Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cold Snap

Heading out the door this morning for my 16 mile run, I was hit in the face by something I wasn't expecting.

It was zero degrees.  Nil. Zip. Nada.

Zero degrees in downtown Caratunk at 6am on a Saturday morning looks like this:

I stepped back inside and threw on an extra layer, and hit the road resolved to have an excellent run, regardless of the weather.

How many of you have friends that would meet you on a weekend as the sun is rising in the freezing cold to help you knock off a few (6-8) of your long miles with some company?  How about running down the toughest part of the steepest hill just to run back up it with you?  AND drive and pick you up on a 16 mile point-to-point run? 

Yeah, I am that lucky.  My buddy Beth and her dog Austin greeted me at the bottom of the steepest pitch of the biggest hill on the run (in the first 3 miles) and ran with me for an hour.  Austins wiskers froze.

Alone again, happy that the mud of the Boise Road was frozen, I tried to take a drink of the HEED (aka "go juice") I was carrying with me.  Frozen.  At least the sun had come out, my calf didn't hurt, and I was feeling strong.  I snapped a picture.

Making the turn onto the Moxie road, I concentrated on the weird little ice balls that were forming around my mouth.  Seriously, they were really strange and I can't remember ever having them before.  Huh.  Squinting to feel the frost that had formed on my eyelashes brush against my face, I figured I had about 5 miles left before I got to Berry's Store (if you haven't had the pleasure of frost on your eyelashes, you really need to check it out). 

Beth did a drive by to make sure I wasn't frozen to a stump somewhere, and I noticed she had picked up my boy Bailey.  I was psyched, and the last 3 miles flew by pretty quickly (for me anyway).  I could hear the river before I could see it flowing down through the lower gorge, which seemed to give me a little extra energy to finish strong.  

I jumped onto Route 201 and headed north to Berry's Store, where Beth was waiting for me with my buddy, who was pretty happy to see me.  Thanks for all your help today Beth - and for the great pictures!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

OMG! zero degrees? get out! it's 82 here right now. actually, this morning was one of the 1st in a while that I was able to start a ride with no arm warmers. the pics you posted are beautiful and love the dog's icey whiskers, too cute! have a great weekend!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Frozen bottle, thats one I havent heard before. You and beth are hardcore!! I tried to get some people to ride with me today, 30's, you know, shorts weather for you, and no one would take it "there is snow out there"

Caratunk Girl said...

KC - glad you like the pictures! Yeah, it has been a cold weekend! Scott - hope you can get someone to ride with you. Tonight I am on my trainer, it is still pretty cold here, but it has warmed up to 20s today.

Jon said...

No kidding about the cold! Hopefully this is the last of it...

Regina said...

Aw, poor Austin (that was my grandfather's name), poor you for that matter. I thought we had it bad at 29˚F for our bike on Saturday morning. Come on Spring!

Ha! my verification word was 'tremers'

Caratunk Girl said...

Regina - ha, that is a riot about the verification word. BRR on the bike - poor you!

Aimee said...

Brrrr...I am totally impressed that you still went out for a run! I would have gone back inside and cuddled underneath a warm blanket with some hot tea! Good job for getting it done!

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