Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Have I Got a Deal For You

I was recently approached by a fellow Beginner Triathlete member, Chad.   He had noticed that I was signed up for the Pirate Triathlon, a race created to raise money to sponsor families to go to Camp SunshineCamp Sunshine is a place families who have a child suffering from a life threatening illness can go for a week, free of charge, for a little respite from the terrible deal life has thrown their way.  
Chad asked me to team up with him to raise $1500 so we could send a family to Camp Sunshine for a week.  Gulp.  $1500? By June 13? 2010? I jumped on Camp Sunshine's website and read some more about what they do, and it didn't take me too long to agree to team up with him to raise the money.  This place does some amazing stuff for people who just really need it, and is run largely by volunteers. 

So yes, this is a shameless plug to raise some money for a great place.  But the cool thing is I was able to channel the Fat Cyclist's ability to unabashedly ask people for free stuff to help raise money for a great cause.  I was able to secure 3 sweet prizes that will go to 3 of our generous donors in a random drawing.

Cool right?  Anyone who donates to the Camp Sunshine Fundraiser, will be put into a drawing to win one of 3 fabulous prizes. 
  1. A free pair of shoes from Brooks Running ($80 - $130 value, depending on the shoes).

    The Brooks award certificate that I am holding in my hand says "Good for One Free Pair of Shoes".  So yeah, like any pair you want.  Thank you so much Steve D from Brooks Running for that generous donation, you guys are the best! 
  2. A free raft trip for two with Adventure Bound ($170 value)! 

    Now, I know Maine might be a long way off for some of you, but I also know some of you are really not that far away, or at least maybe know someone who isn't that far away.  And really, you should experience the beauty of this area first hand.  Thank you John for your generous donation, you are awesome.
  3. $25 gift certificate to LL Bean.  Kindly donated by our friends at Fieldstone Media

    Free stuff from LL Bean, who couldn't use something from there?  Stephanie, as always, you are an awesome supporter of all the crazy stuff I do, thank you!
The drawing will be on June 14 (the day after the Pirate Triathlon) and will be done using  There will be 3 random numbers, the first drawing is the shoes, the second the raft trip, the third the gift certificate.  Your number is the number order you have donated (so if you are the 16th to donate, your number is #16).

It would be super duper awesome if you could help me and Chad send a family to Camp Sunshine.  

Here is the link if you want to donate - you can also donate by clicking on the new Pirate Triathlon logo on the upper left hand corner of my blog.   Thank you for helping me help a family.

Next up: 
Pre-race jitters!  I just tried to take my dog for a walk and he almost had to carry me home. This weekend's marathon is going to be interesting. 


AM! said...

Hi there! Very cool!

And had to let you know.. with your personality/ perserverence, I wanted to donate money to the charity, sans the giveaway b/c you are promoting it;-)

AM! said...

oh! but just wanna say...i'm stoked on your giveaways!;-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice, this a the mother of all give aways, I love how you put this together.

Regina said...

Awesome! You've given me some good ideas about fundraising for my TNT tri this summer. thanks. Going to go donate to your cause now!

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