Friday, May 14, 2010

I Just Really Want the Sticker

There is really only one way to get a sticker like this:

You have to run the Sugarloaf Marathon.  Or at least sign up for it and pick up your swag bag.  But in my world, you can't put that on your truck window unless you have earned it by going the 26.2.

Now most people would probably think about how running (waddling) a marathon on a nagging injury would affect the rest of their racing season.  Someone who hasn't run any distance to speak of for 3 weeks might even think, "This is going to hurt.  Is it worth it, really?"  I guess a sensible person might even think about how this aggravating injury would affect being able to do their job (since I need my legs to work, I should consider this).

Not me.

When thinking about the intelligence of running the race, the first thing I thought was, "I really want that sticker."

Actually, it is the only thing I thought.

Beth and I even talked about where we would put our sticker once we got it.  We haven't talked much about the race, but we have talked in detail about that sticker.

Yes, this deceptively simple blue triangle strikes a chord in so many people, me included.  The traditional Sugarloaf Sticker (sans the 26.2) can be found plastered on cars and signs and places all over the world (my buddy Sam put up the only known sticker in Antarctica.  I don't know where he put it. But this is him in Antarctica.)

I even have a small one on my bike.

But the blue triangle sticker you get from this race has 26.2 on it, so it is even more special.

So yes, I am running on Sunday so I can get a sticker.  I am pretty sure it is worth it, but I will let you know later.

Here is the other thing.

I don't usually get stressed out and uber-nervous before a race.  Mostly because I know I am not going to win.  I tend to always do the best I can in the situation at hand, so I am not so nervous about doing that.  I do get butterflies as I am standing in the starting line (wayyyy behind all the fast people).

I am a bit freaked out about Sunday's marathon.

I have been going about my week as if nothing special is happening on Sunday.  I have been trying like heck to get that leg to feel somewhat normal, poking and prodding, massaging and Sticking, heating and icing.  The specter of 26.2 is looming over me, and I am having a hard time trusting in my training because, well, I haven't really run in 3 weeks.

Sure I have been biking, and yeah, I biked 100 miles on a trainer earlier this week, and it was hard.  But really, that is so different than running. Plus, I got to take a nap and eat Milano Cookies on the trainer ride.  I really will do anything for a bag of Milano cookies.

This isn't my first time going this distance, it is my 5th (current PR 4:18).  I think that is why I am a little freaked.  I respect that distance, and have had my butt handed to me for not training enough for 26.2.

I also think I am frustrated because I was doing so well with training, getting consistently faster over longer distances.  Then I had to change my training and slow way down because of the injury, eventually stopping the running all together.  Not being sure that your leg is going to stand up to what you are about to put it through is quite a strange feeling, and is a tremendous shot to your confidence.

In the end, all I can do is the best I can do, and that is my plan for the race.

Well, that and to get a sticker.



The things we do for stickers and other crap. For me, it was seeing the first "The Rock" warm up jacket in an airport. I had to have one (Dallas White Rock Marathon). Next it was the simple 140.6 for the back of the car.

I am glad they don't have stickers for Deca Ironmen (1406), I would probably have to have one of those too

Julie said...

There is no doubt in my mind that you will get that darn sticker!! You can do it:) Have a fantastic weekend!

RunToTheFinish said...

good luck sunday!!! I think this is why I don't race much, I really just build them up too much in my brain and make them these huge things. Granted yours actually seems to have some logic behind it and mine is all pure crazy.

Mike Schoeffler said...

Agreed - very cool sticker. Good luck in the race - the logo totally makes it worth it.

misszippy said...

I totally get where you are coming from--marathons can be scary! But you are experienced, so that counts for quite a bit. Just start nice and easy and enjoy the experience. Get that sticker!!

Teri said...

The sticker is worth it - I totally get it. I hope the marathon goes alright for you. I can understand the nerves. I'll be cheering for you!!

Unknown said...

Such a cool sticker!!! For motivation take the sticker and place it on a bag of milano cookies with someone at the finish line. So when you hit mile 20 you can start thinking about getting both the sticker and the milano's!!! You are going to do great!

Velma said...

Good Luck!!! If you have to walk - who cares! - just spend a nice few hours on the road. 100 miles on the bike should count for something.

Maria said...

I think its funny how people can get so fixated on the smallest things like a sticker (I am NOT making fun of you)...I totally do it too!
Good luck, listen to your body, finish and put that stellar sticker on your truck! (and then take a picture and show us!)

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

i love stickers! especially the one's you have to earn. my husband was making fun of the 26.2 stickers the other day saying that everyone has them and i said, but not everyone has the 26.2 that says Boston on it! that's the one i have on my car but I am dying to put the 140.6 on there...i mean, just dying. But, like race t-shirts, can't wear it or show it off til you earn it. that's an unwritten rule yet we all know it's like the law. have a safe race, enjoy and look forward to reading all about it.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

What worries me is not the race, its the training. To me, a race is the reward, a party of sorts for all the hard work I put in, day in and day out. Training is what sucks, the race is the reward to for committing to it.

Take it easy at the marathon, the goal is the finish line, not an PR, you will PR again someday.

Whitarican (White-A-Rican) said...

Good luck this weekend and make sure you enjoy it and have fun!!!! Your time will be great you already did the hard part! Looking forward to race report!

Aimee said...

This may sound weird, but I'm sending you a virtual hug right now. You are going to do great! You have done this distance before, so you know how to handle it. Yes, you are injured, but you WILL cross that finish line. If you have to walk, then do it and just embrace the experience! You will get that sticker! :)

AM! said...

you have 5 marathons under your belt. that's some cool experience. rely on it on sunday and do that race.

here's another scenario though; just to be the devil's advocate...what if you were to possibly postpone racing this til next year, where you are 100% injury free, and then run the race of your life for the sticker? don't hate me: just a thought;-)

Anonymous said...

Dang, now you got me wanting one of those stickers. I'm sure you will earn your sticker. Have fun.

Unknown said...

I just heard...No stickers this Year

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