Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Randomness

Recovery from the race on Sunday is going well, the injured calf is still...well injured.  BUT the good news is that it almost feels like it did 3 weeks before the race, so I am pretty sure I didn't hurt anything.  Well, hurt any thing worse than it already was, that is.

If it wasn't for my left calf, I would say all my stiffness and soreness from the race was gone by Tuesday.  I definitely spent some quality time with the foam roller, The Stick, a tennis ball, and sitting in icy water, so I think that is why I felt so good so quickly.

Huh. I just re-read that last sentence, and taken out of context it sounds kind of funny.  No wonder everyone in this town thinks I am a freak.

One last awesome newly found race-day photo:

On to the random stuff:
  • I was lucky enough to be a winner in Laura B's Moving Comfort give-away! Take a minute and check out her blog.  Laura is the mother of a child affected by Joubert Syndrome. She and her husband created "Jog for Joubert Syndrome" to help raise money and awareness for Joubert Sydrome.    Thanks Laura!
  • Jeff - you can have my weight if you want, can't we just trade?  I want to lose 10-15 lbs before Timberman HIM.  My friends all freak out when I say this, but I think dropping the weight will help me tremendously with speed on the bike and run. We all have challenges, mine is that I drive a ton for work and find it hard to eat well on the go (and I really love chocolate covered pretzels. And pizza).  I work in the woods so it isn't like I can stop at a store or have a fridge to keep stuff cool.  I need to figure out a better plan, cut the carbs (and the pizza and pretzels.  That post-race bag of Milano's didn't help), and start paying attention to what I am eating.
  • With the marathon behind me, I plan on ramping up my training.  Long rides and hill repeats are in my future, and like the masochist that I am, I am looking forward to it.  The lake is almost 52 degrees right now, and I am going to try and get my first open water swim in this weekend.  Well, I am going to at least put my wetsuit on and stick my foot in the water. 
  • Runs are going to be put off until this leg thing starts to get better.  Or until my next race, whichever comes first.
  • Ramping up my training includes strength training for a change.  I mean, more than once every two weeks.  I know, weak.  My problem is that since I weight train at home (the closest gym is 1 hr away), I get so bored.  And find other things to do.  So my weight training has been as follows:

    - 2 sets of 10 lunges
    - go plant some carrots
    - 2 sets of 10 hammer curls
    - bake some cookies

    You get the idea, again, I need to make and follow a better plan.
  • My buddy Molly is doing her FIRST triathlon this weekend!  WOOT!  I hope she becomes another addict. 
To anyone who has a race this weekend - good luck!  


    KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

    That is a great picture...looking strong! I personally do not own a stick or a foam roller (yet) but i will say that my left glute and i spend quality time with a tennis ball and yes, it makes everything feel very good, very quickly (LOL!). Who knew a tennis ball could do such wonders? Hopefully the calf will have a nice opportunity to heal completely now and come next race, you'll have forgotten all about it. About that weight training...even i (as a former personal trainer for a million years)get bored doing weights. I also do 99% of all my training at home so I have to get creative. I have dumbbells from 1 lb all the way to 80 lbs (i don't use those!). What i try to do is incorporate the weights into a circuit workout and that usually does the trick. I will email you a workout either later tonight or tomorrow. Good luck to your pal Molly!! Go Molly!


    Me too on the weight loss. 10 would be sweet. It would put me at my 10th grade wt. and hopefully around 45 minutes quicker on IM. Trouble is I am SO weak when it comes to temptations.

    Caratunk Girl said...

    KC - I would LOVE that! Thanks - I can't wait! I have 1lb to 15 lb some other stuff (bands, balls, leg weights...)

    Bob - I am weak when it comes to food, especially when the bad stuff is so good.

    RockStarTri said...

    I'm still 20 above where I need to be. All you can do is all you can do..

    Go Molly!

    Regina said...

    From freak to another, I get you.

    I have a friend trying to gain weight for a swim in the Hudson River next weekend (which I am also doing), I wish I had his problem.

    DRog said...

    Your upcoming rides sound awesome, the 52 degree swim not so much!

    I was totally laughing yesterday when eating the egg mcmuffin -thinking of Bryan taunting others at IMSG...if anyone saw me that must have been an odd sight: a guy laughing by himself eating mcdonalds on the side of the road on his bike

    Patrick Mahoney said...

    I'm in for another 10 pounds off as well (as I eat a brownie, but it's small)

    Tri-James said...

    Rule of thumb – 1 lb = 2 seconds per mile off of your run pace.

    Big Daddy Diesel said...

    Lets give Jeff all our unwanted weight!!!

    I hope that calf heals up soon.

    Arnt triathletes the normal ones, isnt everyone else the freaks?

    Maria said...

    I got a problem with the food as well...sweets are my major downfall...major.
    Glad to hear you didn't damage the calf anymore!
    Keep it cool in the north!

    Anonymous said...

    I feel sorry for the people who think we are freaks. I have co-workers who think I'm insane because I take the stairs to the 4th floor rather than that death trap 90 year old elevator. Yeah, I feel sorry for them.

    Unknown said...

    Have you tried HEMS (Heat, Exercise, Massage)?

    Basically do hamstring and calve stretches (any type), then alternate immersing your leg in cold water (with ice if you can bear it) and then hot as you can stand water (with a tablespoon of mustard) 1 min per immersion, alternate for 5 of each type. Massage with roller, then massage calve by hand with castor oil. Put on long sock to let the oil soak in. Sugoi compression sock works well. Leave on overnight.

    Repeat each day as necessary for up to a week. That got me running again after a nasty strain in less than a week.

    Unknown said...

    hahha ... Don't worry guys I am finding everyone's lost weight! In 5 days I have gained 8.5 lbs and the birthday party for my niece today hasn't even begun yet ... Last night we all went out to dinner and my brother-in-law referred to my eating ability as "quite the demonstration" ... I ate my meal and parts of 3 others, it was glorious.

    Mandy, you are going to have to talk to me about how "The Stick" works? I have heard other talk about it but never really have figured out how it works? LOVE the foam roller though. Hope you are having a good weekend and that stinking calf gets back to normal real soon!

    Aimee said...

    I love that race is awesome!

    Um..good luck with the 52degree OWS! I am getting cold just thinking about it...brr!

    I really need to vamp up my strength training too. I'm so bad at making it happen...ugh!

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