Sunday, May 9, 2010

Polar Bear Tri

Final time 1:29:13...Not a great performance, but my approach to this race was just to have fun, especially with the calf issue and a marathon next weekend.   Looking back I realize I was nonchalant about it and now I am mad I didn't do better...Go figure.

The day was a little rainy, but not so bad really. 

Interesting set-up to this one. There were 13 waves, seeded according to projected swim times for 525 meters. The twist here is that they don't go from fastest to slowest. In fact, the first two waves are for the slowest swimmers, and then the next two were for the fastest swimmers, then the rest of the waves went from slowest to fastest.

Yeah, I don't get it either, but it worked.  So, the first wave went at 8:25, the next at 8:45, and then at 9:00, 9:07, 9:15, 9:23 with the last wave, at 10:46 am.  So there was 2 hours between the first start and the last start, so a lot of waiting around for some folks.

Especially the poor bastard who had to wait for me to finish the swim.  On to the race report.

SWIM- 525 yds - 13:05

Apparently, people actually train for the swim portion of the triathlon.  Weird.

Making the drive to do 7 swims since October got me a time of 13:06 (remember, I live in Caratunk, full-time resident population 60, and the closest pool is about 75 minutes away).  Nope, not happy with it at all, but given the fact I haven't been to a pool much this winter, I am not surprised.  When the little college girl who was counting my laps put the sign in the water that said "Last lap," I was so happy I almost crawled out of the pool and kissed her, but I was too tired. 

The part that was super cool was that my friend Mary (who was in a later wave of the tri - congrats on a great finish Mary!) -  was at one end of the lane cheering for me, so when I would turn I could see her smiling face and hear her yell "Go Caratunk Girl!" (in the picture, she is the one bent over, I am the white swim capped non-flip turner hacking my way through the water.  I might even be trying to sneak a break in here, who knows).  When I slithered (the best way to describe what I did) out of the pool she had a some guys cheering for the Caratunk Girl too, and I high fived them all on the way out to transition.

T1 - 2:03
Not a super long run outside from the hot humid pool area into the cool misty day.  My friend Chad gave me the tip to pick a lane as close to the door as possible, which shortened the run to T1 a bit. Thanks Chad!
This is longer than I normally take for transition, but I did the idiot move of pre-zipping my jacket for a quick slide on pre-race to save fumbling during race.  Then I forgot I did it.  There I was, jacket now half zipped behind my back, arms in jacket, trying to figure out what the heck was going on.  The great news is, mom caught my idiocy on film.  This is at the height of my confusion:
Bike - 11 miles 41:00 ~ 16 mph.  Eh.  I should have been much faster.  Honestly the pool really kicked my butt and I think I lost some time in recovery.  It took me a while to get cranking, like a sold couple of miles. I was finally getting into my groove at the end then it was time to run.

T2 - 1:42 - Idiot move #2.  This was my first tri with new bike shoes (used to have toe clips), realized I can't run the run with them on. Duh.  Went back to T area after 3 steps and put on sneakers. Oops.

Run - 3 miles - 31:25 - This time kills me because before my injury I was knocking off 8:30 miles. The calf hurt, it actually didn't bother me until I ran about 500 feet or so, and I was so hopeful that I was going to have a pain free run.  The blood just hadn't gotten there yet.  It quickly stood at attention and yelled ("Hey butthead.  It is me your calf. Stop it. Now.")  I didn't stop, but it wasn't the most comfortable run I have ever had.  Like a masochist, I went sans Advil, the last time I do that while I am working this injury out.

The run course was awesome, mixed pavement and trail running.

I love funny race moments.  During the run two girls with 19 and 20 written on their legs passed me.  I was OK with that, and I was trying to ignore my yelling calf.  Then out of nowhere, some 68 year old man blew my doors off, following those 2 young girls saying, "I am going to catch those whipper-snappers".  I think he blew their doors off too.

The race was well run and organized as all Tri-Maine events are.  I don't see myself doing a pool tri again.  My biggest problem with this tri (and I assume, all pool tris) is you have sit around a long time for your swim wave - so the first wave left at 8:30, and then the last left at 10:45am. I don't see any way to avoid that though.  If any of you get to do the Tri Maine events, definitely do them, always well run and organized.

