Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Great Migration

I have migrated my blog over to WordPress - and if I did this right, no one will end up on this page.

But if you are here, looking for an update or to read about a funny (stupid) thing I did recently - the url is the same - - but some who follow me through RSS feed, emails, or even google might need to update these - and also might need to update your blogrolls (if you are so kind as to have me there).

So head on over to my blog and check out the new site!

Rock on.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Muttley Monday - First Meeting

So how do you pick out a puppy from this mess of 4 week old cuteness?
Bailey is the one laying down by the stove, watching the action
I didn't.  The puppy picked me.  I got on the floor to get a good look at these guys.  They were all interested in playing with each other, as puppies are.

Except for one. One looked at me, walked over, crawled into my lap, and fell asleep.

I picked that one, but I always say he picked me.

My friend Andrea holding Bailey, one of his siblings wanting in on the action
Bailey was quiet, mellow, and sweet right from the start.   I had to wait 4 more weeks before I could take him home, but we got one last parting action shot of him before we left.
Bailey doing his thing

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Random Stuff...and Giveaway WINNER!

Thank you all so much for your kind words, support, emails, phone calls, messages, cards, everything...Losing Bailey has really knocked the wind out of me, but the overwhelming response is a testament to what an incredible guy he was.  Thank you.

I might not wash all of my gear every day.  I do the sniff test on all of my running gear. Is that weird?

Todays running shirt was questionable.  I wore it anyway.

I am pretty stoked about today's brick.  I rode 42 miles then ran 3 off the bike.  What I am stoked about was that it was a hilly, windy ride.  Really windy.  I took one First Endurance liquid shot during the ride, something, I admit, I have been skipping because I prefer Fig Newtons to any gel.  My run splits off the bike were 8:58; 8:32; 8:06 and I felt great (thank you FE).  Might my speed FINALLY be coming back to me after last years injury?  Oh please oh please oh please!

I think I should stick to those liquid shots for long rides.  Maybe a few Fig Newtons too.  Hard to give those up.

The water temp of our lake is 50 degrees.  Guess I will be making the big drive to the pool for a few more weeks.

Oh crap.  That means my first open water swim is going to be at Rev3 Quassy Half.


I had a great swim this weekend, I swam 1650 yards straight, which is a pretty big deal for someone who not too long ago could barely swim 50 without going to a breast stroke.

Yes, my boobs stayed in my bathing suit, thank you for asking.

A great big CONGRATULATIONS to Jeff and Bob on their Ironman Texas finishes!!  Actually, congrats to all finishers - you guys FREAKING ROCK!

CONGRATULATIONS to Miss Zippy! She is the winner of my Tommie Copper compression giveaway!  I have contacted her and she is on her way to some new compression wear.  Congratulations Miss Zippy!  Sorry I am announcing this a few days later than I promised.  If you read this blog, you know why.

Have a great week everyone, train hard.
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