Monday, September 15, 2008

Saving Tomato Seeds

So, I am trying to save tomato seeds myself for the first time. I am not sure what John is going to think of this fermenting process that I have read about. I guess I will put it somewhere he doesn't go very often to try it. But I purchased this wonderful Brandywine tomato today that I plan on eating and saving the seeds from. Well, it is cut up and de-seeded, I am just looking for an inconspicuous (sent-wise) place to for it.

I can't wait to check out the Common Ground Fair this weekend and try to find some more seeds to save (more heirlooms to eat). I think I will take some photos of the progress on the next one I try and save seeds from (if this one doesn't turn into a terrible, smelly failure!) This could save me a boatload of $$ though, so I am excited.

I need to get better at taking pictures and stuff, but I will figure this blogger stuff out yet. What I don't get is how folks put all that stuff on the sides of their blogs...I am hella jealous of that...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dog and garden ramblings...

I am not sure what to do with this blogger thing, so I thought I would start with what I know and love - my dog and my garden.

Bailey is my buddy. He and I live in Maine. I take him to work with me everyday. He is a 7 year old Bernese Mountain Dog - he and I have been pretty much inseperable since he crawled into my lap as a little tyke. I am a forester and I work in the woods, so he is a lucky boy getting to chase squirrels and ride with me in my truck for a living. Right now it is raining and he is sleeping.

My garden this year was so so. We got so much rain that everything kind of rotted. Here is a run-down of my successes and failures this year:

My tomatoes will not turn red so it seems like we may have quite a batch of green tomato ketchup, relish, and salsa this year. I have put up some tomato sauce and some sun dried tomatoes from the few that turned red.

This was a good year - 10 pints of pesto put up in freezer jars. Row covers helped for sure!

Russian Red from Johnny's two years ago. I used my own crop this year, but I still didn't plant enough to eat and plant, so I am going to replenish and plant lots. Orders from FEDCO and Maine Potato Lady this year, with luck, the last garlic I have to buy!

Pole Beans
Came on OK, but lots of rot. My teepies worked well, but I couldn't get to the beans half the time. By the time you find them, they are huge. New plan for next year. Froze 5 pints, nothing like I planned. Ate about 10 pints raw so maybe I should't be such a pig.

Good, but planted some weird variety that was super spiney and hurt to grab. Tasted OK but should label that stuff next year (I have been saying that for 4 years...I might learn next year). Good amount of cucs, 15 pints of pickles. Also ate a bushel, and gave a bunch to mom.

I eat these at first then forget about them. I need a better system for these next year.

Awesome yeild this year, canned 6 pints and par-boiled and froze 10. I need to rototill more lawn.

I suck at growing onions. If I fail to produce an onion bigger than a quarter next year, I am done trying and just buying at the farmer's market.

First year, so hey, good.

Good yeild, next year will do something besides fingerlings. Maine Potato Lady has great growing stock, she is my favorite to buy from.

Hrmmph. I want a potato celler and more garden space!

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