Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baxter Report and....

I promised a report on my Baxter Park trip from this past weekend.  I think usually Baxter reflects itself best in pictures, but this time it was pretty overcast and cloudy, so it was tough to get many good pictures of my favorite mountain.

Day 1:
The going was tough on the way in, wet, sloppy snow and lots of blow-downs.  The lakes were all covered with about 6 inches of slush and water, so we couldn't cross, which added some extra time and miles onto the 6 mile ski in to Daicey Pond.

Like I said, I was a bit clouded in.  Trust me, when the clouds aren't there, it is a great view!

Day 2:
On our layover day, after licking our wounds from the ski in (there were some nasty blisters involved), we all skied about a mile along the Appalachian Trail to Little and Big Niagara Falls.


I know, you can't see the falls very good. But look at all the happy people - we know there is Jamison's back at camp. 

Day 3:
The ski out was a blast, there was a little fresh snow which really seemed to help.  The weather started to clear enough so we even got a good look at Katahdin on the way out to the trucks.


In Other News...

Through Twitter I stumbled upon a very cool website that had a very fun contest.  Mike (@roadbud on Twitter) needed a new tag line to describe Roadbud, which is not only his website, but is also the cool new iPhone application for runners that will be available by the end of March.  The winner not only gets the application for free, but also wins a shiny new 32GB iPhone 3GS!  I told you, cool contest, right?

One of the tag lines I tweeted was chosen as the WINNER!  Yeah, I am psyched.  Fire Up Your Run with Roadbud!

Now, how do you use these iPhone thinggies?


Aimee said...

Wow...those pictures are just amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing them.

Unknown said...

You will LOVE the iPhone 'thinggy'!!! Oh and love the photos!!!

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