Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stop It! I am Embarassing Me!

I was logging my miles today on Daily Mile and saw a post one of my virtual Daily Mile "friends" wrote about his most embarrassing moment being when he fell in front of some people while running. It was a pretty funny story, and he ended it by asking for other stories.  A stream of stories of other people falling in various situations followed.

I think I might have them beat.  Not that I am really looking to win the crown or anything, but really, all you guys have were a couple of falls in front of a few people?  Geez.

Embarrassing Moment #1 

Mile 16 in the Mount Desert Island Marathon.  My second time running it.  As always, in the middle of the pack, and as always, looking to make new friends, I was running in a group of gregarious people.  We just all got done talking about past races, and I just mentioned that I ran this race, just last year.

We come to a Y in the road, and I take the right Y, with authority.  The group (along with a few others) follows.  One guy even said emphatically, "Hey, I am following her, she ran this last year, so she knows where she is going." 

The fool.

A half mile down this road, I hear yelling from behind us "HEY! HEY RUNNERS! YOU ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY!"

We all stop.  I turn to face the surprisingly large group that had followed me with a nervous laugh.  They were not smiling.  I ran back the way we came, through the crowd of well-meaning (and smirking) onlookers who chased us down for half a mile, up a little hill (it was really nice running down), and back onto the course.

Embarrassing Moment #2 

I was stuck up in a hotel northern Maine at night (well, 5pm, but it was dark and very snowy), in a town I didn't know all that well.  I noticed my hotel had a gym, so I thought I would do a quick 3 miles on the treadmill.

I was surprised to find the very small gym crowded with people.  Every machine, weight bench, and mat was full.  The cardio machines were set up in the middle of the room, with all of the weights and other machines surrounding.  I spied an open treadmill, picked a playlist from my Ipod, and headed over.

The first few minutes were not bad, I struggled to find my stride and fiddled with the intensity.  After one song finished, I checked my mileage: .4.  Crap.  This is going to take freaking forever.  My mind tends to focus on boredom when it happens - so if I am doing something that is utterly dull, like, say, running on a treadmill, all I think about is how much I hate running on treadmills.  Not very productive, I know.

I have a pretty short attention span (see Dory on Finding Nemo).  So once bored, I forget the task at hand and start to look around.  First I looked up at a crack in the ceiling.  I looked down at my feet.  Then I started looking around at the people, noticing the weights they were pushing.  Then it happened.

"WHAM!" My Ipod was ripped off as I went flying off the back of the treadmill, crashing into a pile of foam rollers, big crunch balls, weighted balls, and who knows what else.  Good thing I didn't take the treadmill in front of the free-weights.

The gym was utterly quiet as they all stared at me fighting with the foam rollers, some moving to help, most not believing the height of clumsiness they just witnessed.  I smiled sheepishly, waved as I tried to get up.  A nice man asked if I was OK.  As soon as I said I was fine, the small gym erupted in laughter (I have to admit, it had to be pretty funny).  I rubbed my skinned knee and tried to ease out of the gym with what little dignity I had left.  Then I had to go back to the blasted treadmill to get my Ipod.  As I did, some people tried to coax me back onto the treadmill (they must really need entertainment in The County), but at that point, I just wanted to go up to my room and eat a pint of Ben and Jerrys. 

Sorry guys, I am stopping the entertainment right there.  The sad part is, I could keep going.  Have a great night all!


Claire said...

LMAO...good stuff lady...good stuff

Caratunk Girl said...

Thanks! I am here for your entertainment! :)


Kristel said...

Peeing my pants at your expense right now....XOXO

Jon said...

Where up in Northern Maine was this? I was born in Presque Isle and lived in Ashland for the first 6 weeks of my life. Never been back.

Jim Barry said...

There's more?

You tease!

I find throwing up at races to be my worst moments. My stomach just does not go along with all the things my body and I want to do I guess. After I crossed the finishe line at Maine Marathon I was like a green firehose of Gatorade luckily hidden somewhat in a bush. My wife, who was with me, ran away to avoid any association with me.

Caratunk Girl said...

Jon- I was in Presque Isle. I am never, ever stepping into that hotel gym again. I might not stay at that hotel again. :) I go about 2x/yr for work, nice area.

JIM! Oh man, that is bad! I am so thankful that hasn't happened to me...yet. Oh, yes, there is MORE! I am pretty good at making a fool out of myself.

Aimee said...

Ha ha ha...those were hilarious! Thanks for making my day! :)

Tri Sam said...

I'm shaking my head, thinkin', "Oh man. That just sux."