Saturday, May 15, 2010

Top 10 Marathon Moments

First, thank you all for the awesome support and great comments regarding my last post.  I really do love getting comments, (more than I love Milano cookies even!) and I just re-read them all for an extra dose of inspiration before I head out the door to make the drive to my parents.  You are awesome.

It is kind of cool doing a race that doesn't require a hotel stay.  I like that I get to eat really what I want the night before, which is going to be Molly Katzen's Sesame-Peanutty Noodles but I add some chicken for extra protein instead of tofu (because I am the only one who would eat this with tofu, and I am hoping to share!)  Seriously, this recipe rocks, try it.

I have been thinking about my past marathons and made this "Top 10" list of snapshot moments I have in my head from past events.
  1. Going for my first run with my buddy Steve W (who is running Sugarloaf with ahead of me).  We ran 5 miles, he convinced me I should sign up for a marathon.  I did.  Later that week, after registering for the MDI Marathon, I emailed him asked him how far a marathon was.
  2. Driving the course of my first marathon the day before the race.  During the drive I boldly claimed that I really did like running hills.  At the end of the drive, John turned to me and said, "Well, I guess it is a good thing you like hills, because the first 25 miles of this race are uphill.  My arm is tired from down shifting."
  3. Thinking to myself as I was climbing mile 20 of that first marathon that I was actually going to finish.  
  4. Just after that thought, I learned that the hardest part of the marathon is the last 6 miles.
  5. Taking a wrong turn at my second running of the MDI Marathon, and people following me because I had just told them I did this race last year and I knew where I was going.
  6. Getting the guy from New Brunswick with the bloody nipples to keep going at mile 21 of my second running of the MDI Marathon.  He was ready to quit, I saw it in his eyes.  I grabbed his arm and pulled him back on the course, asked him to walk with me for a minute.  We walked and ran together for the rest of the race.  At the finishline he hugged me and said he wouldn't have finished without me.  That was cool, I have no idea who he was.
  7. Running up Battery St. Hill to the beat of Taiko Drummers at the Vermont City Marathon. That. Was. Awesome.  If you haven't done it, you really should.
  8. Taking a shot of beer at Mile 25 of the Vermont City Marathon, where I PR'd.  I love college students supporting a race.  And, well, beer.
  9. Telling my friend Cindy, when convincing her to sign up for the Goofy Challenge, "Really, how hot could it be in Florida in January?" Answer: So hot and humid, you think you are breathing through a warm wet sponge.
  10. Almost puking on Minnie Mouse around mile 21 of the Goofy Challenge after eating (well, chewing. And chewing. And chewing.) Black Cherry Cliff Shot Blocks. I actually did puke behind her.  Lucky Minnie.  I will never eat those things again. Ever.
One last thing!  Best of luck to all who are racing this weekend.  I know three folks who are going for it this weekend, and I am sending lots of good mojo their way.  BRING IT guys!
  • KC at 140point6miles is doing the Florida International Triathlon on Sunday
  • Jeff at Dangle the Carrot is doing his first 70.3 - the Texas Man on Sunday
  • Teresa at Tri-A-Licious is doing the doing the Ironman 70.3 Florida on Sunday
Stop by their blogs and wish them luck if you get a chance, they will certainly appreciate it.  These guys all give awesome race reports too, so check them out later this week to see how it went.

Cheers all!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Thanks Mandy! now it's your turn to light it up tomorrow. Sending you my best race mojo and thinking about you tomorrow AM.

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

My absolute favorite is #1. Priceless!


Right on!!! Number 8. Had to be the Hash House Harriers.... a staple in my 13 Houston Marathons was the beer at mile 25!! Even better was mile 12 (run) of IMFL and I needed something to wash down Advil..... beer at an aid station!!

Have fun tomorrow!!!

n/a said...

Thanks for the shout out! Good luck on your race! I'll be thinking of you!

Unknown said...

Have a great time tomorrow! Let's all report back later in the evening, you know, after the ice bath and power nap!

Aimee said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck tomorrow! :)

Thomas Tan said...

Good luck tomorrow and have a great race!

Black Knight said...

Good luck I am with you!!! About n° 4: that is right, we call it the 32°km. crises and it always comes. Have a great and fast race.

Bryan Payne said...

Good luck and I love the list.

Unknown said...

Dang it I wish I would have seen this yesterday as I would have left huge amounts of good lucks in a comment!
Hope you had a blast and I love that you saw a barefoot chic!!
I love the list you posted! How cool that you helped that guy out :)

Regina said...

By the time you read this you will have finished racing. I am sorry I missed the chance to wish you good luck. I'm sure you didn't need it though! I love this list. I cracked up at number 1 and loved that you got that guy to finish the race, you rock!

Can't wait to hear about the race.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, what a great, great post, congrats!!!

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