What's Next? 
100 Miles to Nowhere (tomorrow night, race report to follow Tuesday AM)
Sugarloaf Marathon - 26.2 miles of waddling on May 16, race report May 17. Oh. That is in 1 week.
Pirate Triathlon - June 13 - There is a fundraiser attached to this one with some great prizes - I will post more details on Wednesday

Now, anyone know where I can get a new left calf?  Really, I need it.


Claire said...

Sounds like fun!! I'd love to do a Tri but I don't swim or bike...probably shoot my time to shit.

Sending wellness vibes to your calf from Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!

AM! said...

I was just wondering how the polar bear tri went for you.

nice job! and that's some comitment to get to the pool ~75 min away!! I'm impressed.

and you've got a BIG load this week! a 100miler bike and a marathon on the wknd. it's like a Ironman for you this week. ;-)

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Great job considering the waiting game, the weather and the stupid calf. Chalk it up as a warm up for the tri season and for your marathon right around the corner. Gotta go click on the 100 miles to nowhere link now...sounds interesting.

misszippy said...

Great race report--you had me laughing with you several times there! I think you did great. And look at what's on your plate next! You are a stud.

RockStarTri said...

All you can do is all you can do. Based on your training and injuries I think this was a good job.

I was never able to find replacement body parts and it wasn't due to lack of trying. You might just have to get better!

Julie said...

Congrats on a great race! I love reading race reports:) Thanks for sharing all of those fantastic look great! I hope that your calf feels better soon!

Bryan Payne said...

Loved your race report. Nice job. Good luck on the 100 miler.

BTW, if you haven't tried "the stick" on the calve, you may want to try it, it works for me.

Congrats again.


Anonymous said...

awesome race report....and yeah...I use the stick too..and it works crackishly well...

Unknown said...

Congrats on the first one this year! The one pic with you running out of T1 you had a big smile on your face and that is awesome!

So cool you are doing Fatty's 100 mile to nowhere. He had some cool swag! It filled up so quick!


I'm with you.... why train for the swim? Be careful doing the marathon with the calf issues... you dont want to make it serious..

Black Knight said...

Great report. A tri before a marathon: you are a myth! Congrats for the performance.

Maria said...

Congrats on the race. It was a solid opening season race regardless of how you wanted your times to go. You are going to be busy this week so make sure recovery comes first for the marathon!
Cant wait to hear about 100 miles to nowhere!

Turbo Photographs said...

Great report!! And congrats on knocking out your first tri of the year!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

COngrats!!! Great report!! Whats a race without some little snafu's. Makes it so much more interesting

Candice Schneider said...

Hope your calf feels better soon! Reading about the older gentleman who was determined to catch the "whipper-snappers" cracked me up. Love it. Congrats on your race!

RunToTheFinish said...

I think a tri with a pool swim would be my best bet to ever get started. way to go and i hope 100 miles goes well!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Cool race report. And having the first wave go out at 8:45? That's my kid of race!! We are usually done by then in CA.

Aimee said...

Hooray! I know you were a little disappointed in your race, but you did awesome! Especially considering you haven't been able to swim much AND you have a calf injury!

I get freaked out by open water, but I did one pool swim tri and vowed to NEVER do one again, and I haven't yet! I will take OWS tris to pool tris any day!

Anonymous said...

Well done! I have to add my two cents on "the stick". I had regular problems with my calves until I started using the stick on them.

Regina said...

Maybe a disappointing race for you, but you made the report very entertaining. I love that you are smiling in that T2 shot! I still say, well done.

I'll do you one better on getting passed by the 68 year old. I'm riding my bike doing laps, working hard in the park and some guy passes me on a Bike Friday. Hear that hissing sound? It is my ego deflating.

Good job!

Krista said...

Great race report! That stinks that your pool is far away but you are lucky you have open water swimming options all summer!

Earlier this year I got passed in Central Park by a guy on a fold-up commuter bike. Yea. That sucked.

adena said...

Yes I'm stalking, er reading some of your archives, who knows if you'll even see this comment but I had to tell you when I read this line "Apparently, people actually train for the swim portion of the triathlon. Weird." I started to laugh, really loud and couldn't stop. Problem is, I'm at work, and my coworkers think I'm nuts now. I dunno why that struck me so funny but thanks.. :-)

Great race report too, well done!!

I'm still giggling..

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