Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remember When Running Was Simple?

So, do you think my new sneakers are obnoxious?

I kind of love them.

I was thinking about how awesome my sneakers were while getting ready for my afternoon run.  Today was an interval day, I hadn't run since Friday, and I just got my new sneakers - so I was ready to roll.

After I grab my iPod.  Cool.  Now I am ready.  Fiddle with the ear piece.  Untangle cord.  OK time to run.

OH! I forgot my heart rate monitor.  Crap.  Where did I put that.  Wet it, strap it on.  Brr. Two watches on wrist because I haven't figured out the timer on the heart rate monitor, which I need for my intervals.  Out the door. 

Wait. Let me just find the right play list to get me going....What the??? I somehow erased all the music off of my iPod.  Unplug earpiece, throw it on the table, grab the camera (camera?  I must be losing my mind), head out the door, forgetting to turn on my heart rate monitor.

All of this made me start thinking about a time, way back when, that my run routine consisted of the following:
  1. Dress for the weather
  2. Try to find socks that match
  3. Put on sneakers
  4. Check watch (maybe set the Chrono).
  5. Run
I guess that I am a simple girl.  Sometimes I just want to get out and run, not take all of that time to accessorize myself.   I am mostly interested in good running shoes and warm clothes.

Even so, I try so hard to be cool, with an iPod and heart rate monitor - both of which I know very little about and hate to mess with most of the time.  I am no dummy, I understand that a heart rate monitor is an excellent tool to help you train and race at the best pace for you, among other things.  This does, of course, require that you remember to put it on.  And then turn it on.

As for the iPod, I will admit that I have had more than one long run that my iPod has helped me get through.  I think I am a long run iPoder (is that a word?) - I don't want to mess with it for any run less than an hour.

So I ran sans iPod, with the heart rate monitor (that I never turn on), two watches, and a camera in my pocket (I still haven't figured out why I grabbed that).  Without all of the stuff, (at least without all of the stuff turned on) I ended up having a fabulous run, one of my fastest ever (7:35 minute miles).

Adding interval training to my schedule is definitely paying off, so are the fancy new sneakers.  Next time, I will try to turn on the heart rate monitor and see what that can do for me.


Claire said...

With shoes like that do you even need reflective gear? Love them!

Has interval training really shaved time off? I'm new to that part of running having only added it the last few weeks or so...

Sounds like you had a great run...right on!

Claire said...

With shoes like that do you even need reflective gear?

Obnoxious...yes! Awesome...yes!

Is the interval training really shaving time off? I've recently added it myself to see if I can start passing the turtles I see on my runs.

Sounds like a great run!

Caratunk Girl said...

Ha, you are right about the shoes! They fit awesome though.

Intervals are definitely shaving time off for me. I do one session a week, and honestly, I find them really hard. BUT - after 3 months of consistently doing it, my pace has improved dramatically - almost 1 min/mile on long runs. I also have found that on my long runs, I have more fuel in the tank than before. Check out FIRST training (www.furman.edu/first/fmtp.htm) They focus on marathon, but I think it can be applied to all distances.


n/a said...

This post had me cracking up because I must come back in the house at least 3 times to get everything I need for a run. COngrats on the speedy run!

manfarr1974, I have been using the FIRST program from the Run Less, Run Faster book for a few months and have seen a big difference as well. Some of those interval days I think the book is trying to kill me but hopefully in just a few more months I can be at my goal race pace. Happy training everyone!

Caratunk Girl said...

That is so funny. I think the FIRST guys must be sadistic to make us do those intervals. Ha.



Jim Barry said...

I have yet to actually untangle my ipod's ear buds. How do you do it??

Caratunk Girl said...

Ha, I haven't figured it out yet!