Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just a Good Run

I was feeling kind of antsy this afternoon, and Bailey suggested I go for a run so he could spend some more quality time on the couch.
He didn't offer to go with me, but really, it was his idea I get out of the house and enjoy the afternoon.  The recent snowfall melted today (yeah!) and it was a super warm afternoon.  I quickly dressed in my Brooks gear and ridiculously posed for my neighbor before I headed out the door. 
I wanted to test out my calf (it has recently told me to stop beating on it. Again.) so I had no watch, no plan, just a run.  I headed to the local pool first, hoping it would be open.
The ice has been off of my local training spot for about a week and a half, but this is the first time I wanted to jump in and swim across since October.  I really wanted in.  I mean, look at it:
Pay no attention to the block of ice floating out there.  Doesn't it look awesome?  It is calling me, I just can't find anyone to go with me yet.  But I will.  The boat launch always loses ice first.  It is where the Kennebec River turns into Wyman Lake, so there is a bit of a current here and it never really freezes enough so you dare to walk on it.  Well, at least I don't dare to.

Pleased with the progress of the ice situation, I ran upstream (north) eagerly anticipating my first open water swim of the season, free of the drudgery of that dreaded black line on the bottom of the pool for the entire summer.  I really, really can't wait.

A few miles upstream, I came to my favorite part of every run I do (on Route 201).
No matter how cold it is or how many log trucks go screaming by, this particular place is by far, one of my favorite running spots.  I always zone out on the river as I run, letting my mind wander and my body relax into a comfortable pace.  This spot tends to set the tone for my entire run.  Sometimes, when I run early in the morning, I hit it just right; no cars go by and I have this spot all to myself.

I turned around after a few more miles, and headed home.  At the town sign (which is in need of repair, I noticed) I began my cool down, figuring out that I ran about 7 miles total.
Having no idea what my splits or pace per mile were, and not really caring, this is one of the best runs I have had in a while.


Jon said...

i need to go visit my routes and head back to Maine. that is a gorgeous place to run!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Glad Bailey suggested you go out, what great views for that run!!!

Regina said...

Oh man, I so want to run there. I have the Hudson River, but that means I have to look at New Jersey on the other side ;P

I'll come up there and swim with you. I could use some OWS practice....I'm packing my wetsuit!

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