Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wrong Turn Run

Have you ever gone out for say, an 18 mile run and accidently run 21 or so?  I figure, it must happen to everybody, right?  As you all know, I have been known to take wrong turns before, so this run shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

The run started out gorgeous, it had snowed about an inch, and the snow was clinging to the trees, making them sag into the road, giving you this running through a tunnel-like feeling.  I was following Beth's footprints, laughing at the messages she was writing me in the snow, and cursing myself for not bringing my camera.  The snowy patches gave way to deep, muddy patches in places, but I figured, that is what you get for running on the Boise Road in the spring.

Beth waited for me at the turn-off to the Divide Road, our 5 mile cut off back to Route 201 which lead to a 3ish mile run home.  It really was a perfect plan.

At this point, we were nearly 10 miles into the run and we were both feeling pretty darn good.  I think the beauty of the run was making us giddy.  She ran with me for a short time, and then sped off ahead with her effortless stride that I envy.  As I ran alone, I was concentrating on matching her footprints, extending my stride, being faster.

Then I started noticing the road degrading, grass peeking up through the snow.  More washouts.  That creeping feeling of knowing you are going the wrong way, but forging ahead regardless.  Then I saw Beth running back to me, she had a funny look on her face.

We both stopped.  Our eyes met.  We both cracked up laughing.

We decided to see where this dirt road went, since most roads around here lead back to Route 201 eventually.  Emphasis on most.  Turning around didn't really occur to either of us.

Many of you might consider it absurd to continue running down an unknown road in the middle of the woods, unsure of where we were, probably heading in the wrong direction.  Which is funny, because it made perfect sense to both of us at the time, and even now makes sense to me to check it out while I was there. 

The road continued to degrade as we pushed ahead, running with big goofy smiles on our faces.  It changed from road to game trail, back to really bad road.  We were laughing like a couple of school girls, whooping, rock hopping, puddle jumping, and occasionally getting bogged down in the mud, which was funny too.

It felt like we were heading in a good direction.  The reality was that we had no idea where we were going. At that point, I didn't really care, I am pretty sure Beth didn't either.  We knew we would get back eventually.

The road seemed to improve suddenly, turning from not really a road to good gravel that didn't suck us down.  I think I even said to Beth, "Holy crap, I think we are going to make it out to 201!"  She seemed as surprised as I was.  Testament to the the fact we were completely lost, but having a heck of a good time.

So we made it onto Route 201 about 6 miles from my house.  A wee bit further away than Plan A, but I figure you always have to be ready for Plan B, just in case something happens, like taking a wrong turn, which turned out to really be the right way to go today as far as I am concerned. 

The last 6 miles were kind of tough actually.  No rocks to hop on, no puddles to skip, no quick sand mud.  Not much to look at.  Boring really.  But we cranked it out (Beth much faster than I) and were pretty impressed with the new route we found.  We might wait until the dryness of summer before we try it again though.


Unknown said...

Isn't is awesome to accidentally find new running routes!!!! I always sort of gain a little bounce in my step going into unchartered territories!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I love taking unfamiliar roads when I run orride. being spontaneous is so much more fun. looks like you are now ahead of schedule for your long runs.

Regina said...

I love an unexpected adventure like that. I have a friend who I always drag along with me to go exploring new territory. Getting lost is fun (especially around here, because you are never far from civilization). Nice run!!

AM! said...

that'll be fun to try the 'new' route out in the dry season. probably still be tough if it's hilly, but a totally different bloom season eh?:)

Jon said...

Way to get the miles in!....lost. hehe

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love getting lost, so much fun

Anonymous said...

sounds pretty freeing...

Aimee said...

It sounds like you two had a great run! As much as I love adventures, I think I would have been a little freaked out if I would have been by myself. But, if I would have had a friend with me I would have done the same thing! :)

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