Friday, January 29, 2010

Baxter Park Bound!

I am heading off for 5 days to ski from the north end of Baxter State Park, starting in the north end at Matagamon Lake and skiing through to the south end, finishing our trek at Abol Bridge.  We are going around 42 miles or so in total, it should be a blast!

Most people like to go to Baxter Park in the summer.  I think the park is magic in the winter, it is quiet, uncrowded, and serene.  This picture is one of my favorite I have taken while there.

I have a blog entry scheduled for release on Sunday, I hope you all enjoy it.  Don't get too excited, I am talking about intervals again.  But I have another great picture of my new running shoes in Sunday's blog, so put on your sunglasses when you open it.

I promise to have lots of funny, inspiring, and entertaining blogs when I return!



Claire said...

Have fun! Looks beautiful!

Sam said...

Excellent. Inspiring. Looking forward to your posts and a report on your trip.

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