Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hill. Repeat.

My calf is still restricting my running, I am trying to remain calm and not freak out that I haven't run for a week and I have a triathlon and a marathon coming up in the next two weeks.  Advil will be my friend at both of those races, just saying. 

Trying to keep focused on what I can do, I grabbed my bike and decided to do some hill repeats.

The 3.3 mile climb up Pleasant Pond Hill is steady, and not ridiculously steep - varying between 4%-7% grade (based on MapMyRun anyway), the traffic is primarily local, and there are only 60 of us, so as you can imagine, it is a pretty quiet ride.  Most of the folks who come here in the summer will get a car ride up the hill so they can ride their bike down it.  They think there is something wrong with me because I ride that hill, but I really love it. 

Plus, I personally think you have to earn the right to fly down that marvelous hill by climbing up it.  

I waved to my neighbor Chris who was driving up the hill as I was climbing the portion of the hill where I had planned on doing my hill repeats.  Once at the top, I rode down half a mile, turned around, and started back up.  Chris went by again, driving down the hill this time.  I waved and laughed to myself, because he had to be wondering why I was so slow climbing that darned hill.

Four repeats later, rode down the hill in aero position big goofy smile on my face.  Ride earned.

Still needing to do some standing repeats, I rode up the hill in town that is about a 6%-7% grade.  Since it is in town, right near the Post Office, and there is so much going on right now, a girl on a bike climbing the "town hill" draws people outside to watch her climb up, ride down, climb up, ride down.  I wish they would at least cheer for me instead of staring at me, mouths agape, wondering what the heck I am doing.  Next time I am going to make signs  to hand out - "Go Mandy!" "One More Repeat!" "You Can Do It!"  It will be awesome, my own private cheering squad.


Velma said...

Love the sign idea - good job taking a short rest before racing season starts.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Your a 100% right, you earn the desent.

You should post your hill repeats at the PO, have people bring food and a potluck style meal after the ride. I would sooooo do that

WHat was your downhill speed?

Do you have compression sleeves for your calves?

Jon said...

They should name the hill after you! You are going to have no problems climbing the two big hills @ Timberman.

Regina said...

That is EXACTLY the hill I need to train on for the new Mooseman course. We are so lacking in hills in NYC. I have to travel to get myself to a hill. Tell you what, you can have my run if I can borrow your hill? (it really isn't a fair trade since my run is sub par)

AM! said...

Give them a sign!

and a tri in two weeks. exciting! just looked and it's the polar bear tri, and the name alone makes it sound so, so COLD! but fun;-)

RunToTheFinish said...

Hey! thanks for coming by my blog! You asked about speed and asthma... while I don't have astham I can tell you went I started running I thought I did! It took me a while to figure out breathing. I think a lot of it is mentally calming yourself down, which allows your breath to flow more naturally.

Also try doing just 1 interval this week, then 2 next week and so on. Don't ask yourself to go crazy all out the first time.. baby step in to it so your lungs can get stronger and of course pick a time of day that isn't too high in pollen, etc

hope that helps!

RunToTheFinish said...

ok totally sorry that comment was for another blog, had too many windows open!!

Bryan Payne said...

I've had similar calve problems 3 years ago and started massaging my calves in am and pm with "the stick". It was the only thing that worked. I'm not sure if you have it, but I highly recommend it. Good luck with the calve getting better.


Unknown said...

I was going to ask about the compression sleeve for your calves too? It might help get ya through the race. Others will probably disagree but it might be worth a try?

Black Knight said...

Hill repeats before 2 important events like the triathlon and the marathon? It means that you are in perfect shape and ready for 2 great performances.

ShirleyPerly said...

I wouldn't worry too much about losing running fitness. During the 2 weeks I couldn't run I just kept biking and didn't seem to lose any. Well done on those hill repeats!!

Aimee said...

I'm sorry your calf is still bothering you. But, I think you'll be fine at your races, especially since you've been keeping up your fitness in other ways. Try to stay positive!

Awesome job on the hill repeats! I totally think you should pass out signs to the people...that would be hilarious! :)

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