Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Randomness

I don't have a lot to say today, which is probably pretty surprising to anyone who knows me.  But really, work has taken over my life this week (yet again) and taken my training time away.  One more week of this and I am back to my normal schedule and away from Fart Town.
  1. My left calf/lower leg hurts like hell this week.  Probably from my neighbors dog running into it at 90 mph during one of our dog walks.  It can't be from running 21 miles on Saturday, I deny that fully.  I also deny that biking a short, measly little 15 miles the next day (recover ride, I call it) has anything to do with it.  
  2. It sucks, I ran through all the cold, snow, sleet, and slush of winter to now be hobbling around, semi-injured and questioning the intelligence of running the Sugarloaf Marathon in a month.  Whine. Sniff. Cry.
  3. Yeah, I just decided I am going to run it anyway.  I am not that smart really.
  4. People think I must see a lot of cool stuff working in the woods.  They are right, sometimes I do.  But mostly, well, I see stuff much less interesting.  Yesterday I saw this for a few hours while walking in the woods:

    Really, it wasn't all that cool, I am still picking spruce and fir needles out of unmentionable places.  I also saw this really big bear poop - honestly, it was impressive enough to mention.  Bear do not poop in the woods by the way, they poop on the gravel road.  Just some more useless information that I gathered this week.
  5. The lake near my house has warmed up to a balmy 39 degrees!  I only need like 10 or 11 more degrees before I think I can swim in open water.  I really, really can't wait.
  6. I am opting to bike instead of run tomorrow to take it easy on the sore leg.
  7. Dinner tonight is Chicken Fajitas, I better get cooking because I am hungry.  Have a great weekend all!


    KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

    Wow, that marathon is one of the 15 fastest in the nation. Sweet! Have you done it before? We have a ride here that is called Assault on Sugarloaf and it's the highest elevation here in florida from what i've been told...very challenging. It also happens to be 112 miles. That's right, an iron distance and happens to be the course for the iron distance race i'm doing in October. Fun, yet challenging ride. I wonder if it got its Sugarloaf name from those mountains in Maine mentioned on the marathon website you linked?
    I'm a little disappointed that you didn't take a picture of that tremendous bear poop :(
    Now I'm curious as to why bears prefer to do their business on the gravel roads versus in the forest?
    Do you have to swim in a wetsuit year round in Maine or does the water temp ever get to where you can comfortably get in?

    Caratunk Girl said...

    Hey KC! Yeah, I really should have taken a picture of this poop, it was impressive. I think they go in the woods too, but it seems like they really prefer the road!
    Are you doing the Assault on Sugarloaf? That sounds awesome, perfect set up for your IM. I am going to have to travel more for races. I wish I could be in top shape for this marathon, it is a fast one, but my injury has kept me from running as much as I should. SO I don't know if it will be a fast one for me or not. It is only like 45 minutes from my house, I know the course well, so that is good. I swim in a wetsuit year round - it doesn't really get warm where I swim because one lake is spring fed and the other is part of a river, and the water comes from the bottom of another lake above it.

    Big Daddy Diesel said...

    Wheres the bear poop pics? Sighhhhh.

    After I read #2, I said "ya right" and #3 confirmed it. Triatheletes arnt the smartest people around, we push ourself wayyyyyyy beyond what other people will do in our sport.

    Jon said...

    I gotta give you props for swimming in such cold water. Makes a 60 degree swim feel like a hot tub!

    Maria said...
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    Maria said...

    Hey I never thanked you for the useless bear fact! I shared it with a friend, at a really random time actually (it was one of those "hey did you know..." moments). I'm sure you would have loved their facial reaction (the timing of the useless fact as well as the useless fact itself could have contributed).

    Maria said...

    (sorry, I posted the same comment twice!)

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