Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hey, the off-season is all about cross-training, right? This weekend I ditched my traditional training for 2 days of skiing.  This was the best skiing at Sugarloaf in January I have ever had - the snow was soft, the sun was out, the lift rides were pleasant. 

I am not an alpine skier, but a telemark skier -  so my heel is free like a cross country ski, and I am basically doing a lunge with every turn.  Trust me, it is more work than alpine, and tonight, after two days on the mountain, my quads feel it.  My original plan was to take a bunch of pictures so I could fill this blog up trying to show you how much fun I had.  Well, I got two pictures.  One is the picture of my skis on the first lift ride, and a picture of my buddy Steph and I at the top of the mountain.

Then we started skiing.  The conditions were fabulous.  Forgetting my aforementioned intention to take pictures, we skied our butts off.  We had the typical running-into-random-people-you-haven't-seen-for-a-year-or-six Sugarloaf thing that just happens.  Something about that place is just magic for me.  We also had the weekend crowds of out of control crazies flying down the hill at mach 10, making me miss mid-week skiing.

The forecast for this week isn't good for snow-lovers in Maine.  Tomorrow is going to bring a late January thaw that includes a deluge of snow-eating rain.  Crappy.  I am happy I got to get on the mountain this weekend and enjoy great conditions, and I am hoping that we get a good dump of snow after these few days of rain to bring the conditions back to fabulous.

OK this week, back to training! I have a run, a bike ride, and a swim to make up for....


Claire said...

Great pics! What are the little snowman looking things behind you guys?

Caratunk Girl said...

Glad you like the pictures! I really did mean to take more, but I got distracted. I am like Dory on Finding Nemo sometimes...Those snowmen are trees encrusted with was like Whoville (Dr. Seuss) up there, pretty cool.

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