Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Randomness

Good luck Ironman St. George competitors!
I want to wish a big good luck and lots of positive (warm) mojo to all those heading out to Ironman St. George this weekend.  I know that Training Payne is going to be there, along with my Beginner Triathlete buddy Steve A, The Fat Cyclist and his wife, The Runner, Caleb at Daily Mile, Onehourironman, and Scott K.  Best of luck to you all (and anyone I forgot to mention!)


I recently read the story of Rosie Swale-Pope and her 5 year run around the world (including Greenland and Siberia) for various charities and to highlight the importance of cancer awareness and early detection.  After she completed her run around the world she wasn't as tired as she thought she would be, so she decided to run 26 marathons in 26 days for charity.  Today should be marathon number 25 if all goes as planned.  And she happens to pull this thing behind her, which she sleeps and carries all needed gear in.  Oh, yeah, she is 63.


I am nearing the end of my second week without running.  I am about to explode - not so much for not running as for not being able to.  I am feeling good about the time on the bike.  Working on sneaking in a swim somewhere too - I can't wait for the water to get above 42 degrees so I can swim without driving an hour and fifteen minutes first.

The good news is, I am pretty sure the calf is getting better, but I am waiting until Sunday before I try a light 3 miler.  Thanks for the great suggestions to use compression, The Stick, and foam roller - I have some X2U compression sleeves that I use and love, but am thinking that I might invest in a pair of X2U socks as well.  I have been beating my calves alternately with The Stick and the foam roller and it definitely has helped a lot.

Good Advice

I want to close with this, my plan for my two upcoming races.

I mentioned to my buddy Steve (who talked me into my first marathon) that I was a wee little bit (a lot) stressed about my upcoming marathon given my lack of running (for a week and a half now).  His advice come race time?
It’s simple – go until you stop and if you are not done, go some more. Piece of cake.
~ Steve W


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I'm so happy to hear the calf is getting better. i understand your frustration but can you imagine if you would have kept running and possible torn something...then we're talking maybe months off from running. when i put injuries into perspective like that, it makes more sense to me. i'm one to keep wanting to push thru the pain too.
i was so PISSED the other day. i typed out a really good (and kind of long) comment on your previous post and hit the post comment button and it went to a stupid Server error screen and i lost it...literally and figurativly. So i owe you a comment on that post still and hopefully will have access to wi-fi over the next few day we are in Tenn/Bama/GA. You know, that quote by Steve W. is awesome. Take it to heart. I think i may need to write that down for when i start getting into the thick of things with the iron training. Have a great weekend!

Caratunk Girl said...

Thanks KC! I have the pony express of internet service here so I understand your frustration! Thanks for the great support! I am trying really hard to not run until Sunday, a solid 2 weeks of no running. But I am biking 40 miles on Sat

Johan Stemmet said...

Glad the calf is better, rather take a bit longer and easy than to over stress it to soon. Wow driving over a hour to swim, hope the water gets above 42 soon.


n/a said...

Glad that your calf is getting better! It's so frustrating to not be able to do something that you love. Keep up with the rest and therapy and I'm sure you'll be back to running in no time! I'm glad you are still able to bike and swim. That is definitely a perk of tri's - if you can't do one event, at least you have two others to choose from :) I LOVE Steve's quote - so simple but so true.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good to hear about the calf!!

That was a great story!! I loved it. I noticed dailymile has a "around the world" tracker, I wonder how long it is going to take me to do it.

Aimee said...

Yay..I'm glad your calf is getting better!

That lady is just amazing...I can't even imagine!

And, I love that quote at the true! :)

Maria said...

Hot damn, she's 63?! I just hope to be mobile at that age...some people are really amazing!

Love the advice, hope your calf recovery continues to go well!

RockStarTri said...

When I tore my calf, ART got me back fastest. Feel better and ease into it.

AM! said...

Hey there

I'm wearing my compressive recovery socks as i'm typin' this. i love em'!

and thanks for sharing about Rosie. have not heard about her journey...and can't believe I haven't. and Sixty three??! dang!