Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work and play...mostly play!

I know I know, I haven't posted for 2 weeks! So much has happened...I completed my first triathlon, The Pirate Triathlon, on June 7. That was so much fun, it in itself should be a blog entry...maybe for my next triathlon. I will leave it at this: I had a blast and can't wait to do my next one.

I have been working a ton, my boy Bailey as always, is my right hand man. I have been seeing a lot of interesting things in the woods - just yesterday I saw a doe and a very young fawn, a moose, a hen turkey with 5 chicks, and more rabbits (big and little) than I can count. Of course, I don't get pictures of the cool stuff that moves fast. My pictures are of a turtle that I helped across the road....and a snail. Super exciting I know....I guess I was not meant to be an action wildlife photographer...

This past weekend I completed the Trek Across Maine, a 3-day, 170 mile bike ride across the state of Maine - from Sunday River Ski Resort to Belfast. The weather was wet, to say the least, especially on the first day. But the riding was good, the volunteers amazing, the friends awesome, and the cause very worthy. I even got to meet the Oakhurst Acorn, Oakie. My friend Beth was kind enough to pick me up, and brought Bailey to greet me. We even made the local paper.

On to the garden! I know you are all dying to hear what is happening out there! My globemasters have finally bloomed! They are my favorites. These are softball sized blooms that the honey bees love. My peonys are also in bloom, and they are gorgeous. They are here for such a short time, and it seems that no one is here but John and I when they are at their peak.

What is especially exciting for me is that my columbines are finally taking off. I have been nurturing them for 3 years, and all that hard work is finally paying off in having some native Maine Columbines naturalizing around my garden and out back. Thank you Fedco for the fabulous root stock, I cannot believe these things survived my fumblings. They are definitely well-established now, and I hope they thrive.

My garlic is happy happy happy - I cannot believe how well these guys are doing. I get to have my first scapes - I think I am going to make scape infused hamburgers on the grill tonight with some freshly picked lettuce salad...Yum! OH, what is a scape, you ask? They are garlic lovers nirvana...They kind of look like a cross between a tentacle and a plant...Scapes are the curly-cue tops of the garlic plant that appear in early July. If left to mature, they will straighten up and form heads of from twelve to twenty chickpea-sized mini-bulbs called bulbils. These bulbils may be used as is like miniature garlic cloves, or may be saved to plant in the fall.

Scapes may be cut off as soon as they form to use as garlic scallions while you are waiting for your garlic bulbs to mature. These are available only a few weeks of the year, and they are good! You can cut them up and freeze them for later use if you are not able to eat them all as they come.

Peas are here! YEAH! It is not even July yet! So exciting. I planted on April 19th, and had my first harvest of sugar snap peas today, June 25. The ones you see at right are in my belly right now! I always wonder why I don't plant more of these things. Truth be told, I ate a few on the 19th of June, but they were not really ready. The yellow peas are a little behind my sugar snap peas. I think John's family is coming up next weekend, with luck these yellow peas will taste as good as they look and the kids will get some enjoyment out of them.

Well, that is all for now, I will try to update the blog more frequently, my goal is to update it every week. I have a new bread recipe I am going to try out, if it works, I will post it here. I will end with a big, fat bumble bee picture I took out by my columbines. This big fat girl was so funny on the delicate columbine, I am surprised she did not rip the flower off of the stem while she was hanging on collecting pollen...
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