Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

My dad holding me while I pet a frog.  Or pull it's head off.  Not sure which.

To all of you dad and granddad's out there - Happy Father's Day!  After I finish this post I am off to visit my special guys.

Jackman Ride
I had a great 58 mile ride this morning.  There was a fair amount of hill climbing, and this was the longest ride (not counting the Hundred Miles of Nowhere) I have done this year.  I feel good, and I know I have to keep working on those hills.  I love riding early mornings on Sunday's - I get Route 201 all to myself.

Elevation profile of today's ride.

The only bummer about today's ride was that I forgot my camera.  I had a great moment with a moose - she came out into the road and just stared at me until I was about 10 feet away.  I had to brake and talk to her ("Um, hi moose.  Please do something.") because I wasn't sure what her plan was and really didn't want to have another close call.  I had plenty of time for a great photo, too bad my camera was in my truck.

I also could have gotten a great shot of a fox watching me ride by - he had a mouse in his mouth with the tail dangling.  I guess I had my breakfast before he did.  But that was pretty cool too, he just watched me.  I also saw 2 deer, another fox, and a coyote.  It was pretty good, although really, the moose count was unusually low for this area.

I am convinced animals do not know what to make of the bike.  They kind of know cars are bad (even though they get on the wrong side of one sometimes), and two-leggers (humans) are bad, but this weird wheely thing that is kind of quiet...they just don't know what to make of it.  Until I open my mouth and say hi, then they know I am a two-legger and they scoot.

This is going to be my go-to long ride because of all of the climbing, I think it should really help prepare me for Timberman.  It took me 2.5 hrs to get the 29 miles to Jackman, and it took me just under an hour and a half to get back.  I like having benchmarks to improve upon, so I hope by next month I am doing this ride a little quicker.

This Weeks Numbers
Swim - 2 miles
All of my swimming is open water.  I know I am lucky to have two lakes that are gator/shark/things that would consider me a snack - free within 3 miles to choose from.  Saw my first leech of the year though. Ech.  I felt like a weenie for cringing after hearing some of you folks swim with gators.
Bike - 134 miles 
I am happy with my rides this week, concentrating on hills and working on my spinning.  Bike name?  I think I have a winner, more on that later.
Run - 5 miles
These numbers are pretty weak, but I am trying to fight through this injury with half a brain.  Running hurts right now, my gait is all screwed up.  I am a mess.  The pain is no longer so much in my calf, it is more Flexor Digitorom Longus area (using this cool interactive diagram).  Ice seems to relieve the pain, and I have learned that warming up some helps a lot. We will see.


Unknown said...

Moose are so cool. You gotta take a the camera next ride!

Big Clyde said...

You are a beast on the bike! I love reading about your rides. Do you ever do short rides? And how many minutes/hours do you ride at a time?

Glenn Jones said...

Petting a frog! My kind of girl! Just like my daughter! P.S. - my sons won't even put a worm on a fish hook. Their mom obviously got to them.

Tri-James said...

When things hurt - play it smart. Good job.


Serious hills!!! I love moose. Saw some nice ones in Alaska a few years back on vacation.

Caratunk Girl said...

Jeff - I KNOW! I am a moron.

Big Clyde - Thanks, I am trying to become a beast on the bike. My shortest ride is 16 miles I think now.. I usually ride between 1-4 hours, depending on the distance.

Tri-James - Thanks. It is hard to be smart though. I am working on it!

Bob - Thanks! I bet the moose you saw in Alaska were way bigger than the one I saw!

Patrick Mahoney said...

A couple things, nicely done on the bike this week and I think your dad's shirt is pretty freakin awesome. Old skool, love it.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

All of your numbers are fab! And the low running number is to be expected. How is PT going so far?

We saw a bunch of cool animals today too. Miniature donkeys and they have a new baby, so cute! We saw lot so billy goats and lots of new baby goats, cow, horses, 1 cute dog who wanted to play, 4 pigs in a muddy pen, 1 dead fox squirrel. I think that's it. I'd trade all of those (except the donkeys) to see a moose! Don't care to ever see leeches though.

I love the picture of you and your Dad! And the frog!

Julie said...

I love the picture with you and your dad:) So sweet! Holy cow crazy lady...nice job on your intense workouts:)

AM! said...

first, that pic of you and your dad is just too sweet;-)

and you've got a butt load of bike miles this week! nice! dang.

Aimee said...

Aww...that's such an awesome picture of you and your dad! :)

It sounds like your long bike ride route is a good one. That's awesome that you saw all of that wildlife. Usually when I ride in the mornings I only see some dear and rabbits. :)

Oh, and your bike mileage is impressive! I'm so jealous!

Bryan Payne said...

Nice ride distance. Keep up the good work. You're doing great.



Matty O said...

Man, serious ride there girl. I have not gotten over 35 miles yet haha... and our HIM is July 31st... sigh... The plan has not had us hit any big mileage on the bike so I think we are gonna plan at least one 60 miler so we know what our rears are in for... literally.

Smart on the running. Mentally its impossible... but you have to be smart.

We have a couple packs of coyotes near our house. When we are out at night I typically have my gun with me. If they enter my yard they get shot. I fear for my dogs with them around.

Leeches... you can have them! That is one of my fears with swimming in inland lakes. Lake Erie doesn't have much issues with them dang things.

Keep up the good work!
click click click ;)

Christi said...

Wow, you see a lot of great animal life on your rides. I usually only see deer.

Great training week! Keep up the great work!

Caratunk Girl said...

Patrick - thanks! I will see if dad still has it! I bet mom burned it though! ha.

KC - Thanks - PT is going well. Just not fast enough for me. Those donkey's sound awesome!

Julie, Anne Marie - thanks!

Aimee - Got lucky on this ride. Probably because I didn't have my camera!

Bryan - Click you back!

Matty O - Trust in your plan! I got mine from Beginner Triathlete for free. BUT I am loading up more on the bike mileage than the plan calls for to make up for my lack of running. Yes, mentally, the lack of running sucks monkey butt. The only good coyote is a dead one in my book. I don't want the leeches! But if you keep moving, the won't get on you.... There are only a few. That is what I tell myself...Ech.

Regina said...

I came across some very indecisive wildlife this morning. several squirrels and chipmunks (yes, living so precariously close to NYC) almost ended up under my wheels this morning. "uh, yeah, run. NO! stop!, turnaround and go back, stop. Keep going across the road, huh? stop, no, go". Geez!

Tricia said...

such a cute picture

Jon said...

Awesome ride! Uh, pics or it didn't happen with the Moose ;)....just kidding.

I like those hills! You are gonna be fine for Timberman. If you can, find some long stretches of flats to train on as well. You will be spending exactly the middle 36 miles on flats staying in the aero position.

DRog said...

LOVE that picture of you and your Dad that is so cool.


Maria said...

You sure are making living in the middle of Maine sound better and better...I see roadkill and corn, you see moose(s?) and foxes!

Caratunk Girl said...

Regina - Squirrels can never make up their minds.

Jon - Thanks! HA I knew you were going to say that about the pictures! Thanks for the heads up on flats, I will be sure to include some of them for sure!

DROG - THANKS! Me too.

Maria - Yeah, it is pretty cool up here, hope you get to see it!