Sunday, April 18, 2010

The "I" Word

Am I the only one who misses Underoos?

Apparently, I am no longer Wonder Woman.

I think I might be a little injured.

Just a little.

I am frustrated and admittedly a little discouraged by this revelation.

The light came on last weekend when I did some weight training and realized that I can easily jump vertically 8 inches or more on my right leg (dunk style), but I can't even get off the ground on my left.  No left legged hopscotch for me.  I might be wrong, but I think maybe your legs should be a little more even in this activity.

As you all know, it takes me a while to figure this kind of stuff out.  I got another hint today when I tried to run with Beth.  I limped out of the house at 6am and Beth said, "Are you sure this is a good idea?"  I of course answered confidently, "Oh yeah, it will be fine once I get going."  I mean, really, this tactic has been working since Feburary, so why wouldn't it work today?

We started to run and I slowly hobbled for a mile and a half before I told Beth to go ahead, I will try to "walk this off" and "catch up to you later".  Yeah, I am pretty sure she didn't believe me either.  So I moved 6.5 miles today, using a method I like to refer to as the run/shuffle/walk/gimp. Repeat.

I see you shaking your head at me, calling me stubborn.  Or dense.  I might not argue with you.

Here is the thing:  I have been hurt before, but never injured.  I might not be first across the finish line, but I do eventually get there.   The Goofy Challenge Debacle (story coming soon, I promise) proved to me that I can push myself through hours upon hours of discomfort simply for the pleasure of a couple of medals and the joy of getting my picture taken with Minnie Mouse mere seconds before puking up the Cliff Shot Blocks I just tried to ingest. 

I will never eat those things again.  Ever. 

As I have mentioned a bazillion times, my key race this year is Timberman HIM so I don't want to screw that up.  I am a little concerned about the fact that I have the Sugarloaf Marathon scheduled in about a month, and right now, I kind of can't run very well.

After much thought and consideration, I have decided upon the four possible courses of action:
  1. Keep beating on it, running along, hoping it will finally submit and realize that it isn't supposed to be injured.  This of course, to me, seems to be the obvious course of action.
  2. Focus on the bike and swim, let the leg start to heal, then run the Sugarloaf Marathon. Another viable alternative, I guess.
  3. Pout about being injured and be grumpy.  This might be inevitable.
  4. Ditch the Sugarloaf Marathon, focus on the bike and swim, let the leg heal.  Train for Timberman.  This is not really an option. I thought I would throw it out there just so you don't think me a complete nimrod.
Yeah, so you see where I am going with this.  With ice on my leg and Advil running through my veins, I will be running the Sugarloaf Marathon in a month. Besides, I hate to disappoint my adoring fan (my mom) who has been eagerly anticipating another season of waiting around for me to finish events. I think she has a stack of books and a lawn chair ready. 

Oh, and for the record - if I don't BQ or PR at Sugarloaf, it is totally because of this calf thing I have, it has nothing to do with my actual training or ability.  :)


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Cute picture(see? Even then you knew you were destined to be wonder woman!) I remember underoos! Never had the pleasure of owning any though. Did you ever injure your calf or did it just come about during normal training? Can you feel pain if you stand on your tip toes? How about when you are seated and you lift up on your tip toes. Let me know if you feel it both ways or just one and which one?
I think #2 should replace #1 on the list. #1 should slide in to second place and scratch out #3 and #4.

Caratunk Girl said...

Hey KC - I 100% agree with switching #2 to #1 and scratching out the last two! SO it hurts to stand on my tip toes, but not to lift up on my tip toes. So if I were to jump, the take off hurts where the Achillies Tendon attaches to the Gastroc. Jumping (I have been testing it supporting myself) vertically and horizontally on that leg isn't working so well. Not sure if you see my follow up comments here or not?

Caratunk Girl said...

Oh yeah and KC - this is a new injury, started in Feb.

Jon said...

First step of an injury: denial. Such a powerful thing thinking that you can train through it. I'd get that checked out by a specialist to figure out whats going on and nip it now. Finishing the marathon will give you some excellent run confidence this season and will make the Timberman run more of a breeze.

Hope it heals soon!

Aimee said...

I'm so sorry that you're injured. That just sucks! I really hope it gets better soon, but I think you really need to rest it instead of trying to keep running on it. The last thing you want to do is run through the injury making it worse, and preventing you from training for the marathon and HIM at all! So, my vote is for #2!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Ok, definitely it is the gastrocnemius and not the soleus and could be a grade 1 strain seeing as you can still run on it. Do you have access to an elliptical trainer at all? If not, maybe you could live on the bike for a week. So...what if you took 1 week off of running and do R.I.C.E. (Ride (i changed this from Rest), Ice, Compression, Elevation).
Ice as soon as you finish working out,
use a compression bandage or sleeve or maybe a compression sock, try a heel pad to raise the heel, which in turn shortens the calf muscle hence taking some of the strain off it. Put heel pads in both shoes or one leg will be longer than the other creating an imbalance and possibly leading to other injuries including back injuries. Don't want that. Hope one or all of those help. I'm no PT but I did have a lot of course work in college for injury prevention and treatment.

Caratunk Girl said...

KC - Thanks so much for the info! No elliptical, but I can bike - it doesn't hurt it at all. I have X2U compression for my calves I have been using, and I have been icing - but not elevating so well. And I haven't added the heel pad yet - I will do that. I also picked up some KT tape that I might use for the marathon. Looks like I am going to get some riding in! :) Thanks so much!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would bike and swim till its heels. Compression and daily foam rolling. If you have a dreadmill, incline walking @ level 10+ also simulates the exact muscles as running without the wear and tear of actual running, another thought, but its on a dreadmill which sucks, unless you have hills up there to walk.

Mike Schoeffler said...

With everyone else - you don't want to bag, but work on different muscles / actions until you feel better.

Swimming/biking sounds great. Do you have access to a rowing machine (pretty tough and can be fun).

Chocolate & Chants said...

You should take it easy! You don't want this injury to get worse and stay around long term. Focus on swimming and biking and strength training. Good luck!

n/a said...

I'm sorry you are injured :( Hope it gets better soon! BTW, I still have my Wonder Woman Underoos stored away from when I was little LOL

AM! said...

I started your post with an 'Awww!' with your cute pic, then quickly went to an "Awww!' over your potential injury. ugh! no fun.

and i think your HIM is your A race (and i'm biased for the tri world) so my vote is for #4.

Maria said...

Personally, I would go with option 1, but I'm sure as a fellow triathlete, I should tell you to choose option 2, 3 or 4. I would say 2 is probably the best bet. Once I enter a race, I'm gonna show up and try it, and finish it even if I have to crawl. Do what your body tells you, not your head.

Turbo Photographs said...

I was just reading your blog when I saw you were a new follower of mine. Cool!

Sorry to hear about your injury. I'm just coming off one, and it was my first in years. I'm new to biking and swimming and spent a ton of time on the trainer and in the pool. It definitely kept me on my game. Good luck!

I'll be following and looking forward to your updates :)

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