a flat under such pressure. Not sure I could change a flat under any circumstances for that matter! Need to change that!! Cheers!

Maria said...

wow, what a tough race! i'm really sorry to hear about your tire issues, but good for you for treking on through the race! next year, just come back and win the damn thing!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That just sucks, congrats on finishing

I do the exact thing you did with my flat tube, dont be so hard on yourself. At least you know of one other that does it. It was just a freak accident it came undone

I actually practice changing flats in the off season

Unknown said...

That sucks! Sorry to hear about the double whammy :(

I'm with you, how can they not know how to change a tyre?

Great that you wnet on to finish, I would have done the same and just enjoyed the race without AG pressure.

Caratunk Girl said...

Jennifer - Thanks! I just changed my game plan from trying to compete to just finishing and having fun..

BDD - Thanks! That is good to know, I thought I was a moron. I tied it as tight as I could too. Well, watch out for that, because it really sucks.

JM - Thanks! I see you finishing with a smile no matter what! :)

Glenn Jones said...

Well - at least you can say that this wasn't your normal old boring race! As Rosanne Rosanna Danna would have said - "It's always something."

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