Friday, May 28, 2010


First, I really want to thank you all so much for your awesome support and kind words yesterday.  I love getting comments, and you guys definitely gave me the pick-me-up I needed.  Thank you!

I am not normally a cynical B, I am a happy fun loving girl who loves to run, ride, and swim.  Taking my fun stuff away, I noticed I was slowly turning into this person:
Actually, I think this blog sums up how I felt at the time I wrote that blog yesterday:

Sneaky hate spiral.

But I will give you my version, it turns out a little better.

After a few moments of light squeezing, poking, and prodding, and looking at me hopefully for a wince or reaction, I explained again to Dr. Amby (that is now his nickname in my world) that he is really going to have to dig in deep to get me to feel anything at all.  His reaction? 

The doctor looked at my leg and said, "Huh, that doesn't seem right." 

Thank you Einstein.

He spent some time, and I mean a solid 4-5 minutes, ruling out plantar fasciitis (did I say my heel hurt?)  I think he really wanted me to have PF because he really kept pushing on my heel and arch, asking me if it hurt.  I kept telling him I have had PF and know what it feels like and this isn't it because, see, the pain I have is in my calf, when I push off, like to

He finally quit playing with my foot and started looking at my calf.  After a bit more soft, painless squeezing, he looked at me, shrugged his shoulders, and said:

"Huh.  Must be some kind of tendinitis."

OK.  So maybe I have tendinitis, but how the heck do I treat this thing to keep it from coming back again once I rest it away and go insane in the process?  And how come no real exam?  Like a few pokes, a prod, no questions. 

I did talk a lot.  And ask a lot of questions.

Since my descriptions of the issue have generally mystified every health care person I have seen in the last 4 months (OMG - 4 months?), I brought this diagram of the calf, highlighting where it hurts in orange highlighter so it would be easier for me to explain the location of the problem.

Oh if you are curious, right diagram, where the calf is all opened up. In the center there, where the little arrow points to tibialis posterior.  Like a hot knife dipped in acid going into my calf, RIGHT THERE, thank you.  OH! And NEW this week! The popliteus decided to say hello. Just being neighborly I guess.

Get me back out there Doc, that is all I am asking.  Give me the tools I need to prevent this in the future. Please.  I will do whatever you ask.  I know it probably isn't even my calf that is the problem, that something else is messed up and taking it out on my calf.  See? I get it.  Now could you please help me help me?

"Let me set you up for some PT.  Umm....How about June 16th?"

Oh yes, that is really a great date to START to try and rehab this injury, it is only, lets see...20 days away...3 days after my next triathlon.  That would be perfect.  Thank you so much.  I would love to spend those 20 days trying to get better instead of fuming, frustrated, and...and...%#$%*$% (insert your favorite explicative).  But this sounds much better, thanks.

OK.  Deep breaths. 

I ask if I can pick out another PT that can fit me in sooner.  He said, "Ummm. Sure."


I did some research, and decided that this place is the best place in Maine to go for this stuff.  Or at least it seems to have the most comprehensive options for sports injuries, and Tri-Maine seems to like them.  So what if it is a 3 hour drive. 

I call.  The earliest appointment is June 11.  Sniff.

I am still looking at double digits before I get PT help.  But at least I know that this place is full of runners and triathletes, and that chances are they can get me going again.  And they were willing to work with the fact I am so far away, so I won't have to go back 15 times in 2 weeks or whatever.  Evaluate, I do the work at home, re-evaluate progress in 3 weeks - unless they find something funky.

I wish I could go there today and start.  I am on a cancellation list, just in case.

Till then? Well, I am going to ride and swim.  Hope that the knee thing was a freak thing on my last ride.  If it was just a freak thing (please, oh please), I am going to work as hard as I can on the two parts of tri that I have the least experience in.  I want to be a climbing machine on the bike, and a fish in the water. 

So yeah, that is my new plan.  Onward and upward!


Jon said...

Wow, I woulda flipped out on that doctor!!! It really kills your confidence in doctors in general, right? I hope the place down in Portland worksout!

DRog said...

I hope this is it for you!! Super frustrating, but this OA place sounds encouraging. Bringing in the diagram was a great call.

Hilarious Sneaky Hate Spiral I have been on it now in rest day number 3. The lady at Starbucks was TOO friendly and the car blazing by me in the parking lot after was an AHole...there appears to be no pleasing me today!

Sam said...

This sounds just like what I deal with...often twice a year. I think you have a calf strain.'s funny that you brought in a highlighted digram. I do the same thing.
Research calf strains. I think you'll find that you are already doing MOST of the things you should be doing to resolve the issue. The biggest problem is that this is happening now and not in say...late Novemeber.
Good luck and I hope you heal well and fast.

Unknown said...

HEMS - every day until it feels better. In my case with a type 2 ankle strain, it took 5 days/treatments.

You do the picture routine too? I always thought that I was a Physios worst nightmare patient...

Krista said...

Some doctors are so lame. I mean really? How do they stay in business? I was having back pain at one point and the doc I went to see told me that it was because, and I quote, "my butt was too small so when I was sitting I was pressing on a nerve." WTF?

I hope PT works wonders for you and you are running pain free in no time!

Ron said...

I looked at the PT's website that you listed and I think you are right on the money with this place. They are highly trained. I would prefer you see this guy, I like his credentials the most. Timothy P. Davoren, PT, ATC, Clinical Director. If you showed up there and asked to interview a PT and told them your story they most likely would get you in. The front office usually are drones and wont allow that. GOOD LUCK! They can fix it!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I sure hope the PT peeps can get you back to good again and not a crazed axe killer. I know how frustrating that is. I've had my share of running injuries back in the day and the ortho docs i went to drove me crazy with how lazy they can be. Basically, I ended up telling them what was wrong from the get go and they tried to prove me wrong b/c god forbid someone without an MD at the end of their name could know more than them. I would certainly hope I know more about myself than anyone else but they can't deal with that. They have that God complex going on. But i digress. I wish you a speedy recovery once you get rolling with the PT and that the cause of the injury can be figured out that way you can avoid it. In the meantime, as you said, upward and onward and this is a great time to focus on all things not running related.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am now really, really questioning what my doc said too. I hope a PT opening is available soon for you.

Aimee said...

Oh...that doc would have totally frustrated me too! I'm glad you were able to get a PT appointment. It would have been nice to get one sooner, but at least it's scheduled and will hopefully help you through this thing!

RockStarTri said...

I'm still looking for the voodoo mistress to heal me but after I find her, I'll send her up north for you.

Or you can give the PT a try too. Probably a better possibility for success, but then again, maybe not.

Unknown said...

wow ... what ever happened to the good old days of them just giving us a cortisone shot and sending us on our way? Screw tendentious you need pain killers!!!

My last shoulder injury
I just straight out told the doc he needed to give me cortisone for the inflammation and he said, "OK". Hasn't hurt since.

Regina said...

man that sucks. I can feel your frustration. I wish I could tell you something that would help. There is always the bar and sex shop in the mean while ;P

I get all kinds of little pains that come and go like you did on the bike with your knee. Unless it sticks around I wouldn't worry too much. Usually a little ice, massage or foam rolling, depending on the pain, helps.

Maria said...

Wow, that sucks! Good for you for keeping a positive attitude, I would have said 'screw it' by now and continued running, which, we all know is THE WORST THING TO DO. So in short, don't listen to me. The end.

Unknown said...

So frustrating.. what am I paying you for again doc?? Seriously.. and to not be able to get help for 20 days!!! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! I'm so sorry!

